Took Time Away From Blogging | Fine Art Photography

Took Time Away From Blogging | Fine Art Photography

I was posting a photos a day for over a month. Then why did I stop? I just got so busy time had to be spread out among other things. Here I am back to posting at least a few times per week. I am hoping to get ahead of it and get back to posting a photo a day once again. Thanks for holding out for me. That is if you did, LOL.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: It was a hike worth taking. I had to walk about a mile in the hot sun to get to this spot. It was about a half mile walk to and then the same walk back to the beach. This is the same spot I have posted before. Dirty Beach, again was one of our favorite see a past post about Dirty Beach.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Through The Looking Glass” was the title I gave this one. I find it adds to the emotion of an image if they are giving a name or title. I love how the ocean is lined up and viewable through the arch. I had no idea what I would find once I got to this spot. It was amazing to make the walk and then see this sight. I knew it would be worth the work to get to it.  This I shot from a tripod and took three bracketed photos to create this image. Thanks to modern photo software for helping to create the same sight I had seen on this day.

This and many of my images are available for product orders in my image print shop.

Natural arch in stone in Puerto Rico

Nature made: Arch in Puerto Rico at Dirty Beach

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