Location, location ,location. Like most things in life it is truly about the location. This is true for most business where we live and where we travel too. Lets face it if we live in a place that is not a good fit for our life style then the location is all wrong. Same goes for a business owner. If you own a gas station 100 miles down a old dirt road you wont sell much fuel. As a photographer we are always looking for a shooting location. This place was perfect for some fantasy like photos for me to create. This is one of many of the portraits taken this day. The wild backdrop of the dieing trees. The masked mystery of this beautiful model. The model in this case happed to be my wife.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I wanted to create some magical looks in this photo shoot. It was not hard with all that was going for me with this set of photos. We had a great scene, great custom and great subject. I took a number of photos in this one set up then we changed it up a bit and took some wider shots with most landscape and the full body shot of the model. In this shot I desaturated it a bit leaving just a bit of color in the red dress and in her brown eyes. The mask has colored beads all over it so I really took the color fro that again to bring focus to her eyes. I like how it turned out. No I love how this photo turned out. We had a fun time working together as we always do.

If you want to create some fantasy portraits or are in need of a more traditional looking family or senior portraits please contact me today. Click here to Call From cell or email me here.

Exotic portrait of a beautiful woman with a Zorro mask on
I am a very lucky man in life, one plus is that my wife is very photogenic.


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