I thought for todays photo I would post one of my favorite wedding photos. This was form a wedding last year in 2014. The wedding venue was in New Hampshire at a great place named Church Landing at Mill Falls  This waterfront venue is a great in town yet out of the location for any event, not just your wedding. This wedding was held out doors under the big white tent. It was a beautiful day and we had a beautiful couple with family and friends all around. For me weddings are one day of fun with a sprinkling of stressful moments. Will every thing go well? I someone in the wedding party pass out? Will I get all the photos I need without other guests jumping in front of me to grab that epic iPhone photo. Well this wedding went off like more not one issue and fun all around.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This photo was taken during the ceremony. The Bride & Groom had writing vows that they read aloud to each other. At one point the Bride almost cried but she was able to fight back the emotions and save her makeup. The officiant at this wedding was a friend of the family and tossed a few jokes out making the couple and the guest have a brief laugh. This photo was taken at just the right moment when all had started to laugh. I love the way that she is enjoying her soon to be husbands laugh and viewing of the crowd.I was back a bit away and had zoomed in with my long lens to crop out any distracting elements focusing on the couple and creating a memory of this moment.


Photo of bride and groom laughing at the wedding
Bride & Groom sharing a laugh during the wedding.


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