Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Weddings come in many sizes and locations. Today it was a small wedding on Rye Beach in New Hampshire. The wedding was going to be just the couple and their two friends. IN the end family and close friends come to show their support for the newlyweds.  The sky was turquoise blue with some wispy clouds all about.  Flowers were placed on the path to the beach. Friends use chalk to write a few words of encouragement. After a short wedding ceremony we took some photos of the family and friends. Then the couple and I took a bit of time to create some bridal portraits on the beach. The tide was out and there was a few puddles of water left. I was able to set the couple up and take a few photos of them in the reflection with the ocean in the background. The brack water made a nice contrast to the images. Even know this was short shoot. It was great to be involved and to be part of the couples wedding day.  If you have ever thought about getting married at the beach I think you should. If you are ever in need of a wedding photographer please let me know. 

Groom waiting for the bride at a beach wedding


Detail wedding photo of the flowers

Bride walking on the beach

Here comes the bride at a Rye, Beach wedding In New Hampshire

Groom best man and JP waiting for the wedding to start

A grooom smiling as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress

They kiss after the I do

Family photos from a wedding

Fine art photo of a couple walking to the ocean

Black and white photo of a couple walking on the beach after the wedding

Fashion- fine art bridal portrait


Young couple kissing in a bridal portrait

reflection of a bide and groom in a puddle on the beach

fine art wedding photo taken at Rye Beach- New Hampshire

Bride kisses her groom in

Black and white wedding photo take at the beach in New Hampshire

fine art crop of a wedding photo showing a bride and groom in a reflection

New Hampshire wedding photographers image from a beach photo shoot

Wedding photo showing a reflection of a bride and groom at a beach wedding in NH

black and white photo of the bride looking off it to the distance

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