It might sound cliché but it is true.  The wedding day is the happiest day in a young couples life. This day was not different I that way. This couple was truly in love he with her and her with him. They had it shining all around them. They both had large families with them on this day and their fun and happiness was contagious and spread over the room when ever they walked in. The bride was the youngest of thirteen children. This means she is the baby with many older siblings crying at every little hug and kiss that the couple made. It was for sure a memorable day for all. One part of the wedding that was most special in my eyes, was that the bride had all her sisters as her brides maids. They all had different color dress which added even more detail to this amazing day.

About this photo: This photo is of the bride and some of her best friends in her life. I believe some of her past school friends and some from work. They posed for a few photos near this great old barn. As I clicked away and they changed the poses they began to make little joke that made them all break out in laughter. Love it when I can capture some true moments in the day. I am always looking for a photo that will make a true memory. If this was my wedding photo I would love it more then the posed portraits. This photo speaks of good times at my wedding.


Wedding photo of the bride with some girl friends laughing. Posed in front of a New England barn

These girls are silly together. True friends for life.



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  1. Katie · April 8, 2015 Reply

    such a beautiful photo. And you’re so right that these are the ones that count the most. These are the ones that help make the memories last.

  2. Dannie Melissa Wit · April 8, 2015 Reply

    This is so genuine and beautiful.

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