Took Time Away From Blogging | Fine Art Photography

I was posting a photos a day for over a month. Then why did I stop? I just got so busy time had to be spread out among other things. Here I am back to posting at least a few times per week. I am hoping to get ahead of it and get back to […]

Wishing Your Way To Summer | Nature Photo Prints

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Wishing Your Way To Summer Any dandelions in your yard yet? None here, but the are coming. Every year we get a ton. We live on land with about 3 acre of fields. We are blessed each year with many different flower type all session long. we get so many colors […]


What makes a photo a photo? Is it the snap of the camera? Is it the eye of the photographer? Could it be that they seeing, the noticing something worth capturer with a camera? Maybe it is all of these. Anyone can point a camera and push a button.  I think the real trick in […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: EARTH VIEW If you have been following me for a bit then you know I loved Puerto Rico and my camera did too. This is one of the first shots from Puerto Rico even know we had not even landed yet. The angle on this photo is so cool as it […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY: ONE WAY TO TYLER STREET, BOSTON MA Walking around the city is like well walking around a city so much to see so much to take in. Lights, sounds, smells and beauty. In some place there is beauty all around, but we are to busy to blinded by the hustle and bustle […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY- FROSTED OVER TOWN   We have long winters here in New Hampshire. I joke that we have 5 seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and wedding session. Not necessarily in that order. When wedding season does start it goes fast unlike some of the last few winters we have had. Again my camera […]


I live in New Hampshire. It is almost a three hour drive to the city of Boston, MA. we go there a few times every year. Most times it is to the airport for a trip to far off lands. That is what we were doing on this trip. The flight to Puerto Rico was […]


PHOTO OF THE DAY – LITTLE HO– USE ON FROZEN WATER Driving last winter on a gray lite day. No sun many clouds. I had my camera ( I always do)  This day I was going to pick up a load of wood for my wooden toy business.  As I came around the corner I saw […]

Life in the Country

PHOTO OF THE DAY: LIFE IN THE COUNTRY   On a return trip from upstate New York our pug Buddha had to use the restroom. As I pulled off the exit I saw this great old iron bridge. I tried to find it via my internal compass. As I was closing in on the bridge […]

Sowing Seeds

PHOTO OF THE DAY : SOWING SEEDS Driving the country side at sunset is a great way to snap up a few photos. This picture is not at sunset but it was on the way down. It was taken looking in to Maine from New Hampshire. Loved the clouds and they are what made me stop. Thanks […]

Days Gone Past

Photo of the day : Days Gone Past On the way home form a family photo shoot I turned off at exit 6 in to the town Manchester. I knew a bit about the town and had been there in the past. I was just looking to grab a few shots of the river and […]

Glass Ocean

Photo of the day: Glass Ocean In 2013 I headed to the great state of Maine to take part in a portrait lighting class at Maine Media Workshops. It was a great way for me to expand my portrait and wedding photographer skills. During the class I was able to escape off to the coast from […]

Art For Your Home Canvas Wraps

Once upon a time, when people made a portrait, of you received a print. A real, physical, paper print. Then, the whole world went digital. Some die-hard photographers stuck to the course and made the prints part of their business plan and have rode the storm through the digital age. The print revolution is making a huge […]

How This New Hampshire Photographer Killed the Snow~Killing The Snow Funk~

  What can we do? You can not stop the snow. You can try and keep the shades closed, but at some point you have to go out. You can push it around the yard and toss sand on it, but there really is not much that you can do about the snow. So, this […]

What People are saying about Joe Martin Photography ~ By New Hampshire Photographer Joe Martin

Sharing testimonials is an important aspect of any business. Here is what my clients are saying about our experience together after a portrait shoot or wedding. It is always great to hear from them after the shoot to know that they had fun and enjoyed the photos. Here are just a few of the most […]

What is a Photographer to Blog about?

  Sure, I could blog about camera gear or my last family photo shoot. I want to offer more then pretty pictures or one family’s story. Plus there will always be that type of blog here and there. I want to be a bit different. I don’t want to give you what ever other photographer […]

Spring Time Photography Rush

Spring ahead! With the added light and the days getting warmer, now is the time to get in your photo experience! With lighting gear in tow, we can create something unique or keep it safe with some traditional portraits. Are you looking for  ways to bring your family into the homes of your extended family? […]