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Maine Wedding Photographer | Private DIY Wedding |

Private DIY Wedding | Maine Wedding Photographer

Freeport, Maine is one of those little towns with a big New England town feel. Having a wedding on the coast, just a few miles from downtown Freeport, is almost a world away. The couple had rented a home right on the water. There was the ocean, seagulls and a light breeze. The weather was great the air was crisp with a feel of early spring. What I am saying is, it is was a bit cold. The temperature was fine, actually, for the ceremony and much of the party afterwards. It was a bit too cold for the family to have dinner outside, however. So, they moved some tables into the over sized living area of this large vacation home and everyone ate inside.

The couple and the family had done a great job on this DIY/backyard wedding. They thought of everything. They had great food. They had planned out the music play-list and had enough sound equipment to play it so it sounded professional. At most weddings like this, the music is the last thing they plan on and most I have seen couples miss the mark when it comes to having loud enough music for dancing or even the ceremony itself. This couple nailed it and the sound was fabulous.

The couple liked that I created several artsy photos of their wedding. We made sure to take some time to create a few. I asked the couple to join my on the waters edge on the great rocks the earth had landscaped for us. I set up my lighting gear ahead of time and took a few test shots. I was dialed in to the exact look I wanted to create. I asked them to pose, to kiss and to just have fun. The bride was committed and focused and despite the cold, she never complained. We made some beautiful shots on the rocks on that cool, but beautiful day.

On the way back to the house. I had them stop and pose for a few more shots with them apart but together in the same frame. I am very happy with the way they all turned out. I am really looking forward to my next Maine coast wedding at the Nubble Lighthouse in early June 2016. My time at this wedding was amazing and I loved every minute!

Happy Wedding Day Jake and Laura!


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