I love Adobe Lightroom for many reasons. It is a fast sorter of photos. Maybe not the fastest but it works well for culling out the miss fires and non keepers. Photogrpahers never want to admit they take a photo that is not 100% amazing every time, but it does happen. So once home form a wedding or portrait session. I will load the images on to my computer with Lightroom. This is great because Lightroom has a feature that allows users to back up to another spot on your computer a second copy of the same files. This does this all at the same time. So before we even start to edit we have 2 copies of the files and all professional photographers should practices the art of backing up. This way if anything was to happen to one of the hard drives we would have another copy on a separate hard drive for safe keeping. One other reason I love Lightroom is that you can create collage images by selecting photos from a session or over time from many sessions to build a collection set or best of, insert category here.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This collage is one I built form the wedding photos of a wedding in 2014. I really had a fun time at this wedding. Really nice people and a truly fun day. We were in southern New Hampshire in a small town called, Contoocook. We had perfect weather for the day. Another reason I liked this wedding was that the brides maids all had on a different colored dress. I love that look in the photos. It was great that the groomsmen had matching ties.. So I thought I would build this image form just 20 of the days photos. It is a time line from before, during and after the ceremony. I am going to build out a few more of these types of images for all my weddings. Thanks again for checking out my page.

Joe Martin


Image created using small block images from a wedding day
Love building a time line photo from a wedding day

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