On most wedding days every one is very stressed, rushing around. Most time the day is a blur. It starts early and ends late with many hugs kisses and tears in between. On this wedding day. I showed up a bit early as I always do. I find in order to start on time and make great photos it helps to show up early and take time to triple check my gear and walk the property a bit. The couple this day did not do a first look. They chose to be together before the wedding. As they got ready and I took photos we all just hung out and have a fun pre-wedding time together. I took her dress, shoes and the rings out of the room and shot them as I always do. Once the detail photos were done I returned to the room and continued to take photos of then getting ready. As the bride was in the other room getting in her dress I stayed with the groom and the family members that were there. I was able to talk and connect with the members of the bridal party as I do at most weddings. Only it takes a little longer into the day to truly get to know folks to this level as I was only with them all waiting for the ceremony to state.
About this photo. I was seated in a chair opposite from the groom and there little girl. I was able to see down the hall way that the bride was going to be walking back out to the room we were in. i saw her coming and quickly turned my camera on the groom and the little one. They were so together drawing together that they did not notice she had entered the room. It was this few words that made this photo possible. I said “Look moms got her dress on” the rest speaks for it self.

Joe Martin

Photo of a groom and his little girl before the wedding sitting coloring together.

Getting ready photos are part of the story of the wedding day.


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  1. Amber · March 28, 2015 Reply

    Sounds like you really become apart of the wedding members life and want them to remember all of the great little details. Great job.

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