Leading Lines To Freedom

Leading Lines To Freedom


PHOTO OF THE DAY- Leading Lines To Freedom

One more photo taken in Puerto Rico. This time we see this dirt road that follows the photographic term known as “leading lines” this effect draws the viewers eyes in and makes one wonder what is just beyond the view of sight. In this case what is even more intriguing is that at the end of this road we see the ocean adding to the mystery. I like this photo for a few reasons. One is that it beings me back to this day at Dirty Beach. This spot is about half way up the road form the beach and to an over look that you can see out to th open ocean on one side and back onto Dirty Beach on the other. I also love the colors. There is a few shades of green and as many of blues. You can see the gray in the sky the water and the grass. So much going on here. Please let me know what it is that you like about the photo. Is anything missing> What might have you don’t to make it even better? Just comment below and let me know. It is the best way to learn IMO. Is to have others share there views on an image.


Joe Martin


Dirt road in Puerto Rico leading into what looks like the ocean

Puerto Rico has some amazing sights. This is one of them.

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