In Search of The Aurora

In Search of The Aurora



In the winter of 2013 was one of the largest solar flairs to date. The week of the sun flair were wild reports of the chance to view the northern lights also called the aurora borealis. I am lucky enough to live in a location were there is a good chance of viewing such an amazing sight.  un-lucky for me it was not in the cards on the nights I had gone out. I spent tow late almost over nights out in the cold not just cold but really cold. At the time I took this photo it was 3 degrees. There must have been 10 or us out just hoping to capture the lights. We started to leave the location around 4 AM and I was soon to follow. I was happy to have this great shot to bring home but was hoping for the color to be there that night. Maybe net time. I took this shot looking away toward the south as the sky looked amazing. It is hard to see this at night, but the trick is to take a long exposure photo and then look at it on the back of the cameras LCD screen. I hope to some day be able to view and photograph the lights. It was for sure existing to be there with all so hoping to see them. Better luck next time.

Purple sky over a melting  pond at night

Purple sky over a melting pond at night