On the days leading up to the wedding and the day of the wedding many treat it as the brides big day. Lets not forget that groom. It is his big day also. He is as happy, full of fear and or butterflies and needs just as much love and support as his bride does.  In some cases he is the sole bread winner. In other cases his job keeps him out of the home or away on business much of his working days. This is limiting to him as far as being able to chose themes or ideas for his wedding. It is good that in a lot of cases with men. We do not care as much about all the fine details of the wedding as our soon to be wife does or will do as the wedding day approaches. He does get support from friends and family and from his bride. Really I don’t need to say much more then lets not forget the groom on his big day.

ABOUT THIS PHOTO: Her is a great photo of a groom and his groomsmen. His dad and brothers. What is a better way to celebrate the joining of two families other then to have all the men in you family be in your party.  I had them line up on a deck at the home they were to marry at. We had some laughs and a few jokes back and forth. Then we got done to business and took some photos of them lined up and all facing me. I like to edit in a style that others may not. I like this look it says edgy and vintage all in one. It is not the average photo. This is my style. I know it is not for every one and I am ok with that. If your looking for a wedding photographer and are a little on the fence about my style. Lets talk. Give me a call or shoot me a email and lets find out what it is I can help you with. I can be your problem solver. Contact me today.


Joe Martin


Image of grooms men standing on a deck above the photographer

This is one great family. Dad and his sons, on the youngest ones wedding day.

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  1. April O'Hare · April 6, 2015 Reply

    I love when the groom picks out a few things from the wedding that he cares about the most and gets his hands dirty with the planning. Luckily for us wedding photographers they often care about photos and dabble in a little photography themselves:)

    • Joe · April 6, 2015 Reply

      Yes good point about the photos. I think as the couples day gets closer they may feel a need to make some of the wedding plans happen. Thanks for the comment

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