With weekends being dedicated to photographing weddings my weekdays have me driving all over New Hampshire and Maine taking photos as a real estate photographer. Working with real estate agents and home owners. Lets face it we live in a world ever focused on images. From your food your kids and your location. We see it every day. There is social sites that are solely base on images. Instagram and Snapchat are two that lead the way in the way and rely heavy on images to drive traffic and build their user base.  So even know my page here is mostly weddings and portraits I thought I would share a few real estate photos from time to time. Real estate agents need good photos to make buyers click. VRBO and Homeaway users need to show off the features of their rental units. Both relay on good, no great photos to help sell, rent and make it easy for Internet savvy folks to find what they are looking for. Almost every client I have photographed a rental unit for as talked about how their reviews say things like. “Great place, the photos do not do it justice” Here is a listing I shot this past week in North Conway. If you know someone that has a rental unit or someone that is selling their home. Let them know I am here to provide the best quality images for use to market their listings.  Please see my real estate photography site for pricing and more information at Real Estate Photo NH 


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I am a New Hampshire wedding and senior portrait photographer. I love to travel so give me a chat to see if we can work together.

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