Art For Your Home Canvas Wraps

Once upon a time, when people made a portrait, of you received a print. A real, physical, paper print. Then, the whole world went digital. Some die-hard photographers stuck to the course and made the prints part of their business plan and have rode the storm through the digital age. The print revolution is making a huge comeback! Part of that come back is do to one of my favorite products – the canvas gallery wrap. They are ready to hang right out of the box. There is no framing involved, so your not waiting for the framers, or having to invest more into framing. The next time you are looking at a photographer, take notice to the products that they offer. It could be the difference between a great portrait, or just another snapshot.

In this short video I show you a few gallery wraps I have purchased in my studio. If you have any questions about portraits, whether it is for family, wedding or senior photos, please feel free to ask me. Even if you chose to go with another photographer, at least you will know your options and have done your best to find the right fit for you and your family.


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The gallery wraps in this video are 20″x30″ they come from and they sell in my studio for $250.00 each

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