PHOTO(s) OF THE DAY: Mom You Look Nice- A Short Series

Love this wedding photo form a 2014 wedding. The wedding was at the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway, NH. The couple had a room at a hotel next to the train station. That is the spot we took some getting ready photos. Mom was having her hair done. Her little girls was just hanging out watching the process. As mom was fishings up they started to chat a bit. that is when the magic happened. Love the candid wedding photos like this one. This is not my child but I wish I had photos of my kids and myself that had this connection and feel to them.  At every wedding I have been too with little ones. This little one was my little buddy. She was intrigued in why I was there. I told her I was there to take photos of the wedding. She was very fun to witness at the wedding. She even joined her mom during the exchanging of the vows all the way to the kiss.

ABOUT THESE PHOTOS: I was in close shooting with my 17-50 mm lens. My settings were 50mm @f2.8 with 1/50 shutter speed. I took the other tow photos below a the same settings. Mom was just talking with her daughter and the little girl was very intrigued by all that was happening. I thought these photos looked nice in this vintage style. Again edited in Adobe Lightroom. The couple loved the photos as did I.

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Getting ready photo from a wedding mom with child watching
Mom is so pretty already.
Little girl looking up at mom getting ready for her wedding.
Do I look nice honey?
Mom and daughter smile for a  getting ready photo
Hair all done mom? Lets do this wedding thing



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