One item I include with my wedding package and one of my favorite features of my wedding photography is the photo slide show I create once the photos are all edited and delivered to the clients. It is more of a story telling slide show of the wedding day form beginning to end. It is important to me to tell the story of the day. It is a great way for the couple and their guests to recall the day and relive it over and over when ever they feel that need. In a way it helps me stay focused on the details of the day. It makes me stay sharp not wanting to miss a single part of the action. The video is made from about 125-140 of what I feel are not only the best photos from the day but the best photos that tell the story of the wedding. I thing I started to do form the first wedding I offered the slide shows was to take photos of the guests ties. I would approach the male guests and make a comment out how I liked the tie they had on and asked, could I please take a photo of it. So would have a look on their face as to ask why, others just said sure. I would share with them I would be make a slide show from the photos and I would use the ties to tie the video together. As the day progresses the scenes change. From wedding set up to the ceremony then formal photos ending at the reception a place that many big events happen. We have the couples intro the parent and first dance we cut the cake then toss the flowers. There is dancing parting and fun all around. All can be told with still photos in a short time line with my video slide show. As the video moves form the early part of the day to the end I use the photos of the ties to transition to the next event. “Tying” the day together. At some weddings there are only cool ties and I can not add them all to the slide show. I end up using around 6-8 ties in the video. I think it an original idea and one that I always look forward to on wedding days.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Here you see a few of the type of photos that I use for the slide show break. These are a few of the ties I took photo of at a 2014 southern NH wedding. The photos are edited using the same style that the rest of the set of photos was editing so they are in line with the feel and look of the wedding day. I capture as many photo of the guests ties as I can. It not only is a go or way to connect with the family and guests, but it gives me more options once I set up the slide show as I can not go back and get more photos if I feel I need more. Thanks for stopping bu my site. If you our someone you know is getting married in or around New Hampshire please contact me to set up a meeting and talk about your wedding day photography. You can see my wedding packages and prices here NH wedding photography prices

wedding photo of guest ties
Ties are my thing. I use them in the slide shows to change form one location to another.

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