DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin

DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin


Dreams came true all vacation long when in Puerto Rico. One of those dreams was my daughters. This dream turned out to be a photographers dream as well. She always wanted to try paddle boarding. It just so happed that the person we stayed with on this trip had some friends that were big on paddle boarding, so big in fact that they made and sold paddle boards. We were in luck on the day we went to Crash Boat beach. The weather was terrible when we got there. We all were ready to give up and leave when the clouds broke and we had the best beach day ever. Tiffany was in heaven on the board . She picked it up so fast. I am not sure if she fell off once. I on the other hand had a hard time of it. I just could not stand up. I was told after that the boards we had been using were designed for people of a smaller size. Meaning a person my size 6′ 185 lbs needed a longer board to hold them. I was in the water more then on the board. That was fine. I did what I do most time at the beach, took loads of photos.
I took so many photo here birds and waves wide angle with the fish-eye lens and many of the family playing in the water.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Tiffany was so at home on the board she mad easy look easy. This shot was a bit underexposed do to the sun being behind my subject and blasting me in the camera lens. Once I imported the photos into Lightroom I was off and running. Dropping the shadows even more to give it this silhouette feel. The water was made a bit crisper by upping the clarity a bit. She looks like she is just gliding on the water with ease, and she was.


silhouette photo of a girl paddle boarding on the ocean

Tiffany our daughter loves this spot. Paddle boarding is her thing.


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