Beach Wedding Kennebunkport Maine | Wedding Photographers Blog

Beach Wedding Kennebunkport Maine | Wedding Photographers Blog


The first look was at 4:45 PM. It was followed with a short bridal portrait shoot on the beach. I used some off camera flash to darken the sky and light the couple. I am happy with how the photos came out! (They are the first few in the series below.) We walked down the beach to the house they had rented for the wedding. They had a big white tent set up, music playing and you could hear laughter. We started on some family photos as the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour before the ceremony started. The couple and the family made their way to the beach to witness the wedding. The ceremony was performed by the grooms father. He did a great job. He made a few jokes and touched a few hearts. After the couple was pronounced, the family hugged and kissed the couple and we headed back up to the yard of the house to have the reception party. The couple wanted to go back to the beach to create some more photos. I was happy to do so. The last few photos in this set is what we created on the return trip to the beach. Kennebunkport, Maine, is a beautiful area with a long beach front that was more, or less, private. There isn’t anywhere to park, unless you have a home there. This makes for a nice place to vacation or live. I have another wedding there later this year. I really hope it is on that same beach with another amazing couple. Thanks Kassie and Bill. I wish you many happy years ahead.
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If you have been following me for a bit then you know I loved Puerto Rico and my camera did too. This is one of the first shots from Puerto Rico even know we had not even landed yet. The angle on this photo is so cool as it shows the depth of the city, almost like the Earth View on Google maps. You can see them in a 3D like style. It is like a tiny Lego city with the light hitting it all just right. This is was the light can do to a photo. With it being side lite like it is. It shows the depth. If the sun had been more over head and beaming straight down onto the city this would look flat non life like. It would give a totally deferent feel and mood then what we have now.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: As we came in for our landing I pulled my camera out and started to look for something to shoot. We were still over water so I had to wait for a bit and then there is was Puerto Rico. I was surprised to see the city right up to the coast. Being a new traveler to Puerto Rico I was thinking the costs would be all beach and jungle. Proves we should not always assume what we think about a place is true, but that we should investigate it to know as much as we can about a person, place or thing. I edited this photo in Lightrooom as I always do. I never us Photoshop. I truly do like to use it. I like a quick edit of my work and lightroom does that for me.


Image of a city in  Puerto Rico shot from an airplane

Taken from the Airplane landing in Porto Rico

Leading Lines To Freedom

Leading Lines To Freedom


PHOTO OF THE DAY- Leading Lines To Freedom

One more photo taken in Puerto Rico. This time we see this dirt road that follows the photographic term known as “leading lines” this effect draws the viewers eyes in and makes one wonder what is just beyond the view of sight. In this case what is even more intriguing is that at the end of this road we see the ocean adding to the mystery. I like this photo for a few reasons. One is that it beings me back to this day at Dirty Beach. This spot is about half way up the road form the beach and to an over look that you can see out to th open ocean on one side and back onto Dirty Beach on the other. I also love the colors. There is a few shades of green and as many of blues. You can see the gray in the sky the water and the grass. So much going on here. Please let me know what it is that you like about the photo. Is anything missing> What might have you don’t to make it even better? Just comment below and let me know. It is the best way to learn IMO. Is to have others share there views on an image.


Joe Martin


Dirt road in Puerto Rico leading into what looks like the ocean

Puerto Rico has some amazing sights. This is one of them.




I felt I could not just post one “Photo of the Day” for this post. For the reasons of story telling I felt only one photo would not tell a story. I could have dragged this out in to 10 blog posts. I di dnot want to wait to share my trip to #NYC. We had gone to New York for a few reasons. One was to see some family friends another was to see the city. we had other plans when there. We had made gift bags for some homeless people in the city. We built 15 bags with assorted helpful items in them. They were a way to create a feeling of gratitude and kindness to a few folks that had been dealt a tough hand in life. We had also picked up some winter fleece jackets. We filmed a bit of these “Acts of Kindness” for our vlogs on Youtube. (the video is below the photos)
The day we headed into the city is was cold, in fact so cold that it was tough to find a location that had many homeless folks. They were mostly down in Penn Station. It was so great to gift these bags to folks. They were all so full of thanks. A few were almost brought to tears.  For now I will get back to the point of this post this set of street photographs.  As we walked the city we went in some gift shops had some coffee at Starbucks. Saw the Naked Cowboy. We stopped in Times Square and sat for a bit. All the time taking small video clips for out vlog and taking photo of the city and the people that were all about. From the folks in times square dress as random yet popular TV and movie characters. We saw Batman, Elmo, Micky Mouse and a number of cool yet creepy very tall people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. There was ten of us together so taking my time to get all the photos I would have was a bit hard. I still was about to capture some what I would say are creative and captivated of the New York city life. I hope you enjoy these photos I have picked to share. Pleae leave a comment if you have any feedback. Have you been to NYC did you get some of these same types of photos? Thanks again for stopping by.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “SKY HIGH” – A view up. This photo made this set as I love the point of view I created. I love the reflection and the tones made in Lightroom once editing took place.

looking up at reflecting windows of many skyscrapers in new york city

Loved this POV looking up at some sky scrappers in #NYC

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Gotham Nights”  – I do not use Photoshop. I just never learned it. I do love Lightroom. Lightroom is another Adobe product if is very powerful photo edting software. It does all the basics and more. This photo of Radio City Music Hall and the building across from it really shows what Lightroom can do. This feels like it is out of a Batman movie to me. You can see from the street sign that it is the holiday season.

city scap photo from NYC many building and the Radio City MusicHall marquee

Is that Gotham City? Looks like this is cut form a movie.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Batman vs Elmo” I think we know who would win that battle. Even know this is a little blurry from the motion and maybe me freezing to death. I had to include it as it shows the true street level view of what it is like in Times Square.

Street photo of street actors Batman is in view n NYC

Batman, Elmo and Minnie oh my.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Walking Heads”  This moment stopped in time is a great expression of what walking around was like. At times we had crowds all around us. I love that the crossing sign is on the STOP. Also you can see one of the people dressed up as The Statue of Liberty.


Images shows faces in a crowed street in NYC

Stop where you are.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Night Lights” Taking with a wide angle fish-eye lens using a long exposure. The cars moving past add a streak of light form the motion. The wide fish-eye lens give this a surreal look bending the tall buildings at the top.

street view image with motion blur from the car lights going by fast

Night Lights. Cars in motion cruising by in the New York City Streets

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Get Me Out Of Here” From the street looking up using my wide fish-eye lens to create this effect. You can really see the scope of the center of this part of New York City. Love this effect for this type of location.

wide fish-eye photo looking up in the middle of time square many tall buildings scene

Get me out of here.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Then This Guy” Loved this one. I was crossing the street with the family. I looked up and saw this man on his bike at the red light. I loved his mask and the look on his face. He was looking right at me as I stopped for one second and snapped it. The photo really captured the city as well. The cars the buildings. We can see the time of year with his mask and the holiday lights.

street photo of a man at a red light with cold weather beard mask on. Looking right at me.

Then this guy was just there. Love his hat/face mask


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Hot And Cold Windows” This is crazy. It was so clod that the top windows of One World Plaza. I zoomed in for this one and captured the steam rising from the top of the building do to the cold air this night.

View looking up at the steaming windows  of One World Plaza NYC

Steaming windows at One World Plaza.


Our Youtube video from our trip Giving to the Homeless.

Far and Away

Far and Away


Amazing landscape scene in this seasonal photo taken in New Hampshire last fall. The color is amazing this time year. From my point of view it was hard to even pick a spot to point the camera they were all amazing and so full of foliage. I took many others and even a pano photo from this place. It will be some time before I make it back in to my archives and edit the rest. The one thing about always shooting landscapes is you always have so many images to pick and chose from. Finding that one form the shoot that is just a bit better then the rest. If you have a moment head over to my on-line gallery and view some of my other works. The images in my gallery are all available for purchase as well. Thanks again for viewing sharing and liking my work. Comments are also always so nice to receive.

Joe Martin

Landscape photograph view across a New England mountain range in the fall full of color

What a site to see here in New Hampshire. The fall is truly amazing .




Bostons Logan airport has many faces. If you are flying in out or driving by on the high you get a perspective of the airport that is not viewable from the other location. After years of renovations I hope they are done adding building and roads inside Logan. Being that it is the closest major airport to our home in New Hampshire we have travel in and out of it many times. On a recent trip to drop my family off on their way to the UK for a 10 day trip I took a little trip of mine own.
I knew if I just drop around I would find the waters edge and I was glad I did.  I found this spot in the back of a parking lot behind a small restaurant in the town of Revere which is right next to the city of Boston. I set up my tripod and blasted away in the direction of the airport knowing I would pull some eye candy from the card one home. Here is one of a few shots I pulled from the card. This one is another 3 shot HDR photo I built in Photomatix and then finished up in Lightroom. I ending up liking this soft look so I added some noise reduction and dropped the clarity to almost add a look of a water color painting. Hope you enjoy.


Joe Martin


Photo of Logan airport form across the water at sunset

One of the many faces of Bostons, Logan Airport






What to do on a cold winters night? Head on out in to the cold tripod in hand. I set up for this shot but soon noticed the photo would be so much more if I was to turn on the lights inside. I love this photo and that we can see the smoke coming from the chimney really give it the feel of the cold that night.

Thanks for check out my work. – Joe Martin


Night time photography of my home covered in snow.

Our house snow bound in this night time photo

Sharing is Caring.

Sharing is Caring.

Growing a small biz can be rewarding and trying at times. Every time someone LIKES comments or SHARES the page or photos of mine you introduce a whole new line of people to my work. Thanks for all that have done and continue to support my photography. It means the world to myself and my family. Even if your a few hundred miles away form New Hampshire. Your support can go a long way. With the internet we are never that far from something we love. We may have to move mountains to get there but for sure if you want me at your event or wedding I will do what I can to make that happen.

Family portrait in PR

Our Family posing for a photo in PR

Destination Weddings

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