Boston Wedding Photography Slide Show | New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Photo Slide Show

Here is the slide show from a wedding I shot at the Boston Temple. The couple was a fun young couple that love my style and was happy to create some great bridal portraits. Thanks for stopping on my site and viewing this slide show. I have many others on my Youtube play list.

We Heart Travel | Natural Landscape Photos

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Travel who does not like to go on vacation? I don’t know of anyone that does not like to have some down time. At times the trip can be stressful can be unpredictable. Once at your destination all is well.  One of our best family trips was our trip to Purtio […]

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Daytona Beach Landscape For a few years our family has made the trip to Florida making the trip via car and RV. We head to Walt Disney World for a few of the days. The Kids love the rides and I have learned to love them too. I think The Aerosmith ride, The Rock […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: EARTH VIEW If you have been following me for a bit then you know I loved Puerto Rico and my camera did too. This is one of the first shots from Puerto Rico even know we had not even landed yet. The angle on this photo is so cool as it […]


PHOTO(s) OF THE DAY: SHOOTING UP THE STREETS IN #NYC I felt I could not just post one “Photo of the Day” for this post. For the reasons of story telling I felt only one photo would not tell a story. I could have dragged this out in to 10 blog posts. I di dnot want […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- WALKING ON WATER Not sure I need to even say anything about this one. I will just add this is a great little walking trail that starts in a parking lot and climbs this great New Hampshire Peak. This is Willey Pond located in Crawford Notch State Park in the White Mountains […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- BOATS, BUILDINGS AND BRIGHT LIGHTS Bostons Logan airport has many faces. If you are flying in out or driving by on the high you get a perspective of the airport that is not viewable from the other location. After years of renovations I hope they are done adding building and roads inside Logan. […]

Paddle Not Needed

PHOTO OF THE DAY- PADDLE NOT NEEDED This is the space were all you need is a canoe and someone you love. Just drifting in the water all day. This photo shows the early fall colors in New England. With the sky and the reflection off the water. It is truly what a day dream would […]

Upside Down Mountain

PHOTO OF THE DAY: UPSIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN   Meet Mt. Chocorua. It is right down the street from our home in New Hampshire. It is one of he most photographed locations in New Hampshire. I think you can see why once you see it. This was in early fall and the lake was giving the […]

Sowing Seeds

PHOTO OF THE DAY : SOWING SEEDS Driving the country side at sunset is a great way to snap up a few photos. This picture is not at sunset but it was on the way down. It was taken looking in to Maine from New Hampshire. Loved the clouds and they are what made me stop. Thanks […]

Days Gone Past

Photo of the day : Days Gone Past On the way home form a family photo shoot I turned off at exit 6 in to the town Manchester. I knew a bit about the town and had been there in the past. I was just looking to grab a few shots of the river and […]

Weekend Sale on Fine Art Landscape Prints by Joe Martin Photography

I am having a 48 hour flash sale on every fine art landscape print in my print shop. Tell your friends and family. If you every wanted to hang one of my prints on your wall this is the time to get them. Maybe you have a birthday coming up? Share your favorite prints with […]

Why Canvas?

One simple answer, it rocks. I love the digital age and being able to offer so much from a photography stand point. Now with the new upgrade in canvas grouping you can set up a living space wall hanging display with many smaller sized prints to bring the type of mood you like to any […]

Get Started Early~ Planing For Senior Portraits

Before the new season of senior portraits is upon us. Have you found the outfits you want to wear. Sure we can get some great head shots for the year book and some nice soft looks for your family’s sitting room. But what about a fashion photo shoot? What is that? Well it is the new […]

Getting Creative as a Team

 When I first start to get clients with my photography I was so new to portraits that I was only shooting what I knew. As I developed my craft and learned more about light and using lighting to create an image that was more dramatic or smooth. I would push myself to step outside my […]

Zombie House Puerto Rico

Zombie House in Puerto Rico. This great looking home is what we called “The Zombie House”. Why? It may be hard to tell from the photo but the windows are all about six feet from the ground so it looks to be zombie proof. I hope to return on a less cloudy time and capture […]

Our new booking calendar.

We have added a new booking calendar to the site. Now you can pick the date you would like to book your photo or wedding session. The use the form that is loaded under the calendar to add your contact information date, time and any other information you would like. This will send us both a email. If […]

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice. Do what you can to enjoy some sun today, enjoy what it has done every day all of your life. It shines bright in the sky even when it rains. It is like the never ending flow of air that is around you. It will always be there for you no matter […]

Destination Weddings

I am photographer from northern New Hampshire. I offer full wedding packages starting at $1000.00 (plus a plane ticket and accommodation) I travel anywhere in the world to shoot weddings. It is my passion and something I specialize in. I have been flown across the country on the use of flyer miles that people of […]