This was one of the funnest, fastest photo shoots I have done. I am not sure if it was because in this photo is my son ans one of his best friends. This photo was taken shortly before Halloween and this was their costumes for the night of candy collection. They both made their own costumes and looked great. Once I saw what they had made I knew we had to do a photo shoot. We live right up the road form a great old cemetery. That was the only place to shoot. I mean it had to be right? So I loaded up my red leather wing backed chair and we headed out.
I used some off camera flash to light them. When you set your camera to be exposed for the sky but light your subject with flash. This is the type of effect you get. This type of photo is why I love photography so much.  I don’t mean the dark scene of the location or even the outfits they made up. I love the lighting in the sky the whole scene looks like a dream. Let me know your thoughts on this one. Have you ever wanted to create a dream like effect in your photos? Lets chat below. Thanks for stopping by my page. If you want to create some portraits like this or something a bit more traditional please contact me today.

Coseplay style Image of two costumed young men in a cemetery with amazing clouds over them.
Fun time with my son and his friend on a hollow-ween photo shot

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