I hope some of these FAQ’s will help you understand a bit more about me. You know my name and that I am a wedding photographer. What else would you like to know? If you do not see a question and answer below and want more information please contact me today. I am always happy to talk. 

  • How long have you been a wedding photographer? I shot my first wedding 10 years ago  When I returned home I told my partner I will never do that again. 10 years later I love them more then any other style of photography. 
  • How many weddings have you photographed?  I have been the photographer at 220+ weddings at the time of this writing.
  • Why weddings? Why not weddings? There is so much about weddings I love. I really mean that I am not just saying it. The day is fun yet stressful (for the couple) It is fast passed which I love. You are with to people that are in love.  I get to be part of this day. To be responsible to capture the day and tell a story doing it.  When couples hire me I hope it is do to my ability to to just that. 
  • How would you describe your style? Dynamic, candid, vibrant documentary photographer. At least that is what you will receive in the form of your images. I like to use the latest camera gear to capture your day from the getting ready to the final dance. I might use off camera lighting to create amazing sunset photos or hard shadows when needed. I will always edit every image I deliver and do all of this with out much direction bringing my photojournalist style into view. I my ask to move to a better location so your background it clutter free making each photo the best possible photo I can produce. 


If you feel any of the following say I 
-Are stressed over planning?
-Know less about wedding planning then you thought?
-Did not know all that goes into a wedding?


Take a deep breath and let professionals do what we do, for you. That’s why you are here, right?  To bring the right people into your wedding day and make it rock. Lets rock it!

“Joe was so great to work with! Before- when planning, during- when the stress was on, and after- with the amazing results in hand! He made my husband and I feel very comfortable and the guests at our wedding also. He has the perfect combination of professionalism, friendliness, and enthusiasm – he made me excited to be in pictures and that’s rare! And what great pictures! So unique and creative- we could not have asked for better! Thank you Joe!” – Briged & Ray, Berlin, NH – Wedding

Welcome, Thanks for viewing my site. You have your dress and colors picked out. Have you picked a date and your venue? If your answer is, “yes,” the next step is to select your photographer. What is it you want to get from the experience? Do you want memories of your wedding and some amazing bridal portraits? If so, we should talk. This is my sixth wedding session. Let’s connect on the phone or Skype and get your plans in motion!

Please contact me today to set up an appointment. 



Is: Outgoing, efficient, focused and positive. Father of four. Husband of twenty years. Runs a successful wooden toy business. Is a passionate photographer every weekend in the summer.

Hates: Bad Movies, bacon, long lines and inauthenticity.

Loves: His family. Inspiring and uplifting others. Vegetables and popcorn.  Road trips that last for days.

Phrase                                              Meaning

Food                            =                  Joy

Water                          =                  Life

Photography              =                  Art

Family                         =                  Growth

Ocean                          =                  Freedom


A bit more about Joe

My mission: Is it to create unique and high quality wedding  photography, in a way that is fun for everyone involved.  My goal will be to give you not only the best photographic experience during our time together, but to also provide you with the best possible quality fine art pieces that you are proud to have on display in your home, for generations. Please contact me today to get started. 

A boring bio about me:

I am a native to New Hampshire and live in the beautiful White Mountains, in the heart of Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire. My photo experience started back in high school when he received a film camera as a gift for Christmas. At that point photography became a real focus in school, working with black and white film in the darkroom.  One of my first jobs was for a local photographer where I spent my days in the darkroom all day on Saturday’s. Fast forward to the 2000’s when rekindled my passion and discovered the whole new world of digital cameras and continued down the path that I began on, long ago. In 2012, to increase my working knowledge of photographic lighting, I completed a portrait lighting course held at the Maine Media Workshops in Camden, Maine, with award-winning commercial photographer Bobbi Lane. It is there that I learned that specific lighting is the key to every photograph.

I am also an established real estate photographer In the Carroll County are. Including North Conway, Berlin, Rochester.  I have worked on projects for commercial l use for businesses in the form of creative photos for websites, brochures and printed ads. I have a long lasting relationship with many local agents. 

North Conway area photographer- Joe Martin
North Conway area photographer- Joe Martin

You may share my work on social network sites and within emails only while linking to my website.
With Creative Commons you are free to: My images on your blog or website with link back to https://joemartinphotography.com

Please contact me to learn more about pricing for commercial licensing fees.

To purchase my fine art prints, please see my print shop http://joemartinphotography.smugmug.com/Landscapes

Joe Martin
196 East Madison RD
Madison, New Hampshire
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—————-stop reading the rest is lame————–

About This North Conway New Hampshire Photographer

-Enjoy this North Conway photography provided by Joe Martin


-Joe Martin is a New Hampshire  wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer,  newborn photographer and family photographer.  Photography coverage including but not limited to New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts including in NH Rochester, Dover, Concord and Meredith. In Maine Portland, Fryeburg. In Massachusetts Boston, Lawrence, Salam, Gloucester and beyond.  If your in an area not listed I will travel for the right client.


-No matter what your event may be either  wedding photography or senior portraits each day is a great day and will be handled professionally with our clients goals in mind. If you have any questions or comments for me or your looking for a wedding photographer in North Conway New Hampshire please call me 603-367-4657 or email me at New Hampshire Wedding Photographer today.


Location Information:

Joe Martin Photography is located in Madison NH, 03849



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