Nature photo of the jungle in Puerto Rico

PHOTO OF THE DAY- T-REX NEST On our trip to Puerto Rico I was able to take many new existing photo of the ocean the jungle and some crazy bugs and animals. Here in this photo at the edge of the jungle might be one of my favorite from the trip. It … [Read more]


Photo of a groom and his little girl before the wedding sitting coloring together.

PHOTO OF THE DAY - CONNECTING BEFORE THE WEDDING On most wedding days every one is very stressed, rushing around. Most time the day is a blur. It starts early and ends late with many hugs kisses and tears in between. On this wedding day. I showed … [Read more]

Upside Down Mountain

PHOTO OF THE DAY: UPSIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN   Meet Mt. Chocorua. It is right down the street from our home in New Hampshire. It is one of he most photographed locations in New Hampshire. I think you can see why once you see it. This was in … [Read more]

Life in the Country

Fine art photo of a Wide shot of a barn the field next to it and the beautiful sky in this

PHOTO OF THE DAY: LIFE IN THE COUNTRY   On a return trip from upstate New York our pug Buddha had to use the restroom. As I pulled off the exit I saw this great old iron bridge. I tried to find it via my internal compass. As I was closing … [Read more]


Black and white photo of an abandon building

PHOTO OF THE DAY: ABANDON PLACES On my trip to southern New Hampshire for a photo shoot last year. After I took the photo of the river I headed over to the boys YDC institution. I had heard there was some empty abandon buildings there. One of the … [Read more]


Deer horn with rings on it

PHOTO OF THE DAY: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES We here over and over again in movies, TV shows and real life. "It is all about the little things". This is most important at someones wedding. We as photographers take extra care in creating some … [Read more]