Far and Away

Far and Away


Amazing landscape scene in this seasonal photo taken in New Hampshire last fall. The color is amazing this time year. From my point of view it was hard to even pick a spot to point the camera they were all amazing and so full of foliage. I took many others and even a pano photo from this place. It will be some time before I make it back in to my archives and edit the rest. The one thing about always shooting landscapes is you always have so many images to pick and chose from. Finding that one form the shoot that is just a bit better then the rest. If you have a moment head over to my on-line gallery and view some of my other works. The images in my gallery are all available for purchase as well. Thanks again for viewing sharing and liking my work. Comments are also always so nice to receive.

Joe Martin

Landscape photograph view across a New England mountain range in the fall full of color

What a site to see here in New Hampshire. The fall is truly amazing .

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