Showing Support on Facebook

Showing Support on Facebook

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When you LIKE someones biz page on FB you’re more than just a click, you are a supporter. To really show support and make what could be a big difference in the person’s Facebook presence, but could end up in a small way showing your friends this page indirectly and helping grow the page and client pool in ways we may never know.  Once you have taken the big step to click LIKE at the top, you should have a look around.  You truly can add support by being a active fan of the page  and scrolling down over the page, maybe liking a few posts of images on the page. Spending some time to get to know the person, place or product, you have just come to support. After all, you would not just walk in to a restaurant and as soon as the door closes open it and walk back out, not one that you would support.

When you LIKE, share or comment on a post it does a few things. First off, it shows the owner of this page your interested in the service they have set up or provided. It also might show up on your news feed letting your friends aware of your support for this page. This is when we as a page owner start to wonder what will take place next. Will they just walk out as soon as the door closes or will they window shop a bit check out what we offer? Maybe click that about tab and follow our link to our website, back to the point at hand. You have made the big step and showed support. Now to really help this page in the big bad world of Facebook, once you start to interact with the page by scrolling the content on the page. Maybe adding a LIKE here and a comment there. This action will show the Facebook algorithm that this page has something that users find this page interesting to users and maybe it should be seen by others or even seen by others that have LIKED the page already. That is what happens with pages once the users start to show interest, Facebook will toss more and more content into the news feed. After all that is why you liked the page in the first place, right? To view the page and its contents? Now that you have liked a few posts and it has started to show in others news feeds and they like it the page can not only been seen in a new light by fans of the page, but by Facebook showing you more from this page.

The owner of the page can see this new following grow and with a little look in the pages insight tab, can see what posts are creating more likes or comments. Then adding the same types of content to keep the users interested in keeping this page in the news feed and the circle of Facebook algorithms continues. After all, a large percent of the social media experience is being entertained as we use the site.  If your going to show support for a friends Facebook business page than try and  show it in a way that will truly support them and not just add to the number of likes at the top of their page.

If you have feedback on this or something to add please comment of send me an email. Thanks for reading my page and showing support 🙂

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