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Essex Room Wedding Venue – Bri & Leigh (sound on?)

Essex Room Wedding Venue – Bri & Leigh (sound on?)

With the New England wedding season in full swing. I had the opportunity to go to a Massachusetts wedding venue I had not been to before. It is called the Essex Room in Essex, MA
Not only was the staff there amazing the venue was also. Nice white celling for bouncing some flash off. They have a great ceremony site right out front of the Essex Room with a great vista out the back for create a few hero shoots. We used the pretty garden space to take some family photos after the couple was married and to make some bridal photos, well because it is a garden. 


Essex room wedding venue

 Bri & Leigh found me online like most f the couples I have worked with. After a few emails we hopped on a short phone call and they were happy to book me for their wedding. We had never met in person but talked again two weeks prior to the wedding. Once we met I knew it would be a great day with two beautiful brides. The ceremony was hosted by a close friend and I would have to say he was one of the best officiants I have seen to date. A few short jokes and a story or two and the kiss was made. He sent the couple off with the announcement of the new joined couple. As the wedding guests went off to the cocktail hour I made short order of the family photos and sent the family off to enjoy the party. 
 This is when I do what every I can to make magic. To create the “hero” images. They will for sure (or I hope) will cherish for years to come.  

same sex marriage outside a Massachusetts wedding venue
 Please make sure you sound is on when you view the wedding day slide show. If you cry I am sorry. But hey it is my job 🙂 

 If you are newly engaged and still looking for your wedding photographer.  Maybe we should talk?  Give me a call anytime. 603-662-2960 Or you can fill out the short questioner on the link above this post that says ” Check Availability”

  Please share and TAG anyone you see in the video or that was at the wedding.  

Looking forward to your comments and emails. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to show your support to this amazing couple.

When Your Couple Loves Weddings as Much as I Do | Wedding at Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery

When Your Couple Loves Weddings as Much as I Do | Wedding at Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery

I am not sure what more I could say about this couple. They were the best. Ok, that sounds like I liked the couple very much. More than all the other couples that I’ve had. I mean they were right up there as a top contender. They knew what the wanted had the time line nailed down. She had a beautiful dress and the venue was dreamy. Ok so that does sound a bit like all the other weddings I have done. With over 100 weddings behind me. I guess it would be hard to pick or even remember all the best ones. So let’s just leave it at Josh & Ellie’s wedding at Vista of Maine Vineyard & Cidery was one I will remember for a long time. It has been a busy few weeks since their wedding. I made some time to create the wedding day slide show and know get to share it with them and their family and friends. Please enjoy their day, let me know your thought and feelings after. If you are getting married in or around New Hampshire, maybe we should talk? I am booking into 2018 at this point. I would love to hear from you.

Wedding at The Wentworth Inn – Jackson, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Venue

The sun was out then it rained. The sun returned and so did a rainbow or two. The day went perfect. The wedding ceremony was out side by the river. The day or hot but the air had a nice breeze and it helped keep the temperature down. The humidity build up over the day and like many summer nights here in Mount Washington Vally this was the perfect recipe for an evening thunder storm. The Jackson falls were part of the plan as we finished up the rain began. It rained hard for about thirty minutes. But then it happened. The rain cleared and not one but two rainbows popped out. We were able to make a few bridal portraits with them as out backdrop. This just added to the already amazing day that was captured. Here is a few of the images made this day.

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Private Wedding Venue in New Hampshire | New Hampshire Wedding Photography

Private Wedding Venue in New Hampshire | New Hampshire Wedding Photography

This wedding photography slide show is from a 2017 summer wedding in New Hampshire that was held at a private wedding venue. The owners built the venue with plans to host weddings and events. After a few they made it more of a private personal venue. With post and beam barn and the mid century house on the property there was more then enough opportunities to create some great wedding images.  I built this slide show from some of the best story telling images mixed in with some of the many bridal portraits. Thanks for watching 


Wedding Day Slide Show | Wedding at Camp Cody Freedom, NH

Wedding Day Slide Show | Wedding at Camp Cody Freedom, NH

You saw the first look now look at this wedding day slide show. This is a 5 minute video set to music that tells part of the love story from this day in May 2017. The venue has rooms, houses and yurts that guests and family may book their stay in. This way they can stay late and enjoy the wedding all day long. Camp Cody sets on the side of Ossipee Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It may not be close to the airport but is very close to nature. What the camp offers that I think is the true draw. Is that it feels a little like childhood. What I mean by that is. most of us went to some type of camp, retreat or even cabin in the woods as a child or a young teen. Camp Cody offers that feeling. They do a great job with weddings also. I have shot two there in 2017 so far. For me it is great for these reasons and also one other. I leave just 10 miles from the camp. Even know people travel many hours to get to the wedding venue. It is totally worth it. With sunsets and the cool lake air. It is a vacation to just be there.  I put together this slide show form one of the weddings I photographed. Please turn the sound up and enjoy the show. Please share if your friends and family that could not make it on this day. 

Camp Cody Wedding – First Look: Vivi & Rob

Camp Cody Wedding – First Look: Vivi & Rob

From the first contact, to our hug goodbye on their wedding day, I knew working with Vivi & Rob would be a fun and easy going time. They had picked their venue at, Camp Cody, in Freedom, N.H.. A lake side wedding with accommodations for nearly all the guest right on site, the sun was bright and hot but the air was nice and light. I think it was do to the lake being so close by. The camp had plenty of space to get ready for the wedding, with no issues of them seeing each other before hand. Only they wanted to. They had wished to have a first look. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Just the two of them in a special moment coming together and sharing some time before the long day of family and guests begin. If I could talk every couple into a first look, I would. I know it is very personal and I would not ever push for it if the couple says, “no.” As a wedding photographer, I always ask questions about the day and their expectations, with my part of the day. I talk about the details of the wedding they want captured and I always ask if they are planing a first look. If they reply is a no, we are not. Then it goes no farther then that. If they are a bit up in the air, then I share my feelings of why I believe they are a good way to get this extra set of photos, that not everyone will have at their wedding. More often then not, many brides have not really heard of a first look or they had heard of it but not really put much thought into it. I never push them in one direction, but with some couples the bride wants to and the groom is not so sure. In fact what it comes down to it, the guys never want to take photos. So in truth, they just do not want more time in front of the camera. At this point I share my thoughts and give my input all the time working to be sympathetic to the needs of both the bride and groom. Most times after our chat the first look take place. I ask the couple for input on the location, as they have a bit more knowledge of the venue at this point. Other times it is part of my task to find the perfect spot. Something private, yet beautiful. Something with little detractions as to make the photos about the couple more than the location.  Well, Camp Cody did not disappoint. We found a nice quite spot in the woods to host the first look. I shared with Rob not to turn around until his bride-to-be Vivi, was ready and in place. As she approached from behind I took a few photos. These are the moments that make this event so extra special as they build up to the moment. Most brides say a little something to break the tension. It is most times followed with some nervous laughter and reply from the groom. I will let the following images tell the rest of the story. I will give you a hint – it was LOVE at first sight. If you like this post or my work or if you, yourself, have your wedding date selected. Please contact me and lets discus the details of your wedding. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Wedding at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Wedding at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts

From our first call, until the day of the wedding, I was so looking forward to it. The wedding venue was Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA. Yes, a Castle. Pretty much every wedding photographers dream. The bride was a natural in front of the camera. We had an engagement session together in the summer before, in Boston. You can view some of the photos from it here. I have never been to Hammond Castle so I went very early to walk the grounds and look over the space we would be in this day. The more I walked and explored the more excited I was. I had my camera and check my framing on some doors and walls. To make sure the would fit in the frame. I then headed to the Castle Manor Inn for the getting ready part of the morning. What better place for a bride that is getting married in a castle? We had a good time setting up her dress and flowers for some photos. As the time for the ceremony came closer it was time to head to the venue. The harpist filled the grand hall with music as the family and guests found their chairs. The wedding started and the groom saw his bride for the first time all day. I always take a photo of the moment he sees her before turning to capture the bride on the way down the aisle. This day, like many others, was special. His face told me she was coming and when I turned she looked amazing. They were married in short order.

This wedding had a traditional tea ceremony following the ceremony. This was my first time being involved in this tradition. This is one reason to have great communication with your couples. She provided me with a short walk through of how it would look and what was important to them to have be photographed. It was special to be there as just close family were allowed to witness this ceremony. The venue did not disappoint for photos. Being that I really love a wide style of shooting taking in the grand space was a great fit with my gear and my vision of the day. We made use of the drawbridge and the arches that looked out over the ocean and also the back side of the castle and the stone steps down to the lawn area.

Using an off camera flash to light the couple and really make then stand out in the images is something I pride myself in. I have worked hard to learn this skill and hope you can tell when viewing my work. I put together this slide show of the wedding using the best story telling images from the day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. If you have are having your wedding at the Hammond Castle please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. I would love to be there for another one.



Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Weddings come in many sizes and locations. Today it was a small wedding on Rye Beach in New Hampshire. The wedding was going to be just the couple and their two friends. IN the end family and close friends come to show their support for the newlyweds.  The sky was turquoise blue with some wispy clouds all about.  Flowers were placed on the path to the beach. Friends use chalk to write a few words of encouragement. After a short wedding ceremony we took some photos of the family and friends. Then the couple and I took a bit of time to create some bridal portraits on the beach. The tide was out and there was a few puddles of water left. I was able to set the couple up and take a few photos of them in the reflection with the ocean in the background. The brack water made a nice contrast to the images. Even know this was short shoot. It was great to be involved and to be part of the couples wedding day.  If you have ever thought about getting married at the beach I think you should. If you are ever in need of a wedding photographer please let me know. 

Groom waiting for the bride at a beach wedding


Detail wedding photo of the flowers

Bride walking on the beach

Here comes the bride at a Rye, Beach wedding In New Hampshire

Groom best man and JP waiting for the wedding to start

A grooom smiling as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress

They kiss after the I do

Family photos from a wedding

Fine art photo of a couple walking to the ocean

Black and white photo of a couple walking on the beach after the wedding

Fashion- fine art bridal portrait


Young couple kissing in a bridal portrait

reflection of a bide and groom in a puddle on the beach

fine art wedding photo taken at Rye Beach- New Hampshire

Bride kisses her groom in

Black and white wedding photo take at the beach in New Hampshire

fine art crop of a wedding photo showing a bride and groom in a reflection

New Hampshire wedding photographers image from a beach photo shoot

Wedding photo showing a reflection of a bride and groom at a beach wedding in NH

black and white photo of the bride looking off it to the distance

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

The ground was snow covered the temperature was cold, but love was in the air. I had not met Ashly & Dylan before the wedding. Some couples I met with others I do not. I am open to both. It was a last minute booking so we did a phone call a few nights before to go over the wedding details and make sure I was on the same page with the couple. The wedding was inside do to the time of year. We did make a short trip outside to take some photo of the families and the a few with just the newly married couple. We took a golf cart that the venue had giving us and drove it to the small covered  bridge across the street from Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods. I walked off into the snow and asked the couple to poses together. After a few more shots we headed back to the venue for the reception. We took one more photo in front of the flag they have in the yard. Thanks again to Ashly & Dylan for including me in their wedding day. 




Bride and good champagne glasses

Table settings from the wedding
Flowers on this wedding table detail

Wedding dress hanging form a tree at a new hampshire wedding venue

wedding dress custom hanger

mother helping bride with her vale before the wedding

A bride playful with her niece

father of the bride stand with his daughter at the altar

Young couple before they exchange rings.

wedding rings being exchanged at a wedding

bridal portrait

black and white photo of a wedding day first dance



wedding cake in the foreground with couple dancing in the background

groom twirls the bride during the first dance

wedding guests visiting

wedding details on the sweetheart table.


cake topper of a bride and groom kissing.

wedding cake details

couple looking at their cell phone during wedding reception

wedding rings on a log in a detail photo

The guys holding the groom in a reception photo

M & M's with couples name and the date of the wedding on them.


New Hampshire Photographer Looking for Subjects for Film & Photo Project.

New Hampshire Photographer Looking for Subjects for Film & Photo Project.

CASTING CALL: I am looking for a film/photo subject. This is a new offering from Joe Martin Photography called “Reflections”
I will be creating a memory keepsake. It will be the legacy of a loved one. It could be your mom or your dad. We will be creating a “Legacy Film” This film will contain still photos overlaid with an audio interview/conversation and video clips. There will be no posed photos. It will be all documentary style. I am looking for someone that is 70-80+ years of age that is outgoing and willing to spend 2 hours working together to create this film. Someone that is open to share a bit about themselves and their life.
It then may be used as a record of the legacy to be left behind once this love one has moved on from this world. How great would it be to have a record a film of one of your parents. There will be no cost to the family that is chosen and there may be more then one family picked for this project. Please message me here to see if you have a family member that is the right fit for this project. I look forward to hearing form you. (must me local to the North Conway area)


Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

I attended a young couples wedding last week in the historical town of Claremont, NH.  After the couple had a first look. We did a short photo shoot inside the church. Being that it is early spring. Late winter really. It was just to cod to be outside long. We did a short photo shoot inside the empty church. I wanted to share a few photos with the couple as they are on a honeymoon cruse. Looking for a wedding photographer in New Hampshire maybe we should talk. Send me a note or call me today. 603-367-4657






Wedding at The Stone Mountain Arts Center | Brownfield, Maine Wedding Venue

Wedding at The Stone Mountain Arts Center | Brownfield, Maine Wedding Venue

Here is a wedding photography sideshow from a winter wedding, at The Stone Mountain Art Center, in Brownfield, Maine. This is the venue for you if you are into the big barn weddings. They have two barns for your wedding day. One is for your wedding ceremony and the dinner. The other is for the reception. Both barns at the Stone Mountain Art Center, are made up of post and beam construction. Both have enough space for your friends and family to enjoy your wedding from start to finish. Tucked in the woods in Brownfield Maine, there is nothing like it around maybe not anywhere. The wedding was on a cold February day after one of our well known Maine snow storms. We had a nice 10 inch snow fall the night before the wedding. The road crews had most of it cleaned up and open for travel before the wedding started. We did start about fifteen minutes later then scheduled to give friends and family extra time to get to the venue. The wedding was a “themed” wedding based on medieval times. The bride wore jewelry and a time period throw, over her wedding dress and the groom had a sword and knights tunic. We were able to spend a bit of time outside making some bridal portraits and the family photos. But the party was jumping in the big barn with dancing and partying through the night. A big thanks to the staff at The Stone Mountain Art Center for always being the best folks to work with. We had a sparkler exit and the bride and groom went off in to the night to start their honeymoon and life together. To view the gallery or purchase prints please see the full wedding here. For more information about the Art Center weddings please contact: Hannah Babineau at or call 207-256-7704



Loon Mountain Wedding in Lincoln New Hampshire | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Loon Mountain Wedding in Lincoln New Hampshire | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer


I was looking through a few wedding that I photographed last year. I was inspired to share the photos from a wedding that I was honored to be part of at Loon Mountains wedding venue. The wedding at Loon Mountain was on, October, 1st. The bride and groom traveled from out of town, to the beautiful countryside of Lincoln, New Hampshire. Loon Mountain is well known for its skiing in the winter and it is becoming more and more known for the fun it offering in the summer as well! Many ski resorts are learning how to continue revenue for the summer with activities like Loon’s, Aerial Forest Adventure Park.

Loon Mountain for a wedding is spectacular! They have a very picturesque ceremony space on the top of the mountain. With it’s long wooden benches and a large deck for the ceremony to be carried out, this beautiful spot looks out over the valley and you can see for miles.

After a short ride up their gondola and a 5 minute walk and you are their. The DJ had music for the wedding and all the guest were seated and waiting for the couple to make their way. This day was cold and the wind was not helping. But once the bride was in view no one noticed the wind or the cold. The JP made a few jokes then pronounced them, “man and wife”. Like most weddings, after the ceremony,we found a nice spot to take family and bridal party photos. They have a great spot for photos just around the other side of the top of the lift, that brings you to the top. There is a wooden walkway with a small deck area that is a lookout spot to view the other side of the valley that looks outwards, towards Lincoln. There is also a great little ski shack, at the top of the trail head, for photos.

Then there was talk of the caves. Caves, I asked? Then back to the ceremony spot to the entrance to the caves. We walked down some steps and around some large boulders for a few portraits with just the bride and the groom. Then we raced to the lift for the last gondola ride to the base for the reception.

The couple entered the reception space and the party was on. They had the first dance followed with a toast. The staff at Loon Mountain set up a great buffet for the family and guests to enjoy. The night went on as most weddings with music and lots of dancing. We were called out to the fire pit area to take some more family photos later in the night. I thought the cake was going to get messy with this couple but they played nice for the most part. Like all weddings when my time was up I asked the couple if they needed anything more from myself or my second photographer. The couple was happy and even gave us a parting tip. Tips are not expected at weddings, but they do happen a lot. When you do a great job it is nice to be recognized for it. If you area ski bum or just want a mountain top wedding. The wedding venue at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH might have what you are looking for.

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Homeaway, VRBO Creating Photography for Real Estate Investments.

Homeaway, VRBO Creating Photography for Real Estate Investments.

 With weekends being dedicated to photographing weddings my weekdays have me driving all over New Hampshire and Maine taking photos as a real estate photographer. Working with real estate agents and home owners. Lets face it we live in a world ever focused on images. From your food your kids and your location. We see it every day. There is social sites that are solely base on images. Instagram and Snapchat are two that lead the way in the way and rely heavy on images to drive traffic and build their user base.  So even know my page here is mostly weddings and portraits I thought I would share a few real estate photos from time to time. Real estate agents need good photos to make buyers click. VRBO and Homeaway users need to show off the features of their rental units. Both relay on good, no great photos to help sell, rent and make it easy for Internet savvy folks to find what they are looking for. Almost every client I have photographed a rental unit for as talked about how their reviews say things like. “Great place, the photos do not do it justice” Here is a listing I shot this past week in North Conway. If you know someone that has a rental unit or someone that is selling their home. Let them know I am here to provide the best quality images for use to market their listings.  Please see my real estate photography site for pricing and more information at Real Estate Photo NH 


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Weddings at Zorvino Vineyards | Wedding Venues in New Hampshire

Weddings at Zorvino Vineyards | Wedding Venues in New Hampshire

Todays post is the interview questions from New Hampshire wedding venue Zorvino Vineyards 226 Main St, Sandown, NH. 


1. Number of guest that you can accommodate?

Our reception space can hold up to 200 guests with a dance floor. The main level of the barn seats up to 160 guests and our upstairs balcony can fit an additional 40 guests. 

2. What sets your venue a part form other?

Nestled in the heart of Southern New Hampshire, Zorvino Vineyards serves as an intimate New England setting for your wedding. Our handcrafted post and beam barn is truly a one-of-a-kind structure and the perfect backdrop for your special day; combined with our pristine landscaped grounds, rustic ambiance and the unique charm that is Zorvino Vineyards. The barn itself was handmade by the owner, Jim Zanello, with trees from the actual property; it’s truly one of a kind.  We only host one wedding a day to ensure an intimate setting for all of our couples; you truly are treated as part of the family!

3. What are some of the top menu items on offer? 

Our fresh farm-to-table like cuisine is the pride and joy of Zorvino Vineyards. Run by our award-winning executive chefs, our kitchen serves creative meals made from local ingredients that we produce right here on the property. We’ll help you design a menu that’s bursting with flavor, beautifully presented, and reflective of your tastes.

4. How far out should couples be looking to book their date? (how full is 2017-18)

Couples who are looking to schedule a tour and/or book a wedding with us should always inquire; we do offer incentives for off-season as well as short-term bookings. Typically, our fall season (August through October) books up quickly followed by spring, then summer, and winter. We do have some dates available in 2017 and 2018.

5. In a few words (or a lot) what does a wedding look like at your location? If you were talking to someone, how would you describe your


As a wedding venue, we make planning your big day simple and seamless. From the moment you choose Zorvino Vineyards, we’re always here to listen, answer questions, and guide you through the decisions that will make your wedding special. From vendor shopping to tablescape design to menu selection, we manage every part of the process with a personal touch and commitment to quality that will put you at ease. Not to mention, we promise to capture your unique style in every last detail.

Our property is second to none, given the combination of beautifully landscaped grounds, scenic vineyard views, and rustic ambiance that makes this the perfect location for any special occasion.


The Gazebo onsite at Zorvino Vineyards

Vineyard Side Ceremonies

The gazebo at Zorvino Vineyards is a tranquil ceremony site surrounded by manicured gardens, lush foliage, and a sparking fountain. With space for up to 200 guests and close proximity to our cocktail and reception venues, it’s the perfect place to begin your new forever.



Don’t worry. We can bring any outdoor ceremony indoors in front of our beautiful fireplace with just four hours’ notice.


The Cocktail Hour onsite at Zorvino Vineyards

Check back we are working on a new outdoor area for our 2017/2018 weddings!


The Barn onsite at Zorvino Vineyards

Reception Seating (with dance floor) for 200

Perfectly executed Receptions

Built in 2004, this handmade two-story post and beam structure features rod iron detailing, a floor to ceiling fireplace, built in wine barrel bar, overlook balcony, and incredible views. It’s the pride of Zorvino Vineyards and the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable reception.


Fireside Ceremonies on site at Zorvino Vineyards

Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, need a weather contingency plan, or you simply prefer an intimate indoor environment, the barn accommodates beautiful hearthside ceremonies.


The Location

Located forty-two miles north of Boston, Zorvino Vineyards is one of New England’s most unique venues for weddings and special events. The area is known for it’s small town feel and country living. The town is filled with early historic culture and architecture and of course one of the best wineries around!  Invite your guests to join you in enjoying all that our country retreat has to offer. Even though it’s a small town there are plenty of hotel accommodations within a 30-mile radius as well as shopping, restaurants, and other scenic attractions.


  1. Top 5 tips for new brides getting married at the venue?
  2. Take advantage of all that Zorvino Vineyards has to offer
  3. Ask questions or for recommendations… we are always here to help!
  4. Don’t stress over the weather; we live in New England after all… We have a backup plan and both options are equally as beautiful
  5. Take your time planning; things will fall into place
  6. Be present in each moment


Accept you can’t please everyone! It’s you and your fiance’s special day be sure you two are the priority. Be a team throughout the entire process, remind yourselves of what is truly important, take one thing at a time, keep it simple, and most importantly make wedding planning fun!


  1. What is your top 5 tips/advise to new couples getting married at

your venue?

  1. Sit down as a couple and prioritize what’s important in your special day (is it the food, the booze, the entertainment, the accommodations…)
  2. Establish your budget and guest list early on
  3. Booking your date and venue is the top priority of planning your wedding
  4. Unfortunately, comparing venues is never Apples to Apples (more like Apples to Limes) do your homework and most importantly which venue “feels” right where do you feel most comfortable.
  5. Remember to enjoy your engagement and the entire planning process; it goes by quickly and each moment should be cherished.


Our website is currently under construction but they can always reach us through our contact form on our website at or contact me personally.


Contact: Beth Hogan | Event Sales & Marketing Director Cell: 603-404-0614


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Why I Love The First Look Before The Wedding and Maybe You Will Too | Joe Martin Photography

Why I Love The First Look Before The Wedding and Maybe You Will Too | Joe Martin Photography

I thought I would share my thoughts on whether a couple should discuss to have, or not to have, a “first look” at their wedding. With so much to plan and think about leading up to and on your wedding day, why would you want to add more to think about? Well, this one thing could be the stress relief you need. After all of the planning, calls, emails, meetings at the venue, going over the song list with your DJ and a possible shot list with the photographer,  you want to just let go of all the stress and have a fun day together, right? But wait, you have to spend half of the day apart. That seems a bit unfair, right? What if I told you that I have a way to get you an extra hour together?  Are you ready to know more about this magic I speak of? It is called the “first look,” and it is a growing trend in wedding photography.  It can be a very special part of your day, creating a whole set of images you would normal not have. 

The first look, is for me, a great way to see a side of a couple that few get to see. It is the first time that the couple sees the person they are about to marry, on their wedding day.  For me, the photos tell an important part of the day. It is also one of the best parts of many young couples wedding day.   I have been able to witness some truly amazing “first looks!”  From couples in tears, to having the biggest smiles I have ever seen, when a couple sees each other for the first time at the ceremony, there can be 100’s of people present. It can be very stressful and can also mask the true reaction from the couple.

Where do you do a first look? Every venue has at lest one great spot to do a first look. You can have it in a garden, the court yard or even in the streets outside of a downtown venue. I have also done first looks in the hallways of hotels  and on the opposite sides of doors of the bridal suite. If the couple knows of a spot they saw on their visit to the venue, then great! If not, then I take it upon myself to find a place that has a nice backdrop, that will make the moment that tells a bit of the love story from your wedding day. Some couples and families may be more traditional and want to keep the first look for he ceremony and that is fine too. I just want the couples that I talk to, to know of this trend and to give them the option.  This will not take the place of the walk down the aisle, but will give an extra element of the day that many couples miss out on, if their photographer has not done the job of sharing every option about their day.  

Benefits of the “first look”: 

  • Takes a lot of stress off of your meeting at the alter 
  • Gives you something that not everyone has from their wedding day – that something extra 
  • Create a special set of one-of-a-kind photo
  • Gives time to do the family portraits and some bridal party photos, freeing up time for the couple to enjoy their cocktail party 
  • Getting a bit of time alone together , its your wedding you should be together. 
  • Gives more time, after the ceremony, to be with your family and guests. 

Below are some images from some, “first looks” moments that I have captured and a photo taken shortly after at the pre-wedding photo shoot. 


[robo-gallery id=”6617″]
[robo-gallery id=”6612″]
[robo-gallery id=”6611″]
[robo-gallery id=”6610″]
[robo-gallery id=”6616″]
[robo-gallery id=”6614″]
The first look is something I offer to all couples.  If you want to know more about how I photograph a, “first look,” I would be happy to discuss it with you.  
Call me anytime for more information and with questions. I am always happy to talk to share more.
603-367-4657 or email me. 
Weddings at Eagle Mountain House In Jackson,NH | Joe Martin Photography

Weddings at Eagle Mountain House In Jackson,NH | Joe Martin Photography

New Hampshire Wedding Venue – The Eagle Mountain House – Jackson, NH – Interview questions answered 

 Last week I had the opportunity to interview Emilie Lariviere – Director of Sales and Marketing at The Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club. She is the contact person to help you coordinate your wedding plans.  She answered all my question in detail below. As a wedding photographer I have worked many venues in and around New Hampshire. The Eagle Mountain house Wedding venue is in good hands with Emilie and you will be too. If you are getting married and looking for a wedding venue in New Hampshire maybe this post will help. After if you want to reach out the her I have contact information at the end of this post.  Let me know the date of your wedding. I would love to discuss and plan the photography side of your event. 

Couple poses for a photos in front of the Eagle Mountain House, A New Hampshire wedding venue


1. Number of guest that you can accommodate? Maximum of 220

2. What sets your venue apart from other? We have a beautiful outdoor ceremony site option as well as indoor options, we have a tent venue as well as our Carriage House which is an indoor banquet building. Our chef won chef of the year for 2016.

3. What are some of the top menu items on offer? Prime Rib, Roasted Sirloin with Worcestershire Demi and Confit Onions, Chicken Breast Filled with Asparagus, Bacon and Gorgonzola with Shiraz Pan Sauce and Balsamic Pesto, Bruschetta Chicken, Chicken Breast Pressed with Prosciutto and Topped with Bruschetta Confetti and Balsamic Drizzle,

Petite Filet Mignon with Bronzed Scallops and Lobster Tarragon Cream, Surf & Turf, Petite Filet Mignon with either Lobster Tale or Baked Stuffed Shrimp, to name a few.

4. How far out should couples be looking to book their date? (how full is 2017-18) – We still have dates available in 2017 and as of now many dates available in 2018.

5. In a few words (or a lot) what does a wedding look like at your location? If you were talking to someone, how would you describe your venue?

Exchange vows on our signature 280-foot wrap-around veranda, by one of our warm and inviting fireplaces, or the scenic 3rd tee-box on the golf course. Receptions reflect the personality of each couple, under the tent on the grand grounds, mountain views from the Carter Notch room, or the expansive character of the stand alone Carriage House.

6. Top 5 tips for new brides getting married at the venue?

1. If you want advice, input, suggestions in regards to anything with your wedding ask me – I am here to help you!

2. Please follow the deadlines provided as it helps everything go smoothly

3. Try to encourage your guests to book rooms on site as it makes for a better experience to have them all celebrating with you all weekend long!

4. Plan a fun gathering the day before your wedding – let us help! – Golf Tournament, Kayaking, canoeing or tubing down the saco river, bonfire in our backyard, barbeque cookout rehearsal dinner or lobster bake.

5. Relax and enjoy the time planning your wedding and enjoy your special day

“We are a 96 room property with a 9 hole golf course. We have a restaurant that serves breakfast and dinner, a tavern that serves dinner and drinks and lunch on the weekends year round and then during the summer time lunch is served daily in the tavern and on our Veranda. Essentially your guests can come stay here and enjoy their weekend celebrating with you and never have to leave property. They can go golfing, hiking or swimming.”

For more information contact:


Linda Boyer â€“ Director of Sales and Marketing

603.383.9111 ext. 6513


(603) 383-6911 ext. 6513

Here is a few photos from one wedding I photographed at The eagle Mountain House in 2016

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Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding Venue Interview Questions Answered | Maine Wedding Venues

Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding Venue Interview Questions Answered | Maine Wedding Venues

Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding Venue Interview Questions Answered | Maine Wedding Venues 

Being that New Hampshire is right next to Maine and that I live just a few miles form the boarder. I shoot a few weddings in Maine each year. Here is an interview with Robin Clark of Harbor View at Jones Landing on Peaks Island off the coast of Portland Maine.  Did I say island? Yes I did. Just a short ferry ride and you are at the venue. Jones Landing is the firsts property once you get off the ferry. So not only is it a great place to get married, did I say island yet. It is also very convenient. Robin’s replies were on point and can help any couple plan the perfect wedding on Peaks Island. Find the answers to some of the most popular asked questions about wedding venues. My experience at the venue was in a few words. Professional clean and very well run. Everything at the Harbor View was on time and in line with most weddings I have photographed. They have a great space for guests to be inside or out.  Make sure to view the wedding slide show from a wedding a photographed at Jones Landing. Planing a wedding on Peaks Island? If you want to go over what I can offer you on as a wedding photographer please contact me today.  603-367-4657


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1. Number of guest that you can Jones Landing accommodate?
200+/- seated

2. What sets your wedding venue apart from other?
We have an attached 80′ X 40′ deck that has a “tree house feel” with an unobstructed view of Portland Harbor. Lovely garden areas, deep water docking facilities, unbeatable sunset view of Portland’s skyline.  We allow only one event per day and the ending time can be as late as 1:00 am.
3. What are some of the top menu items on offer? 

The Black Tie caterers have been the exclusive caterer at the harbor view for over 10 years. They offer complete event planning services as well as custom weddings and rehearsal dinners featuring locally sourced menu choices from casual to elegant. They offer farm to table dinners like lobster bakes, pig roasts or a five course formal dinner. Please contact them today to book your event.

“The Black Tie Company offers personalized service and outstanding cuisine, as well as wedding planning services, to organize and manage your event from the smallest to the largest details. We are also available to assist you in creating a wedding ceremony or reception that compliments your personal style, family traditions and customs. As Portland’s premiere caterer for almost 20 years, The Black Tie Company has knowledge of experienced, reputable wedding professionals and local vendors who we feel confident will provide excellent services for your big day. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and together, we’ll create the wedding of your dreams!”


They have anything from

4. How far out should couples be looking to book their date at Jones Landing ? (how full is 2017-18)
Typically one year out is good, but if you have a specific date in mind, it’s never too early to lock it down. 
5. In a few words (or a lot) what does a wedding look like at your location? If you were talking to someone, how would you describe your venue? 
Quintessential island wedding venue. Ferry transport to a water front venue mere steps away, ceremony site overlooking Portland Harbor in a luscious garden area. Out of doors cocktail, dining, and dancing space with superb water views, overlooking a private marina and Portland skyline.
6. Top 5 tips for new brides getting married at the venue?
Select your venue, select your event planner and have them help you decide the rest.  
7. What is your top 5 tips/advise to new couples getting married at your wedding venue?
Relax, Relax, Relax, let your event planner do the work.
Contact Robin at 207.766.5652  or
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