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Ship Yard Surprise | Limited Addition Fine Art Prints

Ship Yard Surprise | Limited Addition Fine Art Prints

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Ship Yard Surprise

On a trip over to Camden Maine I took many photos. A few sunsets a few photos of people in the streets. I took a portrait lighting class and shot many models male and female. We headed into the down town area for a day of street photography. We had the task of taking photos of ten people. They would be all strangers and we had to approach them and get them to let us photograph them. It was a bit scary but a lot of fun. Only one person said no thanks. We had a young couple follow us to another location to get shot of them in better light. We had a blast. About mid day we took a break and met down near the docks for a meeting and to check in with our progress. We had to wait for a few of the people in the group to make their way back to us. That is when I took a walk down the pier to the boats. I had my wide angle fish eye and my portrait lens. I set up my tripod and starting framing in all the boats. I would snap a few then move over a bit creating a different view and POV.  It was a great shooting day. I made a lot of photos that day.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: The clouds were screaming shoot me shoot me. I took many photo of this boat and it’s sister boat. You may have seen that other photo named “Glass Ocean” here. There was no surprise about the photos that day. Well maybe there was a bit of one once I was back at the computer and saw all the clouds and the reflections on the water.  It was almost unreal to see them all loading on my screen. This is for sure one day I will not forget.

Image of a boat with an amazing reflection and clouds.

The clouds the bout or the sea, What do your eyes goto first?

Wishing Your Way To Summer | Nature Photo Prints

Wishing Your Way To Summer | Nature Photo Prints

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Wishing Your Way To Summer

Any dandelions in your yard yet? None here, but the are coming. Every year we get a ton. We live on land with about 3 acre of fields. We are blessed each year with many different flower type all session long. we get so many colors and varieties I am not sure what is my favorite, I guess all of them. Some days I will take time to walk the land and find some fresh growth. I forget I should be working in my wood shop at times and lose some of the day to snapping photos. I have a large amount of dandelion photos. I edit them in all different ways. Edited that show flowers with a silhouette in front of a sunset. From above with half the flower in the frame and the rest cut of the side. Many more flower prints to come.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This was one of those flowers I was not sure if I would keep. Once I tossed it in to Lightroom I knew I had a keeper. Just a light edit was made. The color of the sky and the blurry tree add to this one showing off the very fine details of the seeds and the fluff (Taraxacum) on the top. Look for more flower photos soon.


Great photo of a dandelion

Flower are every were on our land. Here is a dandelion I found last year.





Again we as a family were on a plane traveling once again back home from a trip. This time we were in Dallas, TX after a 5 day trip to a home schooling conference that my wife was speaking at. I was in the middle seat talking to the kids about the trip we just took and the trip we are about to take home. I know that some of the kids are fine to fly and a couple of them do not like it so much. As we sit and wait for the plane in front of us to take flight I am looking for a spot to take a cool photo. The plane turns just slightly and in doing so gives me a great view of the city. I snap a few and wait then a few more.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I selected this photo from the group of shots I had for the one thing they others did not have. That other plane in it. I had not noticed until after I imported the photos on to my computer. This was the only photo that had a plane in it. I think it completes the story of our location. I mean you can tell it is an airport runway as it. With the plane it just says group level. I gave this photo that texture to add a kind of vintage look and feel to the photograph. I think it gives it a mood a time stamp. to me it looks to be a photo from maybe the 1970’s shot on film. I was happy with how it turned out. How do you feel when you look at it. Does it scream vintage to you also?

I am in the processes of adding my portfolio to my on line print shop. The site is hosted on another site called Smugmug. They offer many styles of prints from 8″x10″ photo paper up to 24″x36″ canvas wraps. I have a print on canvas option also that can print any whole image on the front face of a canvas wrap and print the wrapped edge black. This way you are getting the whole image in the face of the print and not losing any on the wrapped edges.

If you click this image you will be taken to my print shop and may view other images there. I have only a small percent of my work there now.


 vintage looking photo of Dallas TX airport from inside a plane looking at the city

Love taking photo on our trips around the world. This one is a fun vintage looking airport shot.




If you have been following me for a bit then you know I loved Puerto Rico and my camera did too. This is one of the first shots from Puerto Rico even know we had not even landed yet. The angle on this photo is so cool as it shows the depth of the city, almost like the Earth View on Google maps. You can see them in a 3D like style. It is like a tiny Lego city with the light hitting it all just right. This is was the light can do to a photo. With it being side lite like it is. It shows the depth. If the sun had been more over head and beaming straight down onto the city this would look flat non life like. It would give a totally deferent feel and mood then what we have now.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: As we came in for our landing I pulled my camera out and started to look for something to shoot. We were still over water so I had to wait for a bit and then there is was Puerto Rico. I was surprised to see the city right up to the coast. Being a new traveler to Puerto Rico I was thinking the costs would be all beach and jungle. Proves we should not always assume what we think about a place is true, but that we should investigate it to know as much as we can about a person, place or thing. I edited this photo in Lightrooom as I always do. I never us Photoshop. I truly do like to use it. I like a quick edit of my work and lightroom does that for me.


Image of a city in  Puerto Rico shot from an airplane

Taken from the Airplane landing in Porto Rico




Walking around the city is like well walking around a city so much to see so much to take in. Lights, sounds, smells and beauty. In some place there is beauty all around, but we are to busy to blinded by the hustle and bustle of all that city. Tall buildings helicopters. One way to truly embrace and enjoy the city for me anyway. Is to look for that small part of a scene that is worth saving is worth capturing and invoking thought. I do this with my camera. I use the lens and its narrow view to focus in on an area and close out the noise. I do this so well at times I might be walking in to traffic and not even realize it. It could be a bad thing.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Walking around “China Town” in Boston , Ma with my son one day. We had parked the car and walked and walked. I think we walked every street back and forth in China Town. We had some food at a small local spot. We visited a few of the shops. This photo I thought was very busy. The windows in the background reflecting the other buildings. The signs shouting orders and giving directions. The side of the streets were full of parked cars. People were moving about in and out of buildings, cars and walk ways. I had my photo and we moved on. I only wish I knew what the little flag says. It is a poster or advert for the the China Town Tourism fund. The next time you are in a city stop and look up. You just might find something you never saw before.


Down town buildings tower above street signs in this image

Signs scream orders every place you look. Do you like to



I live in New Hampshire. It is almost a three hour drive to the city of Boston, MA. we go there a few times every year. Most times it is to the airport for a trip to far off lands. That is what we were doing on this trip. The flight to Puerto Rico was the next morning. We most times book our flights so that we can wake up early drive down to the airport and get to the flight in the mid afternoon. This flight was a very early flight I think it was at 6 AM so it worked out for us to travel down the night before and stay nearby the airport making it easy and quick to get in, in the morning. As we wanted for some food to be delivered I noticed the sunsetting from our room window. I knew I had a very short time to get down to the rivers edge before the sun was gone and the photo op was too.  I had to find a a way to get past the fence that was separated our hotel form the water front area. I had to walk over some closed, abandoned rail road tracks to get near the water. It seems to be a spot that held a dock or pier of some kind. The post were all but rotted away. The light was getting more amazing by the minute. I set up my tripod and starting framing up some shots.
ABOUT THIS PHOTO:  I took many photos but this one is one of the keepers. I took 3 bracketed photos at different exposers.  Then blending them together in Photomatix. Creating the HDR effect you see here. I like this photo for the many elements it holds. We have the city of Boston, the great windmill with office or factory building next to it and of courses the epic sunset tying it all together.  The tripod was a must have for this type of shot.


Joe Marin

Sunset photo looking towards city of Boston MA looking over the Chelsea River

It was so fun to capture this great sunset shot. I had to explore a bit to get to this spot. Totally worth it.

DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin

DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin


Dreams came true all vacation long when in Puerto Rico. One of those dreams was my daughters. This dream turned out to be a photographers dream as well. She always wanted to try paddle boarding. It just so happed that the person we stayed with on this trip had some friends that were big on paddle boarding, so big in fact that they made and sold paddle boards. We were in luck on the day we went to Crash Boat beach. The weather was terrible when we got there. We all were ready to give up and leave when the clouds broke and we had the best beach day ever. Tiffany was in heaven on the board . She picked it up so fast. I am not sure if she fell off once. I on the other hand had a hard time of it. I just could not stand up. I was told after that the boards we had been using were designed for people of a smaller size. Meaning a person my size 6′ 185 lbs needed a longer board to hold them. I was in the water more then on the board. That was fine. I did what I do most time at the beach, took loads of photos.
I took so many photo here birds and waves wide angle with the fish-eye lens and many of the family playing in the water.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Tiffany was so at home on the board she mad easy look easy. This shot was a bit underexposed do to the sun being behind my subject and blasting me in the camera lens. Once I imported the photos into Lightroom I was off and running. Dropping the shadows even more to give it this silhouette feel. The water was made a bit crisper by upping the clarity a bit. She looks like she is just gliding on the water with ease, and she was.


silhouette photo of a girl paddle boarding on the ocean

Tiffany our daughter loves this spot. Paddle boarding is her thing.


Leading Lines To Freedom

Leading Lines To Freedom


PHOTO OF THE DAY- Leading Lines To Freedom

One more photo taken in Puerto Rico. This time we see this dirt road that follows the photographic term known as “leading lines” this effect draws the viewers eyes in and makes one wonder what is just beyond the view of sight. In this case what is even more intriguing is that at the end of this road we see the ocean adding to the mystery. I like this photo for a few reasons. One is that it beings me back to this day at Dirty Beach. This spot is about half way up the road form the beach and to an over look that you can see out to th open ocean on one side and back onto Dirty Beach on the other. I also love the colors. There is a few shades of green and as many of blues. You can see the gray in the sky the water and the grass. So much going on here. Please let me know what it is that you like about the photo. Is anything missing> What might have you don’t to make it even better? Just comment below and let me know. It is the best way to learn IMO. Is to have others share there views on an image.


Joe Martin


Dirt road in Puerto Rico leading into what looks like the ocean

Puerto Rico has some amazing sights. This is one of them.




Bostons Logan airport has many faces. If you are flying in out or driving by on the high you get a perspective of the airport that is not viewable from the other location. After years of renovations I hope they are done adding building and roads inside Logan. Being that it is the closest major airport to our home in New Hampshire we have travel in and out of it many times. On a recent trip to drop my family off on their way to the UK for a 10 day trip I took a little trip of mine own.
I knew if I just drop around I would find the waters edge and I was glad I did.  I found this spot in the back of a parking lot behind a small restaurant in the town of Revere which is right next to the city of Boston. I set up my tripod and blasted away in the direction of the airport knowing I would pull some eye candy from the card one home. Here is one of a few shots I pulled from the card. This one is another 3 shot HDR photo I built in Photomatix and then finished up in Lightroom. I ending up liking this soft look so I added some noise reduction and dropped the clarity to almost add a look of a water color painting. Hope you enjoy.


Joe Martin


Photo of Logan airport form across the water at sunset

One of the many faces of Bostons, Logan Airport



Paddle Not Needed

Paddle Not Needed


This is the space were all you need is a canoe and someone you love. Just drifting in the water all day. This photo shows the early fall colors in New England. With the sky and the reflection off the water. It is truly what a day dream would look like. Do you just want to sit and float all day? This and all my images are available for purchase. Just imagine walking out to your sitting room and getting to view this scene when ever you wanted.  Just click the photo to be taken to my print shop maybe there is another image that speaks to you or as a gift to someone you know.

New England foliage reflecting of the water in this very colorful photo

Want to going fishing in this watering hole?






Here is another nature photo from our trip to Puerto Rico. We were out all day at the beach a great location named Dirty Beach. See my post about it to find out why it is called such a name. This spot was at the top of a rolling hill on the way down to the cost. The clouds were just amazing I had to have the driver pull to the side so I could just spend a few minutes taking this one. I am very happy with how this turned out. I hope you are too. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. As always thanks for stopping by my site. As always all of my fine art prints are available for purchase  in many sizes and on many mediums from archival paper to ready to hang wall canvas. Click an image to goto my print site or contact me for custom orders.

Joe Martin


Image of a grass covered field as it heads down to the oceans edge.

Capturing this hill top view was a great way to start a day at the beach.

Sky and Sea, Water and Tree

Sky and Sea, Water and Tree


Dirty Beach is the name of this beautiful location. Yup you guessed it in Puerto Rico. This is the spot to come to if you travel to PR. The name Dirty Beach was giving to this spot because the tide drags a large amount of seed weed up on the shore line.  The locals gave it its name so the tourists would steer clear the true name of this dream location is La Playuela. It must work as there was almost no one there on the two days we went. I was in photography heaven. You can not see it from here but on the end of that point directly in the middle of the photo there is a natural rock arch. I did walk around the beach and into the arch. The photo of the arch can be seen here. Thanks so much for visiting my page. A big thanks to all that shared or like my photos. Please leave a comment below I love to hear form you guys.

A photo from Dirty Beach in Puerto Rico

Sky and sea water and tree




On our trip to Puerto Rico I was able to take many new existing photo of the ocean the jungle and some crazy bugs and animals. Here in this photo at the edge of the jungle might be one of my favorite from the trip. It truly was an amazing sky. It was just after eating dinner I was cleaning up in the kitchen and looked out the window to see the sunset and the purple in it was almost fake looking. I just drop everything then grabbed my gear and ran up the hill to this spot on the conner. There was houses behind me but none on this spot. I stood trying to catch my breath and be fast about setting up my tripod and camera. Once I saw the back of the LCD screen I knew I had something. I moved and composed a few more shots and baam the sun had set.

Joe Martin



Nature photo of the jungle in Puerto Rico

Looks like a T-Rex is going to come running out any second

Life in the Country

Life in the Country



On a return trip from upstate New York our pug Buddha had to use the restroom. As I pulled off the exit I saw this great old iron bridge. I tried to find it via my internal compass. As I was closing in on the bridge thinking I will find it. We drop paste what looked like and turned out to be a castle. This castle turned out to be a restaurant.  As we let the dog walked in the woods near by I snapped some photos and created this one. I was happy the clouds were playing nice. Nothing worse then finding a great location and having a gray or totally blue sky. With the small patch of flowers the sky and the green of the trees I was able to display the beauty of this old stone barn and silo. It was a great find. I never did make it to the bridge that day. Maybe next time.

Fine art photo of a Wide shot of a barn the field next to it and the beautiful sky in this

We found a caste and a barn


Look for a new photo of the day at 10:30 EST right here at

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds


Driving the country side at sunset is a great way to snap up a few photos. This picture is not at sunset but it was on the way down. It was taken looking in to Maine from New Hampshire. Loved the clouds and they are what made me stop.

Thanks for looking at my page.  Joe Martin


Nature photo looking across a farmed field

Looking north into Maine



Joe Martin is a New Hampshire wedding photographer also creating portrait and family photography.

For booking information please contact today

Glass Ocean

Glass Ocean

Photo of the day: Glass Ocean

In 2013 I headed to the great state of Maine to take part in a portrait lighting class at Maine Media Workshops. It was a great way for me to expand my portrait and wedding photographer skills. During the class I was able to escape off to the coast from class and create some personal work. This is one of my favorites from that week. The ocean was just so smooth the reflection was just asking for it to be made into a photo.   Once I had the image and I did my editing work. I printed 2 large prints and returned to the spot to hand deliver a image each to the captain of this great vessels.


Ocean reflections of two large ships

Reflections of a trip to Maine

Free Photo Shoots: What’s My Motivation?

Free Photo Shoots: What’s My Motivation?

photo of New Hampshire photographer Joe martin


I read something the other day. It was a photographer talking about how he offers 12 complimentary  photo shoots each year. Some might say things like. That really made me think, “How is this any way to run a business?” or “your losing out on 12 potential sessions sales and a percentage of your yearly earnings.” When I thought about it, he made a really great point.  In realty what is happening is that I am growing my client list. I am getting more photos for my portfolio and the big one for me is that I am getting to try some shots that I want to shoot. Most times at a  shoot I try to shoot mostly for the client and not so much for me. I feel when someone is paying to have a family, senior or any portrait session they want what they want and they should get that.  When offering a free session to the right person, we can work together on the shoot and I may ask them if we can try something new or something a bit out of the box from a every day photo session that some other photographer might not be able to do when dealing with only paying clients.  Not only that, but it feels good to help someone out who normally couldn’t afford my prices

Well then, how do you find these people for the complimentary sessions? That is were the real work comes in. I will have to work at this. Being a photographer in New Hampshire can be beautiful and tough. It is winter for 4 months and cold for longer. It is hard to get outdoor photography done. Weddings book up for the summer months with family and senior portrait seasons on the days in between. So, I will most likely be doing two or three free photo shoots each month of the spring, summer and fall.  The free shoots will be more of a model type of shoot. One subject at a time. I may included a family or two and in fact have two family shoots already lined up this spring to kick off this season with a running start. I am always looking at people when I am out looking for that right person for an idea I may be thinking up. Most shoots will be just a normal head shoot session or casual portraits being taken outside in the natural beauty that New Hampshire has to offer.


photo of a blond girl

Senior Model Program


North Conway New Hampshire Senior Portrait Models Wanted

 Looking for a Senior Portrait Photographer In New Hampshire? Look no further.

This year I will be doing some complimentary “senior model” sessions as well, to get my name out in the local community a little faster.  There are two large high schools near by me. One is in Fryeburg Maine simply named Fryeburg Academy and back here in North Conway we have Kennett High School. I will be seeking to draft 2 students from each school to gift a session to. In doing so I will have them promote my senior portraits as a option for others. I have not worked out all the details as of the date as of this post. I feel it would be fair to offer them a complimentary session including one 8×10 print of their choice and the digital file their. Then, for each person they refer  to me that books a session the senior model we receive a print credit towards other images from their session. They will be given promotional materials to help with this and to track their success. If you are a senior in one of these schools or know someone that is, please contact me or show them this post. Follow my Facebook page to see updates on this program as more information and a flyer will be on the way.

Take a look at my Senior Portrait page for more information, or to book your session today!

If you have another idea for a promotion or giveaway please comment below.



About this North Conway New Hampshire Senior Portrait Photographer

Enjoy this North Conway wedding photography provided by Joe  Martin Photography

Joe Martin is located in Mount Washington Valley Specializing in portrait photography and works as the following : wedding photographer, senior portrait photographer newborn photographer and family photographer.  Photography coverage including but not limited to  New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts including: NH- Rochester, Dover, Concord and Meredith. In Maine Portland, Fryeburg. In Massachusetts Boston, Lawrence, Salem, and Gloucester and beyond.  If your in an area not listed I will travel for the right client.

No matter what your event may be either  wedding photography or senior portraits each day is a great day and will be handled professionally with our clients goals in mind. If you have any questions or comments for me or about our photography please call me 603-367-4657 or email me at New Hampshire Wedding Photographer today.


Location Information:

Joe Martin Photography is located in Madison NH, 03849

All images copyright ©Joe Martin 2010-2014

What is a Photographer to Blog about?

What is a Photographer to Blog about?


Beautiful landscape print of a snowy rivers in New Hampshire

Snowing River in New Hampshire

Sure, I could blog about camera gear or my last family photo shoot. I want to offer more then pretty pictures or one family’s story. Plus there will always be that type of blog here and there. I want to be a bit different. I don’t want to give you what ever other photographer gives you. I want to share some of my experiences sure, but I am so much more than that.

Like most people I sit and think about a new blog post. After some time I would find a photo, write a one line back story about the photo and post. Well, that is not a post. In fact, it is almost nothing. It will not get me a better Google ranking. Google looks for new information within a page that contains between 300-2000 words or more. If you’re like me, once you get to a page and see that it has an overwhelming amount of text you do one of two things: You either close the page or you might scroll and scan the page for small lines of text that grab your eye, taking in just a small amount of the carefully crafted post. We all like to share our story to give tips, updates, a news story or better yet, show you what we had for lunch that day.

I want to keep you supplied with a post that is short and sweet, to the point and informational at the same time.  With every post I get a little clearer on what I would like to share and why I want to share it. At the same time, I am trying to become a better writer and better at typing. It is hard to type fast when you spend most of your time backspacing to remove that red line under your words. As I became more comfortable, more blog posts start forming in my head I have to start to write ideas in my phones’ notes and draft emails to myself.

Now what I am blogging about these days? Well, now that is it off season for outdoor photography in my area. At this point this it my only studio space. I am blogging about photography, about my business, and blog about a few product reviews on items I have bought this winter, just to fill in the slow shooting times with some content so Google does not forget about me.

As we close in on portrait and wedding session I will blog about shoots and post photos from them. At the same time, keeping true to my passion to share some knowledge along the way that I have picked up from others or as I try new things by pushing myself in new directions.

One thing to think about and understand is that we live in a ever-changing word. A world that did not have the iPad prior to 2010. A world where most everyone has a Smart Phone, even young children. We live in a world that camera phones are better then the high price digital cameras we lugged around a few years back. What’s next? We barely know what is happening now! One thing that we must adapt to is the fast-changing times and new ways to content with our clients to bring in new business. One thing that is in the now and we have to use to our advantage is the actual Smart Phones. We have to have our sites mobile ready to be view and navigate with ease. What I mean is with the iPhones, Siri and Google’s “search by voice” feature. We need to be ready and able to come up in a search by location and the field of work that we specialize in. Are you ready? Do you even know how to adjust your business to handle this in the best way? I may blog about it in the future once I have a better understanding on how we as photographers can benefit from this new way of internet search algorithms.

In closing, remember that everyone needs to add content to their site. You must blog to be found. Once you have been found in your area of expertise, you do have a bit of an upper hand and do not have to blog as much, but once you stop, the Google Gods will take notice. The guy/gal down the road, that has been working hard to take your place just might take it.

Thanks again for reading! If you want to stay up to date with my posts or have some feedback on this topic, please comment below. If you do want to receive a email update for new posts from my blog you may select the second check box under your comment and you will receive a notice in your Inbox.


About This North Conway, New Hampshire Photographer

Enjoy this North Conway Wedding photography provided by Joe  Martin Photography

Joe Martin is located in Mount Washington Valley Specializing in portrait photography including but not limited to : wedding photography , senior portrait photography,  newborn photography and family photography.  Photography coverage including but not limited to  New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts including in NH Rochester, Dover, Concord and Meredith. In Maine Portland, Fryeburg. In Massachusetts Boston, Lawrence, Salem, and Gloucester and beyond.  If your in an area not listed I will travel for the right client.

No matter what your event may be either  wedding photography or senior portraits each day is a great day and will be handled professionally with our clients goals in mind. If you have any questions or comments for me or about our photography please call me 603-367-4657 or email me at New Hampshire Wedding Photographer today.


Location Information:

Joe Martin Photography is located in Madison NH, 03849

Casting Call.

If I hear of a great concept  I my just shoot with you at no cost to you. Please send a concept in a email to me. Maybe we can make a portrait of the concept.   Portrait photographers in New Hampshire.

Getting Creative as a Team

 When I first start to get clients with my photography I was so new to portraits that I was only shooting what I knew. As I developed my craft and learned more about light and using lighting to create an image that was more dramatic or smooth. I would push myself to step outside my comfort zone and try knew things. This past month I did something I have not done before. I had my wife Dayna join me on a shoot. She had some creative ideas that I may not have thought of. It turned a great shoot into an epic one. This is one image from that shoot. Follow this link to see more photos from this shoot.


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