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We Heart Travel | Natural Landscape Photos

We Heart Travel | Natural Landscape Photos

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Travel who does not like to go on vacation? I don’t know of anyone that does not like to have some down time. At times the trip can be stressful can be unpredictable. Once at your destination all is well.  One of our best family trips was our trip to Purtio Rico. As a family we had so much fun together. Playing in the ocean seeing new landscapes so much different then our native New Hampshire. We say new animals, new foods and created new memories that will surely last a life time. One of the firsts days we were there we went to the beach. It was amazing. The water was so warm. The kids and I rain and dove in. We ate lunch and we had to hide from the rain. It rained hard that first day. So hard that some of the smaller roads on the way back to or home away from home were flooded and we had to find an alternate route back. Our host that put us up the time we spent in Purtio Rico drove us to many beaches when there. She took us on a day trip many hours form her home. We all boarded a small boat and then were dropped off on a small island. One the island there was much to see and much to photograph. One of the small beaches there had many tiny pieces of coral. It even had some huge pieces. Here is one of them.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I  was out exploring a bit shooting up the landscape. Taking photos from every angle from low and close to the water and far back in the tree line. The clouds screamed epic from every angle. One of the coolest things I found on the island was this huge piece of coral. At least I think it was. It might have been a rock with many holes in it. I think it was coral.  It was in the shape of a hart. It was magical. I stood it up so the heart would stand out ageist the blue sky and the green of the mountains. It is what we LOVE about travel.

Landscape photo of a beach in Purtio rico

Our family trip to Purtio Rico was one of the most memorable .

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Daytona Beach Landscape

For a few years our family has made the trip to Florida making the trip via car and RV. We head to Walt Disney World for a few of the days. The Kids love the rides and I have learned to love them too. I think The Aerosmith ride, The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It very fast roller coaster with a few loops and high speed. The music is blasting as you make your way to a concerts staring Aerosmith. On the trip I take many photos of the parks and the landscape of Florida. We have also made a tradition of stopping at Daytona Beach on the why home. It is a great way to close out our time in Florida and a great start to a long drive back north. Ever time we have gone over to Daytona the weather has been great. Like most trips to the beach it is breezy and wet. The kids always say they are not go into get wet, yet they end up running in the water and then we need to find a place to change before the next leg of the trip. This day was no different.


This was taken with a 15-50 mm lens on its widest setting, trying to capture as much of the beach as I could. I think it looks great in Black & White. The seagulls and the pilers make this photo what it is. They are the a main subject and really let you know your at the ocean.  The one solo flying gull adds to the drama of the clouds and ties it all together. Prints are available for purchase in many sizes from 8×12 prints up to 36X48 canvas prints. I am offering this fine art print in a limited addition canvas print. There will be only 25 canvas printed they are 20″x 30″ and will be hand signed but me. The price is $250+$10 shipping. Contact me today to take advantage of this limited addition sale.

Photo of the ocean with seagulls and all wooden pillars showing the clouds

This Daytona beach landscape make me want to travel more.




If you have been following me for a bit then you know I loved Puerto Rico and my camera did too. This is one of the first shots from Puerto Rico even know we had not even landed yet. The angle on this photo is so cool as it shows the depth of the city, almost like the Earth View on Google maps. You can see them in a 3D like style. It is like a tiny Lego city with the light hitting it all just right. This is was the light can do to a photo. With it being side lite like it is. It shows the depth. If the sun had been more over head and beaming straight down onto the city this would look flat non life like. It would give a totally deferent feel and mood then what we have now.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: As we came in for our landing I pulled my camera out and started to look for something to shoot. We were still over water so I had to wait for a bit and then there is was Puerto Rico. I was surprised to see the city right up to the coast. Being a new traveler to Puerto Rico I was thinking the costs would be all beach and jungle. Proves we should not always assume what we think about a place is true, but that we should investigate it to know as much as we can about a person, place or thing. I edited this photo in Lightrooom as I always do. I never us Photoshop. I truly do like to use it. I like a quick edit of my work and lightroom does that for me.


Image of a city in  Puerto Rico shot from an airplane

Taken from the Airplane landing in Porto Rico




I felt I could not just post one “Photo of the Day” for this post. For the reasons of story telling I felt only one photo would not tell a story. I could have dragged this out in to 10 blog posts. I di dnot want to wait to share my trip to #NYC. We had gone to New York for a few reasons. One was to see some family friends another was to see the city. we had other plans when there. We had made gift bags for some homeless people in the city. We built 15 bags with assorted helpful items in them. They were a way to create a feeling of gratitude and kindness to a few folks that had been dealt a tough hand in life. We had also picked up some winter fleece jackets. We filmed a bit of these “Acts of Kindness” for our vlogs on Youtube. (the video is below the photos)
The day we headed into the city is was cold, in fact so cold that it was tough to find a location that had many homeless folks. They were mostly down in Penn Station. It was so great to gift these bags to folks. They were all so full of thanks. A few were almost brought to tears.  For now I will get back to the point of this post this set of street photographs.  As we walked the city we went in some gift shops had some coffee at Starbucks. Saw the Naked Cowboy. We stopped in Times Square and sat for a bit. All the time taking small video clips for out vlog and taking photo of the city and the people that were all about. From the folks in times square dress as random yet popular TV and movie characters. We saw Batman, Elmo, Micky Mouse and a number of cool yet creepy very tall people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. There was ten of us together so taking my time to get all the photos I would have was a bit hard. I still was about to capture some what I would say are creative and captivated of the New York city life. I hope you enjoy these photos I have picked to share. Pleae leave a comment if you have any feedback. Have you been to NYC did you get some of these same types of photos? Thanks again for stopping by.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “SKY HIGH” – A view up. This photo made this set as I love the point of view I created. I love the reflection and the tones made in Lightroom once editing took place.

looking up at reflecting windows of many skyscrapers in new york city

Loved this POV looking up at some sky scrappers in #NYC

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Gotham Nights”  – I do not use Photoshop. I just never learned it. I do love Lightroom. Lightroom is another Adobe product if is very powerful photo edting software. It does all the basics and more. This photo of Radio City Music Hall and the building across from it really shows what Lightroom can do. This feels like it is out of a Batman movie to me. You can see from the street sign that it is the holiday season.

city scap photo from NYC many building and the Radio City MusicHall marquee

Is that Gotham City? Looks like this is cut form a movie.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Batman vs Elmo” I think we know who would win that battle. Even know this is a little blurry from the motion and maybe me freezing to death. I had to include it as it shows the true street level view of what it is like in Times Square.

Street photo of street actors Batman is in view n NYC

Batman, Elmo and Minnie oh my.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Walking Heads”  This moment stopped in time is a great expression of what walking around was like. At times we had crowds all around us. I love that the crossing sign is on the STOP. Also you can see one of the people dressed up as The Statue of Liberty.


Images shows faces in a crowed street in NYC

Stop where you are.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Night Lights” Taking with a wide angle fish-eye lens using a long exposure. The cars moving past add a streak of light form the motion. The wide fish-eye lens give this a surreal look bending the tall buildings at the top.

street view image with motion blur from the car lights going by fast

Night Lights. Cars in motion cruising by in the New York City Streets

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Get Me Out Of Here” From the street looking up using my wide fish-eye lens to create this effect. You can really see the scope of the center of this part of New York City. Love this effect for this type of location.

wide fish-eye photo looking up in the middle of time square many tall buildings scene

Get me out of here.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Then This Guy” Loved this one. I was crossing the street with the family. I looked up and saw this man on his bike at the red light. I loved his mask and the look on his face. He was looking right at me as I stopped for one second and snapped it. The photo really captured the city as well. The cars the buildings. We can see the time of year with his mask and the holiday lights.

street photo of a man at a red light with cold weather beard mask on. Looking right at me.

Then this guy was just there. Love his hat/face mask


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Hot And Cold Windows” This is crazy. It was so clod that the top windows of One World Plaza. I zoomed in for this one and captured the steam rising from the top of the building do to the cold air this night.

View looking up at the steaming windows  of One World Plaza NYC

Steaming windows at One World Plaza.


Our Youtube video from our trip Giving to the Homeless.




Not sure I need to even say anything about this one. I will just add this is a great little walking trail that starts in a parking lot and climbs this great New Hampshire Peak. This is Willey Pond located in Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I was on a trip over the Notch this day so I did not hike the trail but will return to capture a photo form the top of this landmark. You can bet that photo of these great pond will be coming form this place soon. Thanks again for check out my page. If you have a comment or just want to say hi. Leave me a comment below.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Taken from the bridge I set up on the handrail to take a 3 shot braked HDR photo. I made sure I had the reflection lined up to be the same space as the sky was above the mountain top. That is a good tip when capturing a reflection photo. Leave the same space above as below. I wanted the bridge to be a leading line into the photo. SO it makes your eye crawl the photo looking for the next item of interest and drawing you in. Does it make you wonder what is in the woods at the end?

Joe Martin

Reflection water shows this amazing old wooden bridge cross over to a large mountain

Great old bridge over the pond leads to the hiking trail up the mountain




Bostons Logan airport has many faces. If you are flying in out or driving by on the high you get a perspective of the airport that is not viewable from the other location. After years of renovations I hope they are done adding building and roads inside Logan. Being that it is the closest major airport to our home in New Hampshire we have travel in and out of it many times. On a recent trip to drop my family off on their way to the UK for a 10 day trip I took a little trip of mine own.
I knew if I just drop around I would find the waters edge and I was glad I did.  I found this spot in the back of a parking lot behind a small restaurant in the town of Revere which is right next to the city of Boston. I set up my tripod and blasted away in the direction of the airport knowing I would pull some eye candy from the card one home. Here is one of a few shots I pulled from the card. This one is another 3 shot HDR photo I built in Photomatix and then finished up in Lightroom. I ending up liking this soft look so I added some noise reduction and dropped the clarity to almost add a look of a water color painting. Hope you enjoy.


Joe Martin


Photo of Logan airport form across the water at sunset

One of the many faces of Bostons, Logan Airport



Paddle Not Needed

Paddle Not Needed


This is the space were all you need is a canoe and someone you love. Just drifting in the water all day. This photo shows the early fall colors in New England. With the sky and the reflection off the water. It is truly what a day dream would look like. Do you just want to sit and float all day? This and all my images are available for purchase. Just imagine walking out to your sitting room and getting to view this scene when ever you wanted.  Just click the photo to be taken to my print shop maybe there is another image that speaks to you or as a gift to someone you know.

New England foliage reflecting of the water in this very colorful photo

Want to going fishing in this watering hole?



Upside Down Mountain

Upside Down Mountain



Meet Mt. Chocorua. It is right down the street from our home in New Hampshire. It is one of he most photographed locations in New Hampshire. I think you can see why once you see it. This was in early fall and the lake was giving the best reflection. I shot many photos this day and will post more over the next few weeks. The bridge in the center of this photo is a great spot with one more small lake to grab a reflection of the mountain on.


Photo of Mt Chocorua reflecting of the lake.

The sky and the water really make this photo what it is.

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds


Driving the country side at sunset is a great way to snap up a few photos. This picture is not at sunset but it was on the way down. It was taken looking in to Maine from New Hampshire. Loved the clouds and they are what made me stop.

Thanks for looking at my page.  Joe Martin


Nature photo looking across a farmed field

Looking north into Maine



Joe Martin is a New Hampshire wedding photographer also creating portrait and family photography.

For booking information please contact today

Days Gone Past

Days Gone Past

Photo of the day : Days Gone Past

On the way home form a family photo shoot I turned off at exit 6 in to the town Manchester. I knew a bit about the town and had been there in the past. I was just looking to grab a few shots of the river and the old brick mill buildings in the fall before heading home. Well from one of the bridges I was able to capture this photo of some of the old mills now turned in to office and apartment buildings. This buildings were built in the very early 1800’s

I Love how the river is sweeping around to reveal the bridge and other buildings on the opposite side of the river. With just a hint of color in the trees letting you know it is early fall in New Hampshire.

Joe Martin

Looking down the Merrimack River in to Manchester NH

Looking down the Merrimack River in to Manchester NH

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Across The Way

Across The Way

Photo of the day: Across The Way

Shot from a hill top in New Hampshire looking across Mount Washington Valley

Landscape photo of a mountain range in NH

Mount Washington Vally View

Weekend Sale on Fine Art Landscape Prints by Joe Martin Photography

Weekend Sale on Fine Art Landscape Prints by Joe Martin Photography

I am having a 48 hour flash sale on every fine art landscape print in my print shop. Tell your friends and family. If you every wanted to hang one of my prints on your wall this is the time to get them. Maybe you have a birthday coming up? Share your favorite prints with those that might be on the look out for the perfect gift for you.


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Country House near pond

Country Home in this Fine Art Print

HDR IN New Hampshire flag fence

Farm House Fine Art Print

Trapped In Time.

Leaves Under Water In this Fine Art Landscape Print




About this North Conway New Hampshire Fine Art Photographer

Enjoy this Fine Art Landscape Print sale provided by Joe  Martin Photography

Joe Martin is located in Mount Washington Valley Specializing in portrait photography and works as the following : wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer newborn photographer and family photographer.  Photography coverage including but not limited to  New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts including: NH- Rochester, Dover, Concord and Meredith. In Maine Portland, Fryeburg. In Massachusetts Boston, Lawrence, Salem, and Gloucester and beyond.  If your in an area not listed I will travel for the right client.

No matter what your event may be either  wedding photography or senior portraits each day is a great day and will be handled professionally with our clients goals in mind. If you have any questions or comments for me or about our photography please call me 603-367-4657 or email me at New Hampshire Wedding Photographer today.


Location Information:

Joe Martin Photography is located in Madison NH, 03849

All images copyright ©Joe Martin 2010-2014

Why Canvas?

Why Canvas?

One simple answer, it rocks. I love the digital age and being able to offer so much from a photography stand point. Now with the new upgrade in canvas grouping you can set up a living space wall hanging display with many smaller sized prints to bring the type of mood you like to any space. Now you may select the option “Order canvas grouping” then add the images you wish to display in your home or office.  You can chose to hang the prints in any way you wish once you have them in hand. As a photographer, my walls are filling fast with my own vibrant prints. I will be adding a selection of these groups to my studio using some smaller sizes for showing off some of my best portrait work. With canvas of this quality we are proud to offer one 8×10 canvas print of the clients choice for all weddings that we shoot in 2014. With a 100% money back guarantee, you can not go wrong.   Follow the link here to my print store and start bringing the beauty of the outside, inside with many landscape photos to pick from. New Hampshire Photographer Print Shop

Fine art print shop

Office wall hangings your way


Get Started Early~ Planing For Senior Portraits

Get Started Early~ Planing For Senior Portraits

Before the new season of senior portraits is upon us. Have you found the outfits you want to wear. Sure we can get some great head shots for the year book and some nice soft looks for your family’s sitting room. But what about a fashion photo shoot? What is that? Well it is the new way to show off your style. We will find unique locations and outfit combinations give you a photo  experience like never before.

Contact me today to find out availability.

IMG_2123glass edit

Getting Creative as a Team

 When I first start to get clients with my photography I was so new to portraits that I was only shooting what I knew. As I developed my craft and learned more about light and using lighting to create an image that was more dramatic or smooth. I would push myself to step outside my comfort zone and try knew things. This past month I did something I have not done before. I had my wife Dayna join me on a shoot. She had some creative ideas that I may not have thought of. It turned a great shoot into an epic one. This is one image from that shoot. Follow this link to see more photos from this shoot.


Zombie House Puerto Rico

Zombie House in Puerto Rico. This great looking home is what we called “The Zombie House”. Why? It may be hard to tell from the photo but the windows are all about six feet from the ground so it looks to be zombie proof. I hope to return on a less cloudy time and capture this home again. Check my print shop for other fine art prints, photos or canvas.

Zombie House

puerto rico fine art prints by joe martin photography


Our new booking calendar.

Our new booking calendar.

We have added a new booking calendar to the site. Now you can pick the date you would like to book your photo or wedding session. The use the form that is loaded under the calendar to add your contact information date, time and any other information you would like. This will send us both a email. If this date is not booked we will email you back and set the rest up over the phone. IMG_9790

Happy Summer Solstice

Wedding photographers in New Hampshire

Happy Summer Solstice. Do what you can to enjoy some sun today, enjoy what it has done every day all of your life. It shines bright in the sky even when it rains. It is like the never ending flow of air that is around you. It will always be there for you no matter how life treats you. The sun will always shine.

Destination Weddings

I am photographer from northern New Hampshire. I offer full wedding packages starting at $1000.00 (plus a plane ticket and accommodation) I travel anywhere in the world to shoot weddings. It is my passion and something I specialize in. I have been flown across the country on the use of flyer miles that people of built up over time. Maybe someone in your family has some miles to use up for your special day.

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My basic to mid level package would include up to eight hours of shooting, including pre wedding and post wedding. This would give you between 400-750 finished edited shots. I offer photo-journalistic style as well as posing for shots.

I will mail them to you on a DVD in 2 folders, One will be high resolution for printing with full rights for personal use. The other folder would be low resolution images for online use. I would also set you up with a online gallery that family and friends can order prints from in every size imaginable.

I have been married for seventeen years and have four children. They are all old enough now that I can travel to pursue my passion – wedding photography! Please feel free to ask me questions anytime. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your wedding team to capture your special day.Your special day

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