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Fire Tonight at Shutters Inn, North Conway NH

Fire Tonight at Shutters Inn, North Conway NH

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These images are from a two alarm fire at a small apartment building in North Conway, NH 03860. The building was on fire from in the attic. By the time I got there the crew had already cleared the building and were about to fight the blaze. The smoke was thick and black for about 30 mins then the fire busted through the roof. I would guess that the flames could be seen for no more then 5 mins before they were extinguished. 16 residents had to be relocated and the building is not boarded shut. This small “inn” turned apartment complex is a local landmark at the cross roads of a busy intersection.  All occupants are safe, but in need of housing. I was able to capture these images on the scene. Please contact Joe for any publication requests.

Fire Norht Conway New Hampshire













Ship Yard Surprise | Limited Addition Fine Art Prints

Ship Yard Surprise | Limited Addition Fine Art Prints

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Ship Yard Surprise

On a trip over to Camden Maine I took many photos. A few sunsets a few photos of people in the streets. I took a portrait lighting class and shot many models male and female. We headed into the down town area for a day of street photography. We had the task of taking photos of ten people. They would be all strangers and we had to approach them and get them to let us photograph them. It was a bit scary but a lot of fun. Only one person said no thanks. We had a young couple follow us to another location to get shot of them in better light. We had a blast. About mid day we took a break and met down near the docks for a meeting and to check in with our progress. We had to wait for a few of the people in the group to make their way back to us. That is when I took a walk down the pier to the boats. I had my wide angle fish eye and my portrait lens. I set up my tripod and starting framing in all the boats. I would snap a few then move over a bit creating a different view and POV.  It was a great shooting day. I made a lot of photos that day.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: The clouds were screaming shoot me shoot me. I took many photo of this boat and it’s sister boat. You may have seen that other photo named “Glass Ocean” here. There was no surprise about the photos that day. Well maybe there was a bit of one once I was back at the computer and saw all the clouds and the reflections on the water.  It was almost unreal to see them all loading on my screen. This is for sure one day I will not forget.

Image of a boat with an amazing reflection and clouds.

The clouds the bout or the sea, What do your eyes goto first?

Falling in Love With Nature Photography | Landscape Photos

Falling in Love With Nature Photography | Landscape Photos

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Falling in Love With Nature Photography

After being involved with many on line photo groups. Mostly via Facebook. I have come to realize that many if not all photographers got their start with photography shooting landscape or nature photos. If you think about it, it makes total sense. The light is there, there is never red eye. You can take your time with framing and take as many photo as you want with no complying from the subject. Once a style is found then we tend to shot that subject for a bit of time then we move on to a new natural backdrop to use as a canvas. Some will move onto living subjects like people or pets. Some will stay in the nature photography world their whole careers.  One of the good parts of nature photography is that you don’t need lots and lots of gear. I know we need cameras and lenses, but we don’t need to invest in lighting or wardrobe, we never need to pay a model or run advertising to get new clients. The trees will always pose for us.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This is a small stream just up the road form my home. It is in a field that houses two horses and two cows in the summer months. This photo was taken from standing just feet from a road. You can see it is early fall here. The leaves are just beginning their change. Soon all of them will be on the ground or floating away in the water. I really love this post and have taken photos in winter here as well.  Hope you get out in nature from time to time. If not to take photos of it at least to enjoy it.


image of a river and fall colors on trees

Fall is a time for photos.

Wishing Your Way To Summer | Nature Photo Prints

Wishing Your Way To Summer | Nature Photo Prints

PHOTO OF THE DAY – Wishing Your Way To Summer

Any dandelions in your yard yet? None here, but the are coming. Every year we get a ton. We live on land with about 3 acre of fields. We are blessed each year with many different flower type all session long. we get so many colors and varieties I am not sure what is my favorite, I guess all of them. Some days I will take time to walk the land and find some fresh growth. I forget I should be working in my wood shop at times and lose some of the day to snapping photos. I have a large amount of dandelion photos. I edit them in all different ways. Edited that show flowers with a silhouette in front of a sunset. From above with half the flower in the frame and the rest cut of the side. Many more flower prints to come.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This was one of those flowers I was not sure if I would keep. Once I tossed it in to Lightroom I knew I had a keeper. Just a light edit was made. The color of the sky and the blurry tree add to this one showing off the very fine details of the seeds and the fluff (Taraxacum) on the top. Look for more flower photos soon.


Great photo of a dandelion

Flower are every were on our land. Here is a dandelion I found last year.


We Heart Travel | Natural Landscape Photos

We Heart Travel | Natural Landscape Photos

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Travel who does not like to go on vacation? I don’t know of anyone that does not like to have some down time. At times the trip can be stressful can be unpredictable. Once at your destination all is well.  One of our best family trips was our trip to Purtio Rico. As a family we had so much fun together. Playing in the ocean seeing new landscapes so much different then our native New Hampshire. We say new animals, new foods and created new memories that will surely last a life time. One of the firsts days we were there we went to the beach. It was amazing. The water was so warm. The kids and I rain and dove in. We ate lunch and we had to hide from the rain. It rained hard that first day. So hard that some of the smaller roads on the way back to or home away from home were flooded and we had to find an alternate route back. Our host that put us up the time we spent in Purtio Rico drove us to many beaches when there. She took us on a day trip many hours form her home. We all boarded a small boat and then were dropped off on a small island. One the island there was much to see and much to photograph. One of the small beaches there had many tiny pieces of coral. It even had some huge pieces. Here is one of them.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I  was out exploring a bit shooting up the landscape. Taking photos from every angle from low and close to the water and far back in the tree line. The clouds screamed epic from every angle. One of the coolest things I found on the island was this huge piece of coral. At least I think it was. It might have been a rock with many holes in it. I think it was coral.  It was in the shape of a hart. It was magical. I stood it up so the heart would stand out ageist the blue sky and the green of the mountains. It is what we LOVE about travel.

Landscape photo of a beach in Purtio rico

Our family trip to Purtio Rico was one of the most memorable .

Renting Tilt-Shift Lens | Fine Art Photography

Renting Tilt-Shift Lens | Fine Art Photography

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Renting Tilt-Shift Lens

Last year I headed to the coast of Maine for a class. I was able to rent a Tilt-shift lens for my camera. They are an amazing lens. With moving parts that do what it says. It can tilt the angle of view and create an effect with blurring around the edge of the frame of the photo. It gives the viewer the feeling like the photo has been edited in such a way to give this look, but it is all done with the lens. I feel almost any photo could be turned into a fine art photo with the use of this lens. If you are new to photography or want to learn a bit more about what a Tilt- shift lens is check this Wikipedia page.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This was shot across Camden harbor. I was just playing with the lens and loved the way this looked with the Church steeple in focus and the rest of the city looking blurry and out of focus.

Photos of a Maine city using  title shift lens

The Effect here is from a tilt-shift lens.

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

Daytona Beach Landscape | Limited Addition Fine Art Photography

PHOTO OF THE DAY- Daytona Beach Landscape

For a few years our family has made the trip to Florida making the trip via car and RV. We head to Walt Disney World for a few of the days. The Kids love the rides and I have learned to love them too. I think The Aerosmith ride, The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It very fast roller coaster with a few loops and high speed. The music is blasting as you make your way to a concerts staring Aerosmith. On the trip I take many photos of the parks and the landscape of Florida. We have also made a tradition of stopping at Daytona Beach on the why home. It is a great way to close out our time in Florida and a great start to a long drive back north. Ever time we have gone over to Daytona the weather has been great. Like most trips to the beach it is breezy and wet. The kids always say they are not go into get wet, yet they end up running in the water and then we need to find a place to change before the next leg of the trip. This day was no different.


This was taken with a 15-50 mm lens on its widest setting, trying to capture as much of the beach as I could. I think it looks great in Black & White. The seagulls and the pilers make this photo what it is. They are the a main subject and really let you know your at the ocean.  The one solo flying gull adds to the drama of the clouds and ties it all together. Prints are available for purchase in many sizes from 8×12 prints up to 36X48 canvas prints. I am offering this fine art print in a limited addition canvas print. There will be only 25 canvas printed they are 20″x 30″ and will be hand signed but me. The price is $250+$10 shipping. Contact me today to take advantage of this limited addition sale.

Photo of the ocean with seagulls and all wooden pillars showing the clouds

This Daytona beach landscape make me want to travel more.



What makes a photo a photo? Is it the snap of the camera? Is it the eye of the photographer? Could it be that they seeing, the noticing something worth capturer with a camera? Maybe it is all of these. Anyone can point a camera and push a button.  I think the real trick in taking a great photo over taking a good one is the eye of the photographer? What is captured on the camera senior is truly up to them. Some ways in which I feel photographers can make better photos is to start looking at subjects from a different point of view(pov). I mean that literally. Once they have a subject to photograph. Whether that subject is an epic landscape in nature or a model on a photo shoot or a small flower in a field. Changing the POV can take a good photo and make it a great one.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: This is a great example of changing ones POV to create a better photo. I was walking around looking for things to snap away at with my camera. I had seen the rain had stopped but it was still very wet out. I saw this dripping tree and thought I wounder what I can create from it. Now I could have just stood back and taken a photo of the tree as a whole. I chose to change my POV. I am glad I did. I created this crazy image with many lines leading your eye around the photo. Looking for the end and the beginning. What is the main subject here? Is it the big branches, the little ones or is it the water drops about to drip from them? I think it is something different for every viewer. What is it for you? What is thing in this photo finds your focus? Leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you all.


Fine art image of a tree branch with water dripping off.

Water or tree, what is it you focus on?




Again we as a family were on a plane traveling once again back home from a trip. This time we were in Dallas, TX after a 5 day trip to a home schooling conference that my wife was speaking at. I was in the middle seat talking to the kids about the trip we just took and the trip we are about to take home. I know that some of the kids are fine to fly and a couple of them do not like it so much. As we sit and wait for the plane in front of us to take flight I am looking for a spot to take a cool photo. The plane turns just slightly and in doing so gives me a great view of the city. I snap a few and wait then a few more.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: I selected this photo from the group of shots I had for the one thing they others did not have. That other plane in it. I had not noticed until after I imported the photos on to my computer. This was the only photo that had a plane in it. I think it completes the story of our location. I mean you can tell it is an airport runway as it. With the plane it just says group level. I gave this photo that texture to add a kind of vintage look and feel to the photograph. I think it gives it a mood a time stamp. to me it looks to be a photo from maybe the 1970’s shot on film. I was happy with how it turned out. How do you feel when you look at it. Does it scream vintage to you also?

I am in the processes of adding my portfolio to my on line print shop. The site is hosted on another site called Smugmug. They offer many styles of prints from 8″x10″ photo paper up to 24″x36″ canvas wraps. I have a print on canvas option also that can print any whole image on the front face of a canvas wrap and print the wrapped edge black. This way you are getting the whole image in the face of the print and not losing any on the wrapped edges.

If you click this image you will be taken to my print shop and may view other images there. I have only a small percent of my work there now.


 vintage looking photo of Dallas TX airport from inside a plane looking at the city

Love taking photo on our trips around the world. This one is a fun vintage looking airport shot.





We have long winters here in New Hampshire. I joke that we have 5 seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter and wedding session. Not necessarily in that order. When wedding season does start it goes fast unlike some of the last few winters we have had. Again my camera is almost always with me in the car. I happen to drive around the park in down town North Conway and the scene was just asking to be photographed. I jumped out and took about five photos. This being the one I picked to edit and post. We can see a large part of our old fashion ski town.

Sure we have a Starbucks a 99 restaurant and Walmart. They are down at the other end of town in the area of town that contains most of the change type of stores and outlets. This is the older side of town the part that still holds on to some of the original buildings that were part of the foundation of Mount Washington Valley. It is great to park on the street near here and walk in and out of these store fronts. Each store is unique in its own way. From our famous rock and gem shop “Dondero’s Rock Shop” and our local small town coffee shop “The Met” then a bit further down we have Horsefeathers restaurant and right next door in “Zeb’s County Store”. On a small side note. I had worked at Horesfeathers for 16 years before children and have gone back to work there over time the past few years after taken 8 years old to grow my wooden toys business Willow Toys . Zeb’s is the yellow building pictured here just left of the church and Horesfeathers is the lite blue building two buildings over to the left of Zeb’s. If you ever find your self up this way both locations are a must visit type of place. Finally we can see “Cranmore Mountain” our local in town ski resort.

Thanks for viewing my site. Have you ever been to North Conway? Let me know in the comments below.


Village of North Conway New Hampshire all snow covered in winter

Village of North Conway New Hampshire




About this North Conway New Hampshire Wedding Photographer:

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DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin

DREAMS COME TRUE IN PUERTO RICO |Travel Photographer Joe Martin


Dreams came true all vacation long when in Puerto Rico. One of those dreams was my daughters. This dream turned out to be a photographers dream as well. She always wanted to try paddle boarding. It just so happed that the person we stayed with on this trip had some friends that were big on paddle boarding, so big in fact that they made and sold paddle boards. We were in luck on the day we went to Crash Boat beach. The weather was terrible when we got there. We all were ready to give up and leave when the clouds broke and we had the best beach day ever. Tiffany was in heaven on the board . She picked it up so fast. I am not sure if she fell off once. I on the other hand had a hard time of it. I just could not stand up. I was told after that the boards we had been using were designed for people of a smaller size. Meaning a person my size 6′ 185 lbs needed a longer board to hold them. I was in the water more then on the board. That was fine. I did what I do most time at the beach, took loads of photos.
I took so many photo here birds and waves wide angle with the fish-eye lens and many of the family playing in the water.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Tiffany was so at home on the board she mad easy look easy. This shot was a bit underexposed do to the sun being behind my subject and blasting me in the camera lens. Once I imported the photos into Lightroom I was off and running. Dropping the shadows even more to give it this silhouette feel. The water was made a bit crisper by upping the clarity a bit. She looks like she is just gliding on the water with ease, and she was.


silhouette photo of a girl paddle boarding on the ocean

Tiffany our daughter loves this spot. Paddle boarding is her thing.


Leading Lines To Freedom

Leading Lines To Freedom


PHOTO OF THE DAY- Leading Lines To Freedom

One more photo taken in Puerto Rico. This time we see this dirt road that follows the photographic term known as “leading lines” this effect draws the viewers eyes in and makes one wonder what is just beyond the view of sight. In this case what is even more intriguing is that at the end of this road we see the ocean adding to the mystery. I like this photo for a few reasons. One is that it beings me back to this day at Dirty Beach. This spot is about half way up the road form the beach and to an over look that you can see out to th open ocean on one side and back onto Dirty Beach on the other. I also love the colors. There is a few shades of green and as many of blues. You can see the gray in the sky the water and the grass. So much going on here. Please let me know what it is that you like about the photo. Is anything missing> What might have you don’t to make it even better? Just comment below and let me know. It is the best way to learn IMO. Is to have others share there views on an image.


Joe Martin


Dirt road in Puerto Rico leading into what looks like the ocean

Puerto Rico has some amazing sights. This is one of them.




I felt I could not just post one “Photo of the Day” for this post. For the reasons of story telling I felt only one photo would not tell a story. I could have dragged this out in to 10 blog posts. I di dnot want to wait to share my trip to #NYC. We had gone to New York for a few reasons. One was to see some family friends another was to see the city. we had other plans when there. We had made gift bags for some homeless people in the city. We built 15 bags with assorted helpful items in them. They were a way to create a feeling of gratitude and kindness to a few folks that had been dealt a tough hand in life. We had also picked up some winter fleece jackets. We filmed a bit of these “Acts of Kindness” for our vlogs on Youtube. (the video is below the photos)
The day we headed into the city is was cold, in fact so cold that it was tough to find a location that had many homeless folks. They were mostly down in Penn Station. It was so great to gift these bags to folks. They were all so full of thanks. A few were almost brought to tears.  For now I will get back to the point of this post this set of street photographs.  As we walked the city we went in some gift shops had some coffee at Starbucks. Saw the Naked Cowboy. We stopped in Times Square and sat for a bit. All the time taking small video clips for out vlog and taking photo of the city and the people that were all about. From the folks in times square dress as random yet popular TV and movie characters. We saw Batman, Elmo, Micky Mouse and a number of cool yet creepy very tall people dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. There was ten of us together so taking my time to get all the photos I would have was a bit hard. I still was about to capture some what I would say are creative and captivated of the New York city life. I hope you enjoy these photos I have picked to share. Pleae leave a comment if you have any feedback. Have you been to NYC did you get some of these same types of photos? Thanks again for stopping by.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “SKY HIGH” – A view up. This photo made this set as I love the point of view I created. I love the reflection and the tones made in Lightroom once editing took place.

looking up at reflecting windows of many skyscrapers in new york city

Loved this POV looking up at some sky scrappers in #NYC

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Gotham Nights”  – I do not use Photoshop. I just never learned it. I do love Lightroom. Lightroom is another Adobe product if is very powerful photo edting software. It does all the basics and more. This photo of Radio City Music Hall and the building across from it really shows what Lightroom can do. This feels like it is out of a Batman movie to me. You can see from the street sign that it is the holiday season.

city scap photo from NYC many building and the Radio City MusicHall marquee

Is that Gotham City? Looks like this is cut form a movie.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Batman vs Elmo” I think we know who would win that battle. Even know this is a little blurry from the motion and maybe me freezing to death. I had to include it as it shows the true street level view of what it is like in Times Square.

Street photo of street actors Batman is in view n NYC

Batman, Elmo and Minnie oh my.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Walking Heads”  This moment stopped in time is a great expression of what walking around was like. At times we had crowds all around us. I love that the crossing sign is on the STOP. Also you can see one of the people dressed up as The Statue of Liberty.


Images shows faces in a crowed street in NYC

Stop where you are.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Night Lights” Taking with a wide angle fish-eye lens using a long exposure. The cars moving past add a streak of light form the motion. The wide fish-eye lens give this a surreal look bending the tall buildings at the top.

street view image with motion blur from the car lights going by fast

Night Lights. Cars in motion cruising by in the New York City Streets

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Get Me Out Of Here” From the street looking up using my wide fish-eye lens to create this effect. You can really see the scope of the center of this part of New York City. Love this effect for this type of location.

wide fish-eye photo looking up in the middle of time square many tall buildings scene

Get me out of here.


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Then This Guy” Loved this one. I was crossing the street with the family. I looked up and saw this man on his bike at the red light. I loved his mask and the look on his face. He was looking right at me as I stopped for one second and snapped it. The photo really captured the city as well. The cars the buildings. We can see the time of year with his mask and the holiday lights.

street photo of a man at a red light with cold weather beard mask on. Looking right at me.

Then this guy was just there. Love his hat/face mask


ABOUT THIS PHOTO: “Hot And Cold Windows” This is crazy. It was so clod that the top windows of One World Plaza. I zoomed in for this one and captured the steam rising from the top of the building do to the cold air this night.

View looking up at the steaming windows  of One World Plaza NYC

Steaming windows at One World Plaza.


Our Youtube video from our trip Giving to the Homeless.




Driving last winter on a gray lite day. No sun many clouds. I had my camera ( I always do)  This day I was going to pick up a load of wood for my wooden toy business.  As I came around the corner I saw it there in the distance. It was a little house a ice house to be more descriptive. If you do not know what a ice house is it is not just a beer. It is a small shed really. It is used for ice fishing in the cold part of the world. You can build them to fit your needs. Some have little wood stove some have holes in the floor to fish through. Some are just a place to store your gear and take a break from the cold.  This one looks nice it has vinyl siding on it and a nice weather proof door and a few windows to let the light in.
I pulled into a small turn around spot on the side of the road and climbed a snow bank to get a better view. I was almost to the top and noticed I could shoot into this small area of tress that had lost its leaves in the fall. I thought this would add to the mood of the photo and I snapped away. After just a few shots I was happy and back on my trip to the lumber yard. You never know when that next shot will line up or what you might do to make the next photo. I always have my camera with me. I know we all have cell phones for the most part but I don’t think this would look so cool if I took it on my iPhone4s


Joe Martin


Photo of a icehouse on a frozen lake

What a way to spend the weekend. On the frozen lake in your tiny house.

Far and Away

Far and Away


Amazing landscape scene in this seasonal photo taken in New Hampshire last fall. The color is amazing this time year. From my point of view it was hard to even pick a spot to point the camera they were all amazing and so full of foliage. I took many others and even a pano photo from this place. It will be some time before I make it back in to my archives and edit the rest. The one thing about always shooting landscapes is you always have so many images to pick and chose from. Finding that one form the shoot that is just a bit better then the rest. If you have a moment head over to my on-line gallery and view some of my other works. The images in my gallery are all available for purchase as well. Thanks again for viewing sharing and liking my work. Comments are also always so nice to receive.

Joe Martin

Landscape photograph view across a New England mountain range in the fall full of color

What a site to see here in New Hampshire. The fall is truly amazing .




Bostons Logan airport has many faces. If you are flying in out or driving by on the high you get a perspective of the airport that is not viewable from the other location. After years of renovations I hope they are done adding building and roads inside Logan. Being that it is the closest major airport to our home in New Hampshire we have travel in and out of it many times. On a recent trip to drop my family off on their way to the UK for a 10 day trip I took a little trip of mine own.
I knew if I just drop around I would find the waters edge and I was glad I did.  I found this spot in the back of a parking lot behind a small restaurant in the town of Revere which is right next to the city of Boston. I set up my tripod and blasted away in the direction of the airport knowing I would pull some eye candy from the card one home. Here is one of a few shots I pulled from the card. This one is another 3 shot HDR photo I built in Photomatix and then finished up in Lightroom. I ending up liking this soft look so I added some noise reduction and dropped the clarity to almost add a look of a water color painting. Hope you enjoy.


Joe Martin


Photo of Logan airport form across the water at sunset

One of the many faces of Bostons, Logan Airport



Paddle Not Needed

Paddle Not Needed


This is the space were all you need is a canoe and someone you love. Just drifting in the water all day. This photo shows the early fall colors in New England. With the sky and the reflection off the water. It is truly what a day dream would look like. Do you just want to sit and float all day? This and all my images are available for purchase. Just imagine walking out to your sitting room and getting to view this scene when ever you wanted.  Just click the photo to be taken to my print shop maybe there is another image that speaks to you or as a gift to someone you know.

New England foliage reflecting of the water in this very colorful photo

Want to going fishing in this watering hole?



In Search of The Aurora

In Search of The Aurora



In the winter of 2013 was one of the largest solar flairs to date. The week of the sun flair were wild reports of the chance to view the northern lights also called the aurora borealis. I am lucky enough to live in a location were there is a good chance of viewing such an amazing sight.  un-lucky for me it was not in the cards on the nights I had gone out. I spent tow late almost over nights out in the cold not just cold but really cold. At the time I took this photo it was 3 degrees. There must have been 10 or us out just hoping to capture the lights. We started to leave the location around 4 AM and I was soon to follow. I was happy to have this great shot to bring home but was hoping for the color to be there that night. Maybe net time. I took this shot looking away toward the south as the sky looked amazing. It is hard to see this at night, but the trick is to take a long exposure photo and then look at it on the back of the cameras LCD screen. I hope to some day be able to view and photograph the lights. It was for sure existing to be there with all so hoping to see them. Better luck next time.

Purple sky over a melting  pond at night

Purple sky over a melting pond at night




Here is another nature photo from our trip to Puerto Rico. We were out all day at the beach a great location named Dirty Beach. See my post about it to find out why it is called such a name. This spot was at the top of a rolling hill on the way down to the cost. The clouds were just amazing I had to have the driver pull to the side so I could just spend a few minutes taking this one. I am very happy with how this turned out. I hope you are too. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. As always thanks for stopping by my site. As always all of my fine art prints are available for purchase  in many sizes and on many mediums from archival paper to ready to hang wall canvas. Click an image to goto my print site or contact me for custom orders.

Joe Martin


Image of a grass covered field as it heads down to the oceans edge.

Capturing this hill top view was a great way to start a day at the beach.

Upside Down Mountain

Upside Down Mountain



Meet Mt. Chocorua. It is right down the street from our home in New Hampshire. It is one of he most photographed locations in New Hampshire. I think you can see why once you see it. This was in early fall and the lake was giving the best reflection. I shot many photos this day and will post more over the next few weeks. The bridge in the center of this photo is a great spot with one more small lake to grab a reflection of the mountain on.


Photo of Mt Chocorua reflecting of the lake.

The sky and the water really make this photo what it is.

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