I spent this past Saturday at a rescue center with 14 pit bulls. The all need a good, safe home to live. The whole “pit bull” scare is so over emphasized. I have never met any of these dogs before and they were all so happy to sniff me and be in the spotlight.  Do not let the news media create a stigma about anything, especially these cute little pups!  If you’re in the North Conway area, or within driving distance to the area, please take a look at just a few of the beautiful dogs  that are in need of your help.  You can contact  nycsecondchancerescue.org  for more information or to start the adoption process.  To set up an appointment or more information please email Cecelia Blake

Here are a few photos of some great dogs up for adoption:


Pit bull plays catch
Petey Likes to Play Catch. Meet Petey he is ready to go home and play ball fetch or ready to be out side with you on your walks. He is a great jumper and could show a Red Sox a thing or two about fielding the ball.
Pit bull in the river taken a break
Petey needed to cool off after her game of catch.
Pit bull in need of a home.
Daisy was maybe the best model. Daisy sat and posed with her cute ears turning and positioning with ever sound. She was very sweet. She is all about kids and people, but not so much into other dogs. So if your a one dog kind of family maybe Daisy is the right fit for you.
Pit Bull Rescued in NYC
Hey it’s Maggie! She loves people and kids. She does not like cats so if your a dog lover with no cats and no small dogs Maggie may be your new best friend


If you know someone that is looking for a dog or have a good home for one. Give nycsecondchancerescue.org a try.  Fees will be waved for all adoptions finalized on 5/31 and 6/1. Get in touch today to get pre-approved for your adoption.  All the dogs are being boarded in Ossipee NH. Contact Cecelia Blake for more information.  Share with your Facebook friends. Lets get these dogs into a good home. 



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