Paddle Not Needed

New England foliage reflecting of the water in this very colorful photo

PHOTO OF THE DAY- PADDLE NOT NEEDED This is the space were all you need is a canoe and someone you love. Just drifting in the water all day. This photo shows the early fall colors in New England. With the sky and the reflection off the water. It is truly what a day dream would look like. Do you … [Read more...]

In Search of The Aurora

Purple sky over a melting pond at night

PHOTO OF THE DAY - IN SEARCH OF THE AURORA   In the winter of 2013 was one of the largest solar flairs to date. The week of the sun flair were wild reports of the chance to view the northern lights also called the aurora borealis. I am lucky enough to live in a location were there is a … [Read more...]


Image of a grass covered field as it heads down to the oceans edge.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: TOP OF THE MORNING Here is another nature photo from our trip to Puerto Rico. We were out all day at the beach a great location named Dirty Beach. See my post about it to find out why it is called such a name. This spot was at the top of a rolling hill on the way down to the … [Read more...]

Sky and Sea, Water and Tree

A photo from Dirty Beach in Puerto Rico

PHOTO OF THE DAY : SKY and SEA, WATER and TREE Dirty Beach is the name of this beautiful location. Yup you guessed it in Puerto Rico. This is the spot to come to if you travel to PR. The name Dirty Beach was giving to this spot because the tide drags a large amount of seed weed up on the shore … [Read more...]


Nature photo of the jungle in Puerto Rico

PHOTO OF THE DAY- T-REX NEST On our trip to Puerto Rico I was able to take many new existing photo of the ocean the jungle and some crazy bugs and animals. Here in this photo at the edge of the jungle might be one of my favorite from the trip. It truly was an amazing sky. It was just after eating … [Read more...]


Photo of a groom and his little girl before the wedding sitting coloring together.

PHOTO OF THE DAY - CONNECTING BEFORE THE WEDDING On most wedding days every one is very stressed, rushing around. Most time the day is a blur. It starts early and ends late with many hugs kisses and tears in between. On this wedding day. I showed up a bit early as I always do. I find in order to … [Read more...]