I was looking through a few wedding that I photographed last year. I was inspired to share the photos from a wedding that I was honored to be part of at Loon Mountains wedding venue. The wedding at Loon Mountain was on, October, 1st. The bride and groom traveled from out of town, to the beautiful countryside of Lincoln, New Hampshire. Loon Mountain is well known for its skiing in the winter and it is becoming more and more known for the fun it offering in the summer as well! Many ski resorts are learning how to continue revenue for the summer with activities like Loon’s, Aerial Forest Adventure Park.

Loon Mountain for a wedding is spectacular! They have a very picturesque ceremony space on the top of the mountain. With it’s long wooden benches and a large deck for the ceremony to be carried out, this beautiful spot looks out over the valley and you can see for miles.

After a short ride up their gondola and a 5 minute walk and you are their. The DJ had music for the wedding and all the guest were seated and waiting for the couple to make their way. This day was cold and the wind was not helping. But once the bride was in view no one noticed the wind or the cold. The JP made a few jokes then pronounced them, “man and wife”. Like most weddings, after the ceremony,we found a nice spot to take family and bridal party photos. They have a great spot for photos just around the other side of the top of the lift, that brings you to the top. There is a wooden walkway with a small deck area that is a lookout spot to view the other side of the valley that looks outwards, towards Lincoln. There is also a great little ski shack, at the top of the trail head, for photos.

Then there was talk of the caves. Caves, I asked? Then back to the ceremony spot to the entrance to the caves. We walked down some steps and around some large boulders for a few portraits with just the bride and the groom. Then we raced to the lift for the last gondola ride to the base for the reception.

The couple entered the reception space and the party was on. They had the first dance followed with a toast. The staff at Loon Mountain set up a great buffet for the family and guests to enjoy. The night went on as most weddings with music and lots of dancing. We were called out to the fire pit area to take some more family photos later in the night. I thought the cake was going to get messy with this couple but they played nice for the most part. Like all weddings when my time was up I asked the couple if they needed anything more from myself or my second photographer. The couple was happy and even gave us a parting tip. Tips are not expected at weddings, but they do happen a lot. When you do a great job it is nice to be recognized for it. If you area ski bum or just want a mountain top wedding. The wedding venue at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH might have what you are looking for.

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