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Essex Room Wedding Venue – Bri & Leigh (sound on?)

Essex Room Wedding Venue – Bri & Leigh (sound on?)

With the New England wedding season in full swing. I had the opportunity to go to a Massachusetts wedding venue I had not been to before. It is called the Essex Room in Essex, MA
Not only was the staff there amazing the venue was also. Nice white celling for bouncing some flash off. They have a great ceremony site right out front of the Essex Room with a great vista out the back for create a few hero shoots. We used the pretty garden space to take some family photos after the couple was married and to make some bridal photos, well because it is a garden. 


Essex room wedding venue

 Bri & Leigh found me online like most f the couples I have worked with. After a few emails we hopped on a short phone call and they were happy to book me for their wedding. We had never met in person but talked again two weeks prior to the wedding. Once we met I knew it would be a great day with two beautiful brides. The ceremony was hosted by a close friend and I would have to say he was one of the best officiants I have seen to date. A few short jokes and a story or two and the kiss was made. He sent the couple off with the announcement of the new joined couple. As the wedding guests went off to the cocktail hour I made short order of the family photos and sent the family off to enjoy the party. 
 This is when I do what every I can to make magic. To create the “hero” images. They will for sure (or I hope) will cherish for years to come.  

same sex marriage outside a Massachusetts wedding venue
 Please make sure you sound is on when you view the wedding day slide show. If you cry I am sorry. But hey it is my job 🙂 

 If you are newly engaged and still looking for your wedding photographer.  Maybe we should talk?  Give me a call anytime. 603-662-2960 Or you can fill out the short questioner on the link above this post that says ” Check Availability”

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Looking forward to your comments and emails. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to show your support to this amazing couple.

Wedding Day Slide Show | Wedding at Camp Cody Freedom, NH

Wedding Day Slide Show | Wedding at Camp Cody Freedom, NH

You saw the first look now look at this wedding day slide show. This is a 5 minute video set to music that tells part of the love story from this day in May 2017. The venue has rooms, houses and yurts that guests and family may book their stay in. This way they can stay late and enjoy the wedding all day long. Camp Cody sets on the side of Ossipee Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It may not be close to the airport but is very close to nature. What the camp offers that I think is the true draw. Is that it feels a little like childhood. What I mean by that is. most of us went to some type of camp, retreat or even cabin in the woods as a child or a young teen. Camp Cody offers that feeling. They do a great job with weddings also. I have shot two there in 2017 so far. For me it is great for these reasons and also one other. I leave just 10 miles from the camp. Even know people travel many hours to get to the wedding venue. It is totally worth it. With sunsets and the cool lake air. It is a vacation to just be there.  I put together this slide show form one of the weddings I photographed. Please turn the sound up and enjoy the show. Please share if your friends and family that could not make it on this day. 

Camp Cody Wedding – First Look: Vivi & Rob

Camp Cody Wedding – First Look: Vivi & Rob

From the first contact, to our hug goodbye on their wedding day, I knew working with Vivi & Rob would be a fun and easy going time. They had picked their venue at, Camp Cody, in Freedom, N.H.. A lake side wedding with accommodations for nearly all the guest right on site, the sun was bright and hot but the air was nice and light. I think it was do to the lake being so close by. The camp had plenty of space to get ready for the wedding, with no issues of them seeing each other before hand. Only they wanted to. They had wished to have a first look. A first look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Just the two of them in a special moment coming together and sharing some time before the long day of family and guests begin. If I could talk every couple into a first look, I would. I know it is very personal and I would not ever push for it if the couple says, “no.” As a wedding photographer, I always ask questions about the day and their expectations, with my part of the day. I talk about the details of the wedding they want captured and I always ask if they are planing a first look. If they reply is a no, we are not. Then it goes no farther then that. If they are a bit up in the air, then I share my feelings of why I believe they are a good way to get this extra set of photos, that not everyone will have at their wedding. More often then not, many brides have not really heard of a first look or they had heard of it but not really put much thought into it. I never push them in one direction, but with some couples the bride wants to and the groom is not so sure. In fact what it comes down to it, the guys never want to take photos. So in truth, they just do not want more time in front of the camera. At this point I share my thoughts and give my input all the time working to be sympathetic to the needs of both the bride and groom. Most times after our chat the first look take place. I ask the couple for input on the location, as they have a bit more knowledge of the venue at this point. Other times it is part of my task to find the perfect spot. Something private, yet beautiful. Something with little detractions as to make the photos about the couple more than the location.  Well, Camp Cody did not disappoint. We found a nice quite spot in the woods to host the first look. I shared with Rob not to turn around until his bride-to-be Vivi, was ready and in place. As she approached from behind I took a few photos. These are the moments that make this event so extra special as they build up to the moment. Most brides say a little something to break the tension. It is most times followed with some nervous laughter and reply from the groom. I will let the following images tell the rest of the story. I will give you a hint – it was LOVE at first sight. If you like this post or my work or if you, yourself, have your wedding date selected. Please contact me and lets discus the details of your wedding. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Wedding at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Wedding at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts

From our first call, until the day of the wedding, I was so looking forward to it. The wedding venue was Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA. Yes, a Castle. Pretty much every wedding photographers dream. The bride was a natural in front of the camera. We had an engagement session together in the summer before, in Boston. You can view some of the photos from it here. I have never been to Hammond Castle so I went very early to walk the grounds and look over the space we would be in this day. The more I walked and explored the more excited I was. I had my camera and check my framing on some doors and walls. To make sure the would fit in the frame. I then headed to the Castle Manor Inn for the getting ready part of the morning. What better place for a bride that is getting married in a castle? We had a good time setting up her dress and flowers for some photos. As the time for the ceremony came closer it was time to head to the venue. The harpist filled the grand hall with music as the family and guests found their chairs. The wedding started and the groom saw his bride for the first time all day. I always take a photo of the moment he sees her before turning to capture the bride on the way down the aisle. This day, like many others, was special. His face told me she was coming and when I turned she looked amazing. They were married in short order.

This wedding had a traditional tea ceremony following the ceremony. This was my first time being involved in this tradition. This is one reason to have great communication with your couples. She provided me with a short walk through of how it would look and what was important to them to have be photographed. It was special to be there as just close family were allowed to witness this ceremony. The venue did not disappoint for photos. Being that I really love a wide style of shooting taking in the grand space was a great fit with my gear and my vision of the day. We made use of the drawbridge and the arches that looked out over the ocean and also the back side of the castle and the stone steps down to the lawn area.

Using an off camera flash to light the couple and really make then stand out in the images is something I pride myself in. I have worked hard to learn this skill and hope you can tell when viewing my work. I put together this slide show of the wedding using the best story telling images from the day. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. If you have are having your wedding at the Hammond Castle please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. I would love to be there for another one.



Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Weddings come in many sizes and locations. Today it was a small wedding on Rye Beach in New Hampshire. The wedding was going to be just the couple and their two friends. IN the end family and close friends come to show their support for the newlyweds.  The sky was turquoise blue with some wispy clouds all about.  Flowers were placed on the path to the beach. Friends use chalk to write a few words of encouragement. After a short wedding ceremony we took some photos of the family and friends. Then the couple and I took a bit of time to create some bridal portraits on the beach. The tide was out and there was a few puddles of water left. I was able to set the couple up and take a few photos of them in the reflection with the ocean in the background. The brack water made a nice contrast to the images. Even know this was short shoot. It was great to be involved and to be part of the couples wedding day.  If you have ever thought about getting married at the beach I think you should. If you are ever in need of a wedding photographer please let me know. 

Groom waiting for the bride at a beach wedding


Detail wedding photo of the flowers

Bride walking on the beach

Here comes the bride at a Rye, Beach wedding In New Hampshire

Groom best man and JP waiting for the wedding to start

A grooom smiling as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress

They kiss after the I do

Family photos from a wedding

Fine art photo of a couple walking to the ocean

Black and white photo of a couple walking on the beach after the wedding

Fashion- fine art bridal portrait


Young couple kissing in a bridal portrait

reflection of a bide and groom in a puddle on the beach

fine art wedding photo taken at Rye Beach- New Hampshire

Bride kisses her groom in

Black and white wedding photo take at the beach in New Hampshire

fine art crop of a wedding photo showing a bride and groom in a reflection

New Hampshire wedding photographers image from a beach photo shoot

Wedding photo showing a reflection of a bride and groom at a beach wedding in NH

black and white photo of the bride looking off it to the distance

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

The ground was snow covered the temperature was cold, but love was in the air. I had not met Ashly & Dylan before the wedding. Some couples I met with others I do not. I am open to both. It was a last minute booking so we did a phone call a few nights before to go over the wedding details and make sure I was on the same page with the couple. The wedding was inside do to the time of year. We did make a short trip outside to take some photo of the families and the a few with just the newly married couple. We took a golf cart that the venue had giving us and drove it to the small covered  bridge across the street from Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods. I walked off into the snow and asked the couple to poses together. After a few more shots we headed back to the venue for the reception. We took one more photo in front of the flag they have in the yard. Thanks again to Ashly & Dylan for including me in their wedding day. 




Bride and good champagne glasses

Table settings from the wedding
Flowers on this wedding table detail

Wedding dress hanging form a tree at a new hampshire wedding venue

wedding dress custom hanger

mother helping bride with her vale before the wedding

A bride playful with her niece

father of the bride stand with his daughter at the altar

Young couple before they exchange rings.

wedding rings being exchanged at a wedding

bridal portrait

black and white photo of a wedding day first dance



wedding cake in the foreground with couple dancing in the background

groom twirls the bride during the first dance

wedding guests visiting

wedding details on the sweetheart table.


cake topper of a bride and groom kissing.

wedding cake details

couple looking at their cell phone during wedding reception

wedding rings on a log in a detail photo

The guys holding the groom in a reception photo

M & M's with couples name and the date of the wedding on them.


Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

I attended a young couples wedding last week in the historical town of Claremont, NH.  After the couple had a first look. We did a short photo shoot inside the church. Being that it is early spring. Late winter really. It was just to cod to be outside long. We did a short photo shoot inside the empty church. I wanted to share a few photos with the couple as they are on a honeymoon cruse. Looking for a wedding photographer in New Hampshire maybe we should talk. Send me a note or call me today. 603-367-4657






Wedding at The Stone Mountain Arts Center | Brownfield, Maine Wedding Venue

Wedding at The Stone Mountain Arts Center | Brownfield, Maine Wedding Venue

Here is a wedding photography sideshow from a winter wedding, at The Stone Mountain Art Center, in Brownfield, Maine. This is the venue for you if you are into the big barn weddings. They have two barns for your wedding day. One is for your wedding ceremony and the dinner. The other is for the reception. Both barns at the Stone Mountain Art Center, are made up of post and beam construction. Both have enough space for your friends and family to enjoy your wedding from start to finish. Tucked in the woods in Brownfield Maine, there is nothing like it around maybe not anywhere. The wedding was on a cold February day after one of our well known Maine snow storms. We had a nice 10 inch snow fall the night before the wedding. The road crews had most of it cleaned up and open for travel before the wedding started. We did start about fifteen minutes later then scheduled to give friends and family extra time to get to the venue. The wedding was a “themed” wedding based on medieval times. The bride wore jewelry and a time period throw, over her wedding dress and the groom had a sword and knights tunic. We were able to spend a bit of time outside making some bridal portraits and the family photos. But the party was jumping in the big barn with dancing and partying through the night. A big thanks to the staff at The Stone Mountain Art Center for always being the best folks to work with. We had a sparkler exit and the bride and groom went off in to the night to start their honeymoon and life together. To view the gallery or purchase prints please see the full wedding here. For more information about the Art Center weddings please contact: Hannah Babineau at hmbabineau@gmail.com or call 207-256-7704



Camp Pinecliffe Wedding in Harrison, ME | Wedding Blog

Camp Pinecliffe Wedding in Harrison, ME | Wedding Blog

Last month was a crazy one for a wedding photographer. It was full of meeting new clients and also shooting every weekend. I have many weekends with two weddings. It is all fun and enjoyable with each one being unique and special. Amanda & Ryan’s wedding was one of the weddings I had the pleasure of attending. It was held at the Pinecliffe Camp in Harrison, Maine. The camp does not host weddings normally but they did an amazing job putting this one together. The weather was on the edge of rain almost all day and we even had a little shower. It held off until after the couple was married, which worked out well as it started just before they were introduced and then stopped again. The timing of the rain was perfect so we could return to the lake for some couples portraits. They were happy to have me pose them and we created some great photos. Here is a few of my favorites from the day. You can see that the sky had some texture in the clouds and the lake provided a great location as well as the flower garden.

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Ryan & Amanda’s photo gallery 

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Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding on Peaks Island, Maine | Getting Married in Maine

Harbor View at Jones Landing Wedding on Peaks Island, Maine | Getting Married in Maine

Last evening’s wedding at The Harbor View at Jones Landing on Peaks Island, Maine, was like a dance party, fused with rain, friends and celebration. The kids rocked out so hard that we almost missed the boat back to the mainland in Portland, Maine. The rain came near the end of the evening, but the wedding was not dampened by the weather. Our short beach photo shoot went on as planned, luckily. I returned home to our electricity being out, so I could not get the photos onto my computer until Sunday morning. Here is one shot from the beach. Myself and the couple had made the journey via golf cart and found it almost empty when we waked down the ramp. I love this photo of both the bride and groom together, individually in thought. I feel it represents their union as a couple, and at the same time honors them as individuals. The wind grabbing her vale, naturally becoming the focus of the photo. Thanks John and Joslin for including me on this most special of days. If you want to know more about this Maine wedding venue please see the post were I interview Robin Clark from the Harbor View at Jones Landing.  She answered all the frequently asked questions about the popular Maine wedding venue 


Wedding at Margate Resort, Laconia NH | New Hampshire Wedding Venue | Photo Blog

Wedding at Margate Resort, Laconia NH | New Hampshire Wedding Venue | Photo Blog

I was honored to be part of another great wedding in New Hampshire as a photographer. I had to share a few of my favorite photos from the day at The Margate Resort in Laconia, NH,. With The Lakeside Pavilion and tented reception area, this wedding venue makes for a special destination for weddings in New Hampshire. The lake as the back drop is great for photos. The sunset was epic and the bride and groom were happy to take a walk to the waters edge for a short photo session. One thing I want to do at weddings is not only create amazing images for my couples, I want to make sure that their needs come first and foremost. If they want to take the time to create some sunsets portraits, I do my very best to do so quickly and efficiently, so that they are only away from their family and friends for as short of time as possible. We headed to the beach and dock area with the bridal party with the flower girls in tow. I will have more to post later. Be sure to check back for the slide show from this great wedding.


Bride opening the curtains in the bridal suite



Wedding couple poses for a sunset photo


A couple after a brdial portrait on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia



New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show | New Hampshire Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show | New Hampshire Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show

Wedding photos from a wedding in Sunapee, NH at Dexter’s Inn. Once the guest have gone and the gifts are put away. Your album is on the way. What is a better way then to relive your wedding day then with a video slide show like the one here? It is set to emotional music. It has some of the best story telling images from your wedding day photography.  I find myself even returning to these slide shows to remember the day or recall a feeling that was created on that day. I enjoy making them as a final part to the wedding day. It is a final thank you to the couple and their family for having me at the wedding day.

Jackson New Hampshire Wedding | Styled Wedding Photos | Wedding Photographers Blog

Jackson New Hampshire Wedding | Styled Wedding Photos | Wedding Photographers Blog

Wedding Jackson New Hampshire

Last week I posted about a private wedding that took place in Jackson, NH. The couple, myself and the Justice of the Peace were the only attendees at this elopement. The couple had made a trip to The Wentworth a few times in the weeks prior. The bride had mapped out some great locations for photo shoots with just her and the groom. The limo was gassed up and I followed them around in my vehicle. We stopped maybe six times at various spots,. all of which were great. A barn, a old stone and a wooden fence were some of the backdrops. The view from The Eagle Mountain House was also a special stop for photos.

At one point, we drove past a field of yellow flowers with a grand view. I was hoping the limo would stop for photos at this location, but it did not. We did stop just past a the field to shoot some photos at a cool stone fence. Once were done at the fence, I asked if they wanted to head back to the field. They both said, “Yes, lets do it!” I had them walk to meet in the field. Then walk together across the field. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. The happy couple drove off in the limo and I drove home to my family. The perfect end to a perfect day. Enjoy some of the photo we made that day. If you are looking to create some wedding photos that are more then just family photo after the ceremony, contact me today. I would love to spend a few hours with you and create some images you are proud to hang on the wall.


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Boston Engagement Photo Shoot at The Boston Public Gardens | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Boston Engagement Photo Shoot at The Boston Public Gardens | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

Boston Engagement Photo Shoot at The Boston Public Gardens

Last week I had an amazing photo shoot in Boston, MA. The couple was great. The weather was great. The shoot was great. We spent most of the time in The Boston Public Garden. The park was busy, but we found small areas of solitude to make some great images. Here area few. I shot more casual and in the moment. It was great and so much more fun then a posed shoot. We took some posed shots also but the couple was great and happy to just be together in the park. If you view my wedding pricing. You will see that most of my packages include a free engagement session. These sessions can take from 1-2 hours. These are a great way for use to get to know each other a little better and go over any question you will have about your wedding day and your photography coverage. Many engaged couples use these photos for their save the date wedding invitations. It is a great reminder to the time just before your life together truly is forever. 

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Maine Wedding Photo Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photography Blog

Maine Wedding Photo Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photography Blog

Maine Wedding Photo Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photography Blog

These wedding day slide shows. I am not sure if creating the images or this slide show is my favorite part of a wedding. After the human interaction and feeling of the day that is. Once the wedding day has passed the couple has each other and family. We as photographers have memories that were captured in images throughout the day. In short enough time we are off to a new wedding a new couple and a new feeling. The slide show is a great way to have the days feelings revised over and over. Please share with your family and friends that maybe did not make it to the wedding. Thanks again Jake & Lauren.

No Rain Will Bring Her Down | Wedding Photography Blog

No Rain Will Bring Her Down | Wedding Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Venue: Dexter’s Inn
Photo By: Joe Martin Photography

The planning was for months. The favors were handmade. The cake, the food and the dress were all set up months ahead of time. The plan was in motion. The couple had a wedding planner. They had the DJ and me, the photographer. I met with the couple at Dexter’s Inn at the wedding venue in Sunapee, N.H.. We walked the grounds and made a plan for the wedding day photos. We had planned the “First Look” in the field before the wedding. . We made great photos in between the rain showers. The bride, cool as the other side of the pillow. It was *her* day. Rain or not, she was there for *him* not the weather. It was a perfect day. Love was made.

bride looks on the window on a rainy day wedding
Pats Peak Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Pats Peak Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Pats Peak Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Weddings at Pats Peak. I have done a few there. Great venue and staff. The couples love it for many reasons. The big one being that they love skiing or snowboarding. S, it is a way of bringing that winter fun to their wedding. The cake topper was a look-alike of the bride and groom (coming in a later post). One great thing about shooting the same venue multiple times is that, as a photographer, I know hto take them for nice looking bridal portraits. Like this couple (the Green Converse couple), they wanted to take the time to make a few wedding portraits before they went in for their cocktail party. I was happy too. As a photographer, the photos are important, but not as important as a happy couple is. Here is a couple of photos from this night at Pats Peak. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment or share this post with your friends. Tell everyone that Pats Peak is a great place to have a wedding.


A few wedding photos in a collage



Killer Shoes, Why Do It? | Wedding Photography Blog

Killer Shoes, Why Do It? | Wedding Photography Blog

“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” ~ Christian Louboutin


They always have these shoes, these shoes no one should have to wear. The shoes kill their feet.  Most young woman do not walk around in 4 inch heals all day, so why on the wedding day do they do it to themselves? Not this day, this day it was no heal, soft and green. Both bride and groom were rockin’ green Converse. His were high tops, hers the low. Moving around was a breeze. Walking on grass? No issues. We made a fast time of our  bridal portraits. She was able to dance the night away in here sneakers, sorry her Converse wedding-ware. It was one of the best ways they could make this day easy. They were a great couple. They had their bulldog as the ring barrier. What more could you want?


green converse for wedding shoes




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