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Indian Head Resort Wedding Slide Show| New Hampshire Wedding Venue, Lincoln NH

Indian Head Resort Wedding Slide Show| New Hampshire Wedding Venue, Lincoln NH

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One of the best parts about being a Wedding Photographer. I love building wedding day slide shows! It takes me back to the energy of each, individual wedding and it is so nice to live it all again. This is my goal when creating a slide show for the couples I work with. It isn’t just about the photos themselves. It is about the feeling, the energy, the uniqueness of each, individual couple and celebration. When you get marred in New Hampshire you have many options for a gorgeous background. This time I traveled to Lincoln, N.H. To Indian Head Resort. I have photographed here before at another wedding. We were able to create some great portraits after the wedding ceremony and then again near sunset we stepped out to the pond for a few more photos. One nice thing about the resort is that the venue is close to the beautiful scenes we used for backdrops. We did not need to jump in a car and drive 10 miles to find the mountains or a lake. They have it all right there. Mary, Justin and I had a great day at there wedding. Like the engagement session we had. It was like 3 friends taking photos. Glad to be there this day. Please enjoy this wedding slide show of some of my favorite story telling images from that day.

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Wedding Venue: Indian Head Resort Lincoln N.H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        New Hampshire Wedding Photographer : Joe Martin







Not sure I need to even say anything about this one. I will just add this is a great little walking trail that starts in a parking lot and climbs this great New Hampshire Peak. This is Willey Pond located in Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I was on a trip over the Notch this day so I did not hike the trail but will return to capture a photo form the top of this landmark. You can bet that photo of these great pond will be coming form this place soon. Thanks again for check out my page. If you have a comment or just want to say hi. Leave me a comment below.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Taken from the bridge I set up on the handrail to take a 3 shot braked HDR photo. I made sure I had the reflection lined up to be the same space as the sky was above the mountain top. That is a good tip when capturing a reflection photo. Leave the same space above as below. I wanted the bridge to be a leading line into the photo. SO it makes your eye crawl the photo looking for the next item of interest and drawing you in. Does it make you wonder what is in the woods at the end?

Joe Martin

Reflection water shows this amazing old wooden bridge cross over to a large mountain

Great old bridge over the pond leads to the hiking trail up the mountain

In Search of The Aurora

In Search of The Aurora



In the winter of 2013 was one of the largest solar flairs to date. The week of the sun flair were wild reports of the chance to view the northern lights also called the aurora borealis. I am lucky enough to live in a location were there is a good chance of viewing such an amazing sight.  un-lucky for me it was not in the cards on the nights I had gone out. I spent tow late almost over nights out in the cold not just cold but really cold. At the time I took this photo it was 3 degrees. There must have been 10 or us out just hoping to capture the lights. We started to leave the location around 4 AM and I was soon to follow. I was happy to have this great shot to bring home but was hoping for the color to be there that night. Maybe net time. I took this shot looking away toward the south as the sky looked amazing. It is hard to see this at night, but the trick is to take a long exposure photo and then look at it on the back of the cameras LCD screen. I hope to some day be able to view and photograph the lights. It was for sure existing to be there with all so hoping to see them. Better luck next time.

Purple sky over a melting  pond at night

Purple sky over a melting pond at night

I Ain’t Got Time For That. One New Hampshire Photographers View on the New domain Extensions

I Ain’t Got Time For That. One New Hampshire Photographers View on the New domain Extensions


Old building on a farm in New Hampshire

Old building on a farm in New Hampshire

Even in the small, rural state of New Hampshire we have access to all of the great technology that is available to the rest of the world.  We, as people, have to always be paying attention to an ever changing world even at the  speed that it changes.  Early in 2014, the authorities at ICANN started releasing new domain extensions. Some that have come out at the time of this posting are: .bike, .builders, .cab, .camera and .cloths,  just to name a few. There was one more, that as a wedding photographer, peaked my interest: the .photography extensions. Why would they do this? Are we running out of .com’s or has the internet become so overcrowded with business pages with names that is creates confusion? From what I read on many sites,  is that the new extensions give more options.  Will this add to the confusion and make it harder to remember the new extensions? Maybe so, at first. Soon, it will be commonplace and normal to have many extensions to choose from.

As a North Conway New Hampshire photographer that lives in a small town with a  market that is becoming over-crowed, I feel that anything you can do to get a little edge on others in the same field is maybe the only way to stand out and be seen.  Because of this, I have bought a few of the new “.photography” extensions. Why? Well, for one, we don’t really know yet if they will be a good thing or a bad thing or a great thing to the early adapters of these new extensions. I was not going to wait until all the names that I might want had been bought by others. I am not sure how they can help yet, but did not want anyone else to have them to gain a footing up on what I have here at Joe Martin Photography.


The names that I have as of this writing are as follows:


 newhampshirewedding.photography  (New Hampshire Wedding Photography)

newhampshireseniorportrait.photography  (New Hampshire Senior Portrait Photography)

newhampshireportrait.photography   (New Hampshire Portrait Photography)

portlandmaineseniorportraits.photography (Portland Maine Senior Portraits)
I had to make sure  I made time for this. Maybe you want to look at your city or state for the businesses you own to see if the extension is out yet or still available. If you have a question or comment feel free to leave them here or contact me today.

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you later.




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