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One might think that every wedding is the same. In some ways they are. Two people in love are telling their closest friends and family that they love this person like no other. There is a dress and suits, rings, flowers and wedding cake. They share tears of joy. So, if you think all weddings are the same you are half right. The above listed things are what makes weddings the same. The couples taste, style, wants and needs, are what makes each wedding different and unique.

Some weddings are young couples and others are couples that met later in life. There can be a large change in styles from one to the other. This is what can get you hired. Having a style that is up to change. A style that suits your couples. Being a customers service agent is part of being in the photography business. You need to be educated, in not only lighting, gear and poses, but you need to be able to edit in a way that the couples will find to their liking.  Style can make or break a booking. So, be open to change and shoot for your not only your current client but shoot with style create future client bookings.

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About these photos: Here is a group of wedding images that shot what I would call a different style from one another.



Bride at golden hour near the water.
Bride at golden hour near the water.
Moody wedding photo of a couple posing together but seeming apart
Creating a feeling of alone and together.
Black and white wedding photo in a field with Mountains as the backdrop. IN Maine
The sun created this great shadow.
Pretty bride poses moments before her wedding.
Pretty bride poses moments before her wedding.
Wedding couple exits a church
As the ceremony ends, it all just begins .
bridal party posing near a building with a vintage feel
Creating a style with a vintage look on this bridal party pose
Open view of church after a wedding with just the couple sitting.
The feeling that no one else exists, only them.
amazning wedding photo with a bride walking past windows, as her groom is seen in a reflection
Creating style as you go. Here I was able to capture the bride walking and her groom reflecting.
Mt Top wedding couple posing in front of a dramatic sky
Using some flash to create this seemless looking photo. Using camera settings to capture the sky and the flash lighting the couple.

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