Boston Engagement Photo Shoot at The Boston Public Gardens | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Boston Engagement Photo Shoot at The Boston Public Gardens Last week I had an amazing photo shoot in Boston, MA. The couple was great. The weather was great. The shoot was great. We spent most of the time in The Boston Public Garden. The park was busy, but we found small areas of solitude to make […]

Wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa | Getting Married at a Omni Hotel in New Hampshire

Wedding at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa Venue: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa Photographer: Joe Martin Photography   The wedding I want to share with you today takes us to one of Mount Washington Valleys most northern resorts. I was at the New Hampshire wedding venue The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in […]

Indian Head Resort Wedding Slide Show| New Hampshire Wedding Venue, Lincoln NH

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 211 (last blog post here) One of the best parts about being a Wedding Photographer. I love building wedding day slide shows! It takes me back to the energy of each, individual wedding and it is so nice to live it all again. This is my goal when creating a slide […]

What Is Style? | Wedding Photographers Style | Photographic Style Gets Couples To Notice You

What Is Style? | Wedding Photographers Style One might think that every wedding is the same. In some ways they are. Two people in love are telling their closest friends and family that they love this person like no other. There is a dress and suits, rings, flowers and wedding cake. They share tears of […]

Incorporating Family History Into Wedding Photos | Family Heirlooms As Wedding Photo Props

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Family Heirlooms As Wedding Photo Props In todays post I have used two wedding Photos. I know my Photo of The Day posts are most times just one photo with a bit on how I shot it or what the day was about when I took the photo. I thought that […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- FROSTED OVER TOWN   We have long winters here in New Hampshire. I joke that we have 5 seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and wedding session. Not necessarily in that order. When wedding season does start it goes fast unlike some of the last few winters we have had. Again my camera […]

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Featured Wedding on

As a wedding photographer you are working on ways to not only be found by young couples looking for a photographer, but also looking to be featured on other wedding blog sites and major publications print and online. With these features and printed publications. We are seen by a larger audience and can turn in […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY – LITTLE HO– USE ON FROZEN WATER Driving last winter on a gray lite day. No sun many clouds. I had my camera ( I always do)  This day I was going to pick up a load of wood for my wooden toy business.  As I came around the corner I saw […]

Far and Away

PHOTO OF THE DAY – FAR AND AWAY Amazing landscape scene in this seasonal photo taken in New Hampshire last fall. The color is amazing this time year. From my point of view it was hard to even pick a spot to point the camera they were all amazing and so full of foliage. I took […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- T-REX NEST On our trip to Puerto Rico I was able to take many new existing photo of the ocean the jungle and some crazy bugs and animals. Here in this photo at the edge of the jungle might be one of my favorite from the trip. It truly was an […]

Social Media Wedding Package Video

 Wedding Photos in Video   One of the best ways to share your wedding with guests, family and the folks that could not make it to your wedding is with social media. We all know about Facebook and Twitter, Youtube and Blogspot, so why not use them to share your special memories with the world? […]

Welcome, Phoebe Isis! Newborn Sparkle Session ~ Joe Martin New Hampshire Photographer

  This week we had the pleasure of meeting this little lady, Phoebe Isis. She was a beautiful soul and loved being in her Mama’s arms. We are proponents for attachment parenting and during our Newborn sessions we encourage mothers to nurse and hold their babies as much as possible.  We have learned a lot in […]

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Wedding at Stone Mountain Arts Center | Joe Martin Photography

Photography in this video was provided by New Hampshire wedding photographer Joe Martin. This Maine wedding was held at The Stone Mountain Arts Center in  Brownfield, Maine I have added an Animoto video to the “Featured Items” of my top wedding packages. It is a great service and will really help in the sharing of photos of my […]

Your History; Your Story: The Importance of Your Wedding Photography Album

  After this long cold winter, we long for a hot, sunny day. Let’s hope we get a lot of them, and soon! This might have been the longest coldest winter in the U.S. in a long time.  As this wedding season approaches we are reminded how short that season truly is here in New […]

What People are saying about Joe Martin Photography ~ By New Hampshire Photographer Joe Martin

Sharing testimonials is an important aspect of any business. Here is what my clients are saying about our experience together after a portrait shoot or wedding. It is always great to hear from them after the shoot to know that they had fun and enjoyed the photos. Here are just a few of the most […]

What is a Photographer to Blog about?

  Sure, I could blog about camera gear or my last family photo shoot. I want to offer more then pretty pictures or one family’s story. Plus there will always be that type of blog here and there. I want to be a bit different. I don’t want to give you what ever other photographer […]