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Chagnon Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Slide Show

Couple dances at their wedding

With the New Hampshire wedding session winding down, I have time to do the special things I wanted to do all year. Like spend time with my family, hike rest & begin getting geared up for next year. One way that I rest is to go over wedding photos once again and build slide shows from some of … [Read more...]

Gratitude For a Friend at His Wedding | Burlington Vermont Wedding Day Photos


Ever weekend or nearly every one this summer I was at a wedding. I saw the happiest of days for many young couples. I was witness to the joining of two families ever few days. It is truly amazing to be part of each and every wedding. Being the photographer the day is spent always on the move and … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Wedding At The Zorvino Winery Venue | Southern New Hampshire Wedding Photography

Two kids jumping off some wooden barrels this wedding photo

With all the planning that goes into a wedding, the one thing you can never fully plan for is weather. The couple picks the wedding venue months, even years, ahead. As the date gets closer and you see the weather is looking to be bad. Bad meaning rain. There is only so much you can do about it. Well … [Read more...]

Indian Head Resort A New Hampshire Wedding Venue | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

A bride is head lovingly by her husband in this wedding photo

I love when I am able to return to a wedding venue I have already worked at. Knowing the ins and outs of the location is a bonus, for sure. I was lucky to return to a location that I love, The Indian Head Resort, in beautiful Lincoln, NH.. The venue holds up to 150 people and hosts weddings … [Read more...]

New Hampshire Wedding at The Wentworth Inn Venue in Jackson | NH Photographers Sneak Peek

Getting marred in Mt Washington Valley

With the end of summer wedding season in New Hampshire about to start rolling, I was so happy to meet back up with a couple from an engagement shoot a few weeks ago. See some of the engagement photos here. I wanted to share a few photos from that day. These two were my picks from this wedding. The … [Read more...]

Perfect Weather For An Engagement Session | Engagement Photos In Portsmouth New Hampshire

Graden photo of a young wedding couple

After days of being near 90 degrees, it was a nice break to see it in the low 80's. As a family, we took a road trip down to Portsmouth, NH. We walked around the city a bit, poking our heads in and out of the small shops. We stopped in at Bull Moose Records and looked over their vinyl record … [Read more...]