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Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Christine & Steve – Rye Beach, NH | Elopement

Weddings come in many sizes and locations. Today it was a small wedding on Rye Beach in New Hampshire. The wedding was going to be just the couple and their two friends. IN the end family and close friends come to show their support for the newlyweds.  The sky was turquoise blue with some wispy clouds all about.  Flowers were placed on the path to the beach. Friends use chalk to write a few words of encouragement. After a short wedding ceremony we took some photos of the family and friends. Then the couple and I took a bit of time to create some bridal portraits on the beach. The tide was out and there was a few puddles of water left. I was able to set the couple up and take a few photos of them in the reflection with the ocean in the background. The brack water made a nice contrast to the images. Even know this was short shoot. It was great to be involved and to be part of the couples wedding day.  If you have ever thought about getting married at the beach I think you should. If you are ever in need of a wedding photographer please let me know. 

Groom waiting for the bride at a beach wedding


Detail wedding photo of the flowers

Bride walking on the beach

Here comes the bride at a Rye, Beach wedding In New Hampshire

Groom best man and JP waiting for the wedding to start

A grooom smiling as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress

They kiss after the I do

Family photos from a wedding

Fine art photo of a couple walking to the ocean

Black and white photo of a couple walking on the beach after the wedding

Fashion- fine art bridal portrait


Young couple kissing in a bridal portrait

reflection of a bide and groom in a puddle on the beach

fine art wedding photo taken at Rye Beach- New Hampshire

Bride kisses her groom in

Black and white wedding photo take at the beach in New Hampshire

fine art crop of a wedding photo showing a bride and groom in a reflection

New Hampshire wedding photographers image from a beach photo shoot

Wedding photo showing a reflection of a bride and groom at a beach wedding in NH

black and white photo of the bride looking off it to the distance

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

Wedding at Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods | New Hampshire Wedding Photos

The ground was snow covered the temperature was cold, but love was in the air. I had not met Ashly & Dylan before the wedding. Some couples I met with others I do not. I am open to both. It was a last minute booking so we did a phone call a few nights before to go over the wedding details and make sure I was on the same page with the couple. The wedding was inside do to the time of year. We did make a short trip outside to take some photo of the families and the a few with just the newly married couple. We took a golf cart that the venue had giving us and drove it to the small covered  bridge across the street from Evergreen Pavilion at Candia Woods. I walked off into the snow and asked the couple to poses together. After a few more shots we headed back to the venue for the reception. We took one more photo in front of the flag they have in the yard. Thanks again to Ashly & Dylan for including me in their wedding day. 




Bride and good champagne glasses

Table settings from the wedding
Flowers on this wedding table detail

Wedding dress hanging form a tree at a new hampshire wedding venue

wedding dress custom hanger

mother helping bride with her vale before the wedding

A bride playful with her niece

father of the bride stand with his daughter at the altar

Young couple before they exchange rings.

wedding rings being exchanged at a wedding

bridal portrait

black and white photo of a wedding day first dance



wedding cake in the foreground with couple dancing in the background

groom twirls the bride during the first dance

wedding guests visiting

wedding details on the sweetheart table.


cake topper of a bride and groom kissing.

wedding cake details

couple looking at their cell phone during wedding reception

wedding rings on a log in a detail photo

The guys holding the groom in a reception photo

M & M's with couples name and the date of the wedding on them.


Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

Intimate Wedding in Claremont, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Day Photos

I attended a young couples wedding last week in the historical town of Claremont, NH.  After the couple had a first look. We did a short photo shoot inside the church. Being that it is early spring. Late winter really. It was just to cod to be outside long. We did a short photo shoot inside the empty church. I wanted to share a few photos with the couple as they are on a honeymoon cruse. Looking for a wedding photographer in New Hampshire maybe we should talk. Send me a note or call me today. 603-367-4657






Camp Pinecliffe Wedding in Harrison, ME | Wedding Blog

Camp Pinecliffe Wedding in Harrison, ME | Wedding Blog

Last month was a crazy one for a wedding photographer. It was full of meeting new clients and also shooting every weekend. I have many weekends with two weddings. It is all fun and enjoyable with each one being unique and special. Amanda & Ryan’s wedding was one of the weddings I had the pleasure of attending. It was held at the Pinecliffe Camp in Harrison, Maine. The camp does not host weddings normally but they did an amazing job putting this one together. The weather was on the edge of rain almost all day and we even had a little shower. It held off until after the couple was married, which worked out well as it started just before they were introduced and then stopped again. The timing of the rain was perfect so we could return to the lake for some couples portraits. They were happy to have me pose them and we created some great photos. Here is a few of my favorites from the day. You can see that the sky had some texture in the clouds and the lake provided a great location as well as the flower garden.

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Ryan & Amanda’s photo gallery 

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Wedding at Margate Resort, Laconia NH | New Hampshire Wedding Venue | Photo Blog

Wedding at Margate Resort, Laconia NH | New Hampshire Wedding Venue | Photo Blog

I was honored to be part of another great wedding in New Hampshire as a photographer. I had to share a few of my favorite photos from the day at The Margate Resort in Laconia, NH,. With The Lakeside Pavilion and tented reception area, this wedding venue makes for a special destination for weddings in New Hampshire. The lake as the back drop is great for photos. The sunset was epic and the bride and groom were happy to take a walk to the waters edge for a short photo session. One thing I want to do at weddings is not only create amazing images for my couples, I want to make sure that their needs come first and foremost. If they want to take the time to create some sunsets portraits, I do my very best to do so quickly and efficiently, so that they are only away from their family and friends for as short of time as possible. We headed to the beach and dock area with the bridal party with the flower girls in tow. I will have more to post later. Be sure to check back for the slide show from this great wedding.


Bride opening the curtains in the bridal suite



Wedding couple poses for a sunset photo


A couple after a brdial portrait on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia



Having a Wedding at Whitney’s Inn | Whitney’s Inn & Shovel Handle Pub | New Hampshire Wedding

Having a Wedding at Whitney’s Inn | Whitney’s Inn & Shovel Handle Pub | New Hampshire Wedding

If you are thinking of having your wedding at Whitney’s Inn in Jackson, NH. You should. It is the perfect location for your outdoor wedding in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The wedding ceremony space is in the woods directly across from The Shovel Handle Pub which is part of The Whitney’s Inn. The town of Jackson, NH it self is a great location for your wedding. There are many spots to take portraits. A short drive from the Inn there is the famous Jackson Falls, The old time wooden covered bridge many fields with amazing backdrop of the White Montains or a short walk to many wooden trails are just some of the locations for wedding photos. 

Beach Wedding Kennebunkport Maine | Wedding Photographers Blog

Beach Wedding Kennebunkport Maine | Wedding Photographers Blog


The first look was at 4:45 PM. It was followed with a short bridal portrait shoot on the beach. I used some off camera flash to darken the sky and light the couple. I am happy with how the photos came out! (They are the first few in the series below.) We walked down the beach to the house they had rented for the wedding. They had a big white tent set up, music playing and you could hear laughter. We started on some family photos as the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour before the ceremony started. The couple and the family made their way to the beach to witness the wedding. The ceremony was performed by the grooms father. He did a great job. He made a few jokes and touched a few hearts. After the couple was pronounced, the family hugged and kissed the couple and we headed back up to the yard of the house to have the reception party. The couple wanted to go back to the beach to create some more photos. I was happy to do so. The last few photos in this set is what we created on the return trip to the beach. Kennebunkport, Maine, is a beautiful area with a long beach front that was more, or less, private. There isn’t anywhere to park, unless you have a home there. This makes for a nice place to vacation or live. I have another wedding there later this year. I really hope it is on that same beach with another amazing couple. Thanks Kassie and Bill. I wish you many happy years ahead.
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New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show | New Hampshire Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show | New Hampshire Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photography Slide Show

Wedding photos from a wedding in Sunapee, NH at Dexter’s Inn. Once the guest have gone and the gifts are put away. Your album is on the way. What is a better way then to relive your wedding day then with a video slide show like the one here? It is set to emotional music. It has some of the best story telling images from your wedding day photography.  I find myself even returning to these slide shows to remember the day or recall a feeling that was created on that day. I enjoy making them as a final part to the wedding day. It is a final thank you to the couple and their family for having me at the wedding day.

Dexter’s Inn Wedding | Wedding Photography Blog

Dexter’s Inn Wedding | Wedding Photography Blog

I posted one photo form this “Rainy Day Wedding” the other day. I wanted to share some more of this day with you. The wedding couple had decided to have a first look before the ceremony. It was a bit wet out side. I took a few minutes to find a location for the moment of the groom to see his bride. I found a nice spot with a door. The groom on one side the bride on the other. With the door half open the should hear each other they touched and held hands for a moment. Some of the family had gathered up the whole way in hopes of seeing this magic moment between the wedding couple. Every time I have been witness to a first look they are always so exciting and special. When booking a wedding with me you are sure to hear me ask if you would like a first look. Many people have never heard of this. A lot of couples want to do it or some version of this. I have had couples do something like the first look with out seeing each other. They will hide around a conner or a door. Some have exchanged letters. Some have met in a field or garden. The first look is always a special moment that will not soon be forgotten. Did you have a first look at your wedding? What did you think. Was it is one of the best parts of your day? Did you wish you had not done it after the fact? Please let me know your thoughts on the first look?






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No Rain Will Bring Her Down | Wedding Photography Blog

No Rain Will Bring Her Down | Wedding Photography Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Venue: Dexter’s Inn
Photo By: Joe Martin Photography

The planning was for months. The favors were handmade. The cake, the food and the dress were all set up months ahead of time. The plan was in motion. The couple had a wedding planner. They had the DJ and me, the photographer. I met with the couple at Dexter’s Inn at the wedding venue in Sunapee, N.H.. We walked the grounds and made a plan for the wedding day photos. We had planned the “First Look” in the field before the wedding. . We made great photos in between the rain showers. The bride, cool as the other side of the pillow. It was *her* day. Rain or not, she was there for *him* not the weather. It was a perfect day. Love was made.

bride looks on the window on a rainy day wedding
Killer Shoes, Why Do It? | Wedding Photography Blog

Killer Shoes, Why Do It? | Wedding Photography Blog

“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” ~ Christian Louboutin


They always have these shoes, these shoes no one should have to wear. The shoes kill their feet.  Most young woman do not walk around in 4 inch heals all day, so why on the wedding day do they do it to themselves? Not this day, this day it was no heal, soft and green. Both bride and groom were rockin’ green Converse. His were high tops, hers the low. Moving around was a breeze. Walking on grass? No issues. We made a fast time of our  bridal portraits. She was able to dance the night away in here sneakers, sorry her Converse wedding-ware. It was one of the best ways they could make this day easy. They were a great couple. They had their bulldog as the ring barrier. What more could you want?


green converse for wedding shoes




Best New Hampshire Wedding Photos  | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Best New Hampshire Wedding Photos | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog


Best New Hampshire Wedding Photos- May 2016

Summer is upon us and a new wedding season has begun!. I wanted to share my best wedding photos from May of 2016. I shot three weddings last month, and I was inspired to share them with all of you! I feel. I love getting creative with the weddings that I shoot. However, not every couple is looking for artsy photos and they would rather pose for more traditional shots and would rather mingle with guests while I take some candid shots. Every wedding is different and every couple’s needs are different. I have no attachment to what the couple wants for photos, I am only there for serve each couple and perfectly cater my services to what they desire.

I do enjoy when couples hire me to create some unique and powerful art. So, if you’ are looking for something artsy and unique, or something more traditional, I will respect whatever style and type of photos you are looking for. Feel free to contract me with any questions about your vision.

I do take a limited amount of weddings in Maine, New Hampshire and the Boston area each year, so don’t hesitate to call and see if I am available for your date. Simply click on the tab at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you. If you hire me as your photographer, I want to be accessible to you to call me or email anytime! I usually talk to the couples who hire me several times before the wedding. It is important for me to be here for you and your partner to answer any questions and work together to co-create the wedding of your dreams.

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Ragged Mountain Wedding Danbury, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Ragged Mountain Wedding Danbury, NH | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog


Kayla & Dave. I wish the best for you in the years to come. Being at a young couple wedding is always exciting and at times emotional. Kayla your fathers toast was special to many there. It was great to be witness to your vows and be part of your day. You both are lucky to know and have each other. Even in the little time I had with you this day. I could tell you are both genuine, kind people. I wanted to share a sneak peek with you. Here are two that jumped out at me one a quick pass over your wedding images.

Young couple poses in the Mountains for a wedding photo



Wedding photo of couple with his red jeep

Breakwater Inn & Spa Wedding | Maine Wedding Photography Blog

Breakwater Inn & Spa Wedding | Maine Wedding Photography Blog

Heather & Aaron
Date: May 14, 2016
Wedding Venue: Breakwater Inn & Spa
Town: Kennebunkport, Maine
New Hampshire Wedding Photographer: Joe Martin
DJ: Music On Wheels featuring Mike Pomp

Summers on the coast of Maine might just be the best location to spend a summer in all the world! I may be a little bias about this, where the coast line is only fifty miles from my home. It is a place we find ourselves and release what doesn’t serve us anymore. Trips to the coast are deeply rooted in our family history and I know the magic that resides there. Family fun in the sun at one of the many beach locations, or a short trip to a small village town, like The Old Port in Portland or to Wells, Maine is a tradition for many New Englanders. We always make time for a little “beach therapy.”

As the summer wedding season gears up and I am shooting a wedding or two every weekend, it is is really great when a wedding is in a coastal location. This wedding brought me to Kennebunkport, Maine and to The Breakwater Inn & Spa. Heather & Aaron had put a request out on one of the many wedding booking sites online, looking for a photographer. I sent them a quote and we exchanged an email or two. They liked my work and my price and they wanted to meet me before booking me. Once the meeting was over, they booked and here we find our selves at their wedding on the Kennebunk River!

With the day looking great, a light breeze and a gust here and there, the magical day started off perfectly! Part of the bride, Heather’s, plan was that I be there before the wedding for a short photo session for her and her bridemaids on the Breakwater, which was just up the road from the Inn. It was windy, but we enjoyed this pre-wedding photo session. Her parents joined us and we made them part of the photo shoot as well.

Back at the Inn, Aaron and his groomsmen were about ready to begin the ceremony. One of the things I enjoy about weddings is that I get to hear some of the back story of the couples I am shooting. I try to get to know the couple as much as time allows before the wedding date. Most times we become friends on Facebook or follow one another on Instagram. Hearing the story of the couple is often times humorous and it is almost always a love at first sight.story. The more that I learn about them, the better I can interact with them at their wedding to capture the perfect moments through photography.

The wedding was on the side lawn of the Inn which is just a few feet from the seaside river. They held the reception in a beautiful outdoor tent. They treated their guests with a “make your own sundae” ice cream bar. Like most weddings, they kissed and danced and danced some more. It was an intimate, joyful gathering and I am honored to have been part of it!

Enjoy this gallery of wedding photos. Feel free to share this post with guests of the wedding! I am sure they would love to experience this beautiful wedding again, through photos.


New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Getting Ready Gallery | NH Wedding Photographer

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Getting Ready Gallery | NH Wedding Photographer

I thought I would share a small  photo gallery of some of the “getting ready” shots from past weddings. Most of the weddings were shot at local resorts or venues that offer a bridal suite or “getting ready” room. They are set up with mirrors and a bathroom. It is a great way for the wedding party to be together and to help the couple get ready. The level of stress grows as the wedding ceremony start time closes in. Most of the time there is a hair and makeup person in the mix. Sometimes there are guests at the wedding there also. They usually have more make up than any one person should own. Funny thing is, it seems that, for the most part, they only use a small percentage of it. The getting ready photo shoot is the time in which I take photos of the dress, shoes and any other details they bride or the bridal party might have. I have seen colorful sunglasses, matching purses and small gifts from rings to pearl bracelets. Here are a few of my favorite “getting ready” shots.  You should know that if I am your wedding photographer, I will make sure to capture this special and memorable part of your day. I will make sure to capture both the bridal and groom parties getting ready. From tuxes to dresses,  shoes to champagne toast, I will capture every moment.  I try to offer tips and wedding day feedback from time to time, if you are looking for that level of support. It can help a couple in small ways that they may not notice, until the day of the wedding and then they will tap into these little bits of knowledge that I provided. If you like my style and feel, we will work well together. If you are planing on getting married in 2016, contact me today! I have limited space left for Saturday weddings. If you are planing a wedding for 2017, I still have a few dates open, but I am starting to fill those up quickly, as well. Contact me via phone, 603-367-4657 or email. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you may have.

Manchester New Hampshire Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

Manchester New Hampshire Wedding | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 218

I started off this 2016 wedding season early. This was a last minute booking with a call on Friday and the wedding on that following Monday. It was a Leap Day wedding here in Manchester, New Hampshire. This young couple was married at city hall. They had a small group of friends and family in attendance. What a great way to get personal with all the guests. We had a great time together. Everyone got to take part in seeing the first look. Once I heard they were going to being seeing each other for the first time that day at the signing of the paperwork. I knew we had to set up a spot to have them have a first look. Manchester City Hall has a great private stairwell. I had the groom Allan stand with his back to his beautiful bride. She approached from the lower level and then he turned to see her there in her amazing wedding dress. Yes, they both had a few tears. After the short ceremony, we heading outside to create some artful bridal portraits. This is always one of my favorite parts of the day. They liked my style and let me direct them into many poses giving them a wide variety of photos in the end. Here are a few of my best picks from their wedding day photography.

Contact me today to book your 2016 or 2017 wedding photography

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About this North Conway New Hampshire Wedding Photographer:

Enjoy this North Conway photography provided by Joe Martin Photography

Joe Martin is located in Mount Washington Valley specializing in portrait photography and works as the following: wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer, newborn photographer and family photographer. Photography coverage including but not limited to, New Hampshire: Maine and Massachusetts. Including: NH- Berlin, Rochester, Dover, Concord and Meredith. In Maine: Portland, Fryeburg. In Massachusetts: Boston, Lawrence, Salem, and Gloucester. If you’re in an area not listed, I am willing to travel.

No matter what your event may be, each photo shoot will be handled professionally, with our clients desires and goals in mind. If you have any questions or comments for me or about my photography, please call me 603-367-4657 or contact New Hampshire Wedding Photographer today.

Location Information: Joe Martin Photography is located just outside North Conway, NH, 03860


All images copyright ©Joe Martin 2010-2016

Fire Tonight at Shutters Inn, North Conway NH

Fire Tonight at Shutters Inn, North Conway NH

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 220

These images are from a two alarm fire at a small apartment building in North Conway, NH 03860. The building was on fire from in the attic. By the time I got there the crew had already cleared the building and were about to fight the blaze. The smoke was thick and black for about 30 mins then the fire busted through the roof. I would guess that the flames could be seen for no more then 5 mins before they were extinguished. 16 residents had to be relocated and the building is not boarded shut. This small “inn” turned apartment complex is a local landmark at the cross roads of a busy intersection.  All occupants are safe, but in need of housing. I was able to capture these images on the scene. Please contact Joe for any publication requests.

Fire Norht Conway New Hampshire













Bronwyn & Andrew’s New Hampshire Wedding Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Bronwyn & Andrew’s New Hampshire Wedding Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 217

Off all the DIY weddings I have photographed this was by far the one with the most involvement by family and friends.  The wedding was at the brides parents home in historic Chester, New Hampshire.  They set the big white tent up in the horse corral. What better why to have your wedding then with your childhood horse near by? We entered the tent by passing thought the bard and past the horses. The mother of the bride made the cake the cookies and so many small details that made this the DIY wedding of anyones dreams. With friends and family in attendance the wedding went off without a snag. Happy wedding day to all Bronwyn & Andrew. View the photo gallery here

Follow my wedding photography feed on Instagram  I share some personal photos as well as many of my favorite wedding photos from my past and recent photo shoots. Thanks for stopping by my site. If you have photo needs  for a wedding photographer in or around the New Hampshire or Maine area. Please consider sending me an email or call me anytime. I would love to help you plan the best wedding day ever. 603-367-4657



Why do I focus on wedding photography? What is not to love about being at 25+ weddings each summer. It is all about love. Family friends and couples together and in love. Sharing memories creating new ones. Who would not want to be part of this most happiest of days? I get to see this world from the inside and the outside. I get to be behind the scenes and right out in front of the crowd. Being a wedding photographer is not for the shy or introverted person. Sure most of the day we as photographers are quite in the wings hiding out in the shadows. Then there is the times when we need to capture the marriage ceremony, the first kiss. the parent dances and the cake cutting. Weddings are my joy.


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