Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Daytona Beach Landscape

For a few years our family has made the trip to Florida making the trip via car and RV. We head to Walt Disney World for a few of the days. The Kids love the rides and I have learned to love them too. I think The Aerosmith ride, The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It very fast roller coaster with a few loops and high speed. The music is blasting as you make your way to a concerts staring Aerosmith. On the trip I take many photos of the parks and the landscape of Florida. We have also made a tradition of stopping at Daytona Beach on the why home. It is a great way to close out our time in Florida and a great start to a long drive back north. Ever time we have gone over to Daytona the weather has been great. Like most trips to the beach it is breezy and wet. The kids always say they are not go into get wet, yet they end up running in the water and then we need to find a place to change before the next leg of the trip. This day was no different.


This was taken with a 15-50 mm lens on its widest setting, trying to capture as much of the beach as I could. I think it looks great in Black & White. The seagulls and the pilers make this photo what it is. They are the a main subject and really let you know your at the ocean.  The one solo flying gull adds to the drama of the clouds and ties it all together. Prints are available for purchase in many sizes from 8×12 prints up to 36X48 canvas prints. I am offering this fine art print in a limited addition canvas print. There will be only 25 canvas printed they are 20″x 30″ and will be hand signed but me. The price is $250+$10 shipping. Contact me today to take advantage of this limited addition sale.

Photo of the ocean with seagulls and all wooden pillars showing the clouds

This Daytona beach landscape make me want to travel more.

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