Breakwater Inn & Spa Wedding | Maine Wedding Photography Blog

Breakwater Inn & Spa Wedding | Maine Wedding Photography Blog

Heather & Aaron
Date: May 14, 2016
Wedding Venue: Breakwater Inn & Spa
Town: Kennebunkport, Maine
New Hampshire Wedding Photographer: Joe Martin
DJ: Music On Wheels featuring Mike Pomp

Summers on the coast of Maine might just be the best location to spend a summer in all the world! I may be a little bias about this, where the coast line is only fifty miles from my home. It is a place we find ourselves and release what doesn’t serve us anymore. Trips to the coast are deeply rooted in our family history and I know the magic that resides there. Family fun in the sun at one of the many beach locations, or a short trip to a small village town, like The Old Port in Portland or to Wells, Maine is a tradition for many New Englanders. We always make time for a little “beach therapy.”

As the summer wedding season gears up and I am shooting a wedding or two every weekend, it is is really great when a wedding is in a coastal location. This wedding brought me to Kennebunkport, Maine and to The Breakwater Inn & Spa. Heather & Aaron had put a request out on one of the many wedding booking sites online, looking for a photographer. I sent them a quote and we exchanged an email or two. They liked my work and my price and they wanted to meet me before booking me. Once the meeting was over, they booked and here we find our selves at their wedding on the Kennebunk River!

With the day looking great, a light breeze and a gust here and there, the magical day started off perfectly! Part of the bride, Heather’s, plan was that I be there before the wedding for a short photo session for her and her bridemaids on the Breakwater, which was just up the road from the Inn. It was windy, but we enjoyed this pre-wedding photo session. Her parents joined us and we made them part of the photo shoot as well.

Back at the Inn, Aaron and his groomsmen were about ready to begin the ceremony. One of the things I enjoy about weddings is that I get to hear some of the back story of the couples I am shooting. I try to get to know the couple as much as time allows before the wedding date. Most times we become friends on Facebook or follow one another on Instagram. Hearing the story of the couple is often times humorous and it is almost always a love at first sight.story. The more that I learn about them, the better I can interact with them at their wedding to capture the perfect moments through photography.

The wedding was on the side lawn of the Inn which is just a few feet from the seaside river. They held the reception in a beautiful outdoor tent. They treated their guests with a “make your own sundae” ice cream bar. Like most weddings, they kissed and danced and danced some more. It was an intimate, joyful gathering and I am honored to have been part of it!

Enjoy this gallery of wedding photos. Feel free to share this post with guests of the wedding! I am sure they would love to experience this beautiful wedding again, through photos.


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