Photographer Creates Emotional Self Portraits


New Hampshire photographer creates self portraits

Poker Face – Self Portrait Project


When the mood strikes me I take some time to create self portraits. The great thing about having some strobes is that I can shoot even in the dead of night. This past yea,r I have set up my lights and backdrops a few times and created this emotional series of self portraits. With just a subtle change of the lights, turning them up or rising them higher, I completely change my look. Not only does it give me some more time shooting, it gives me insight to know a bit more about what it is like to be in a photo shoot.  I get to play with my poses and faces, seeing how the light and shadows play on the shape of the face from the small changes I have made with the lights or pose.


Weathered - Self Portrait Project

Weathered – Self Portrait Project

I use a software program called Light Room for the editing in almost all of my photography. It is made by the same folks that make Photoshop, but it is a very different program and can achieve great edits and dynamite changes to the images.  I had recent cut my hair so I wanted to create some new head shots for my websites.  I also thought I would play a bit and toss on my old army jacket grab an old firearm and toss my hat on for a few grungy looks.  Doing these self portraits can be a great way to learn about light, camera angles and self.  As I sit in on the stool, I play the model, making slight adjustments and changes as I go. I try to change my face my arms and my mood.  I do not set out with a vision for what I will capture. I just know it will be worth the time taken to set up and break down the gear. It is amazing the amount of thought that passes though your mind in the ten seconds it takes for the timer to go off and take each photo.  Once I had the images I could not wait to get them into my computer because I know that is when the creation process really begins.

I used a lot of dark tones to create a feeling of life and of death in each of my images. I turn most of them into black and white images, something I do not normally do. I really worked in bringing the details in the eyes to the center of each one. I wanted the viewer to see into my soul, past the art and into my reality. If you are looking to create a series of “Emotional Portraits” like these for yourself contact me today.  Session fees for this type of session start at just $125.00 and take about one hour.


Nameless - Self Portrait Project

Nameless – Self Portrait Project

New Hampshire photographer creates self portraits  (20)

First Impression -Self Portrait Project

 New Hampshire photographer creates self portraits

Torn – Self Portrait Project

 New Hampshire photographer creates self portrait project

Get Off My Lawn –

Breaking Point - Self Portrait Project

Breaking Point – Self Portrait Project

Self Portrait project

Twilight – Self Portrait Project

Encased - Self Portrait Project

Encased – Self Portrait Project

Self Portrait Project

Self Portrait Project

Self portrait project 2014

Self Portrait Project

Googly Eyes Self Portrait Project

Googly Eyes Self Portrait Project


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  1. says

    I love these self portraits. So many photographers reluctant to go HDR on people portraits,, but you embrace it and go for it! The technique mixed with the creativity of the different scenarios really showcase your talent.

  2. says

    What a fun set of self portraits. I think more photographers should make the time to get in front of the lens like this. It looks like you had a blast!

  3. Rhiannon says

    I love these self portraits! Of course, I’d hesitate to use nearly all of them as a headshot – unless I was a gun salesman perhaps. haha. Well done – very creative!

  4. says

    These self-portraits are such creative head shots! You’ve definitely got some talent in Lightroom, too. Thanks for sharing with us, Joe!


  1. […] I encourage all of you to take on a project like this. Whether you do them all in one setting, one each week or one a day like we see in the many 365 day projects out there, you will learn something about your camera your lighting and yourself. Have fun and share the fun. If you want to view more of my self-portrait project see the rest of the set HERE. […]

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