Wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

Venue: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa
Photographer: Joe Martin Photography


The wedding I want to share with you today takes us to one of Mount Washington Valleys most northern resorts. I was at the New Hampshire wedding venue The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire. This grand hotel was built in 1865. Can you think of all the work that must have been put in to creating this landmark hotel? Starting out as nothing more then a large home, truly it was a small lodge and over the years transformed into the magnificent building we see today.

The resort is colored in a bright yellow. The sister resort to it’s larger neighbor, the Mount Washington hotel another wedding venue in New Hampshire.  Both spaces are truly grand. With the large lawns and gardens, they can host two weddings at the same time. They also have reception halls for multi-events. I was the second shooter at this wedding. It was a last minute booking and I heard from the man shooter only a few days before this wedding. I do not have getting ready photos of the bride for this reason.

On this day, I met with the groom, Stephen, in one of the great parlor rooms off the lobby, in the main building. They had some great chairs a great table and the best part was the large chess board. As I spent time chatting to the guys, they had help with their boutonnière’s and we took some photos in this great room. I posed them a bit. Asked them to do a selfie. They were truly playing chess for the table shot. They did not have time to finish, but word was that one of them had learned from some real pros or had taken some sort of chess class in school. We had our short shoot then made are way out side to the back garden area.

There is a cool pond, with a small bridge and little river flowing into the pond. The men walked to the front of the crowd of family and friends that were sitting ready for the bride to make her entrance. The bridesmaids made their way down and around the pond to the front side of the garden. The sun was bright and hot and the photos were coming so bright and popping. The ceremony including a solo from a family friend and a wedding sand ceremony. The blending of the Sand is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one. The bride and groom shared a kiss. The groom surprised every one with a nice dip. I knew he was going to do this so I was set on the side with a wide lens to make sure I could capture the whole dip. As a photographer if I had shot this from the center of the aisle, like i do with most kisses I would have taken the photo and most likely missed it as the dip is a wide move and the parents in the front row can block the heads of the bride and groom. make sure you know your couples plans.

If you are a couple looking for a photographer, make sure you share your ideas with them. Nothing would be worse then once your photos come back and your kiss is missing. The rest of the night was seamless. We headed out front for some bridal photos and set up for the family photos. The hotel made for a nice backdrop as well the grand view did for the bridal party photos. We returned later in the night for a few twilight photos.

The Crystal Ballroom was a truly grand room. One of the best venue rooms for a wedding I have seen in New Hampshire. The toasts were grand, the food was grand, the dancing was grand. It was truly elegant. At the end of the night, the bride and two of here bridesmaids made their way to the dance floor. They lip-sync/danced to the 90’s hit song “I Want You back” by N Sync. Ending the night with the twilight photos was great. We left the bride and groom to hang with their friends and family when our work was done. I made the trip back over Crawford Notch I was truly grateful to have been a this wedding.



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