Incorporating Family History Into Wedding Photos | Family Heirlooms As Wedding Photo Props

Incorporating Family History Into Wedding Photos | Family Heirlooms As Wedding Photo Props

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Family Heirlooms As Wedding Photo Props

In todays post I have used two wedding Photos. I know my Photo of The Day posts are most times just one photo with a bit on how I shot it or what the day was about when I took the photo. I thought that to really make my point I needed these two photos to tell my story.

This wedding was in the City of Berlin , NH. It is a small city more like a large town. A 100 years ago the city of Berlin was a mill town. Over the years the mills have closed down and with it many of the towns income creating jobs have also been washed away with the mills.

I have always loved props in photos. When they are good and they are relevant to the photo of the subject. This is not exception. I was meeting the bride at her moms home before the wedding. I knew this would be a good place to find family history to include in some photos. I was not sure how when I got to the home, but as soon as I saw the spoons I knew it was meant to be.


So what better way to show off the family connection the history the love this family had for each other then with this great wall display? This display of baby spoons was very detailed. It had small spoons all engraved with the child’s name for all 13 kids, that is right 13. This bride was the youngest of the 13 and was on the way to start her own family. I had first thought I would hang the shoes from this and capture the silver of all the spoons and the shoes together. I think it works very well. It tells a story for all that see. It for sure will create emotion to the family when they see it. So then I thought I would add the rings to the brides spoon in some way. I though I might put the rings into the spoon or on the stem, but nothing looked as nice together as the rings resting on the spoon like in the second photo. I had shot a few photos of the rings then removed the spiders web from the wooden rack. I really like the way it looked with the web. So I edited it and included it in there wedding photos. I edited the first photo with a more vintage look using a bit of a matted look to finish it off. The second photo is a basic black and white with a high clarity to bring out some of the finer details.

photo of wedding shoes and the brides families baby spoons display

Story telling with a detailed photo of a family heirloom and the brides shoes



Wedding rings lean on a baby spoon that was the brides soon as a child.

Baby spoon with the brides name on it really add to the details of this photo.




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