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Dexter’s Inn Wedding | Wedding Photography Blog

I posted one photo form this “Rainy Day Wedding” the other day. I wanted to share some more of this day with you. The wedding couple had decided to have a first look before the ceremony. It was a bit wet out side. I took a few minutes to find a location for the moment of the groom to see his bride. I found a nice spot with a door. The groom on one side the bride on the other. With the door half open the should hear each other they touched and held hands for a moment. Some of the family had gathered up the whole way in hopes of seeing this magic moment between the wedding couple. Every time I have been witness to a first look they are always so exciting and special. When booking a wedding with me you are sure to hear me ask if you would like a first look. Many people have never heard of this. A lot of couples want to do it or some version of this. I have had couples do something like the first look with out seeing each other. They will hide around a conner or a door. Some have exchanged letters. Some have met in a field or garden. The first look is always a special moment that will not soon be forgotten. Did you have a first look at your wedding? What did you think. Was it is one of the best parts of your day? Did you wish you had not done it after the fact? Please let me know your thoughts on the first look?






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  1. Joan Chagnon · June 21, 2016 Reply

    These are great! Can’t wait to see the rest!

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