Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding on Peaks Island, Maine | Getting Married in Maine

Last evening’s wedding at The Harbor View at Jones Landing on Peaks Island, Maine, was like a dance party, fused with rain, friends and celebration. The kids rocked out so hard that we almost missed the boat back to the mainland in Portland, Maine. The rain came near the end of the evening, but the wedding was not […]

New Hampshire Wedding Photographer | Wedding at The Wentworth, Jackson, NH | New Hampshire Photo Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 216 In the small town of Jackson, N.H., is a resort named, The Wentworth. It is a well known Inn in the area and is snug right in the middle of town. The Wentworth is a popular wedding venue in the Mount Washington Valley. The ceremony that I attended there […]

Kennett High School Senior Portrait Session With Maddy | New Hampshire Photographers Blog

Last week, I met with Maddy and her aunt, to create some senior photos, as well as capturing a memory of this time in her life. I had never met Maddy until the day the shoot, and we began at her family home. We used the tall grass next to her home to capture the […]

Senior Pictures In The New Hampshire’s White Mountains | New Hampshire Senior Portrait Photographers Blog

With summer ending and school starting back up, it can mean many things to many people. For teens and their parents, many of them begin the important search for a photographer to  take their senior portraits. Many people see senior portraits as one of the most important photo shoots of their lives. One thing that is so […]

Chagnon Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Slide Show

With the New Hampshire wedding session winding down, I have time to do the special things I wanted to do all year. Like spend time with my family, hike rest & begin getting geared up for next year. One way that I rest is to go over wedding photos once again and build slide shows […]

The Long Ride Down Form A Mountain Top Wedding

PHOTO OF THE DAY- THE LONG RIDE DOWN FROM A MOUNTAIN TOP WEDDING When you have a passion in life why not include it in the best day of your life? That is what this wedding couple did on their big day. They both have a love for skiing. What better way to encompass that then […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- WALKING ON WATER Not sure I need to even say anything about this one. I will just add this is a great little walking trail that starts in a parking lot and climbs this great New Hampshire Peak. This is Willey Pond located in Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains […]

Photography’ It is all in the light ~ By Joe Martin a New Hampshire Photographer

This summer, I was feeling like I need to get out and do something for me. I was talking to my wife about this and sharing that work and sleep was all I did this year,  and I truly needed to take a short vacation. Not away from anyone in particular, just away from everyday […]

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Wedding at Stone Mountain Arts Center | Joe Martin Photography

Photography in this video was provided by New Hampshire wedding photographer Joe Martin. This Maine wedding was held at The Stone Mountain Arts Center in  Brownfield, Maine I have added an Animoto video to the “Featured Items” of my top wedding packages. It is a great service and will really help in the sharing of photos of my […]

Your History; Your Story: The Importance of Your Wedding Photography Album

  After this long cold winter, we long for a hot, sunny day. Let’s hope we get a lot of them, and soon! This might have been the longest coldest winter in the U.S. in a long time.  As this wedding season approaches we are reminded how short that season truly is here in New […]

What is a Photographer to Blog about?

  Sure, I could blog about camera gear or my last family photo shoot. I want to offer more then pretty pictures or one family’s story. Plus there will always be that type of blog here and there. I want to be a bit different. I don’t want to give you what ever other photographer […]

Shoot & Burn Vs High Quality Portrait Printing. What is the right way to do Business?

  Why do I offer prints for your portraits and not just a CD? Why not just toss everything on a CD and let me print what I want, when I want? The short answer is, we do offer the CD for sale after you have already purchased a print package for wedding photography valued […]

Getting Ready for a Portrait Session

      Getting ready for a portrait session here in New Hampshire is not just something that I, the photographer, needs to do. Preparing for a photo shoot is something that everyone involved needs to take part in. As I am cleaning my lenses, charging my batteries and making sure my memory cards are […]

Showing Support on Facebook

  When you LIKE someones biz page on FB you’re more than just a click, you are a supporter. To really show support and make what could be a big difference in the person’s Facebook presence, but could end up in a small way showing your friends this page indirectly and helping grow the page […]

Who Hires a Photographer?

We all love to take photos. I see photos being taken every place I go. It may be at the market when we see someone snapping a picture of a food package that struck a funny cord or at the beach when families want to remember a beautiful day as one. With so many camera […]

Spring Time Photography Rush

Spring ahead! With the added light and the days getting warmer, now is the time to get in your photo experience! With lighting gear in tow, we can create something unique or keep it safe with some traditional portraits. Are you looking for  ways to bring your family into the homes of your extended family? […]

Getting New Head Shots For Work

Welcome to my portrait photography site. I am a full service studio providing all type of portraits from family,wedding senior or corporate photography.  Lets set up your next custom  photo experience to get you a new series of head shots. Blog, Facebook  business cards or a new resume? Lets get a few studio head shots […]