Lake Ossipee Senior Portraits | Camp Calumet Photo Session | New Hampshire Photographers Blog

New Hampshire Wedding Photographers Blog: 199 Traveling for things you want is a big part of life, for most people. Today, a mother and daughter drove four hours from Connecticut to to meet me in New Hampshire, to create senior portraits. Emma, the daughter, wanted to have her photos done in a very special place, […]

Far and Away

PHOTO OF THE DAY – FAR AND AWAY Amazing landscape scene in this seasonal photo taken in New Hampshire last fall. The color is amazing this time year. From my point of view it was hard to even pick a spot to point the camera they were all amazing and so full of foliage. I took […]

Sky and Sea, Water and Tree

PHOTO OF THE DAY : SKY and SEA, WATER and TREE Dirty Beach is the name of this beautiful location. Yup you guessed it in Puerto Rico. This is the spot to come to if you travel to PR. The name Dirty Beach was giving to this spot because the tide drags a large amount […]

Upside Down Mountain

PHOTO OF THE DAY: UPSIDE DOWN MOUNTAIN   Meet Mt. Chocorua. It is right down the street from our home in New Hampshire. It is one of he most photographed locations in New Hampshire. I think you can see why once you see it. This was in early fall and the lake was giving the […]

Sowing Seeds

PHOTO OF THE DAY : SOWING SEEDS Driving the country side at sunset is a great way to snap up a few photos. This picture is not at sunset but it was on the way down. It was taken looking in to Maine from New Hampshire. Loved the clouds and they are what made me stop. Thanks […]

Danielle & Brandon Get Married at The Conway Scenic Railroad

Here is a slide show build following a wedding that took place at a great venue in North Conway, NH. The Conway Scenic Railroad. The groom runs and works on a train in Massachusetts.  He was like a kid in a candy store in his element. It was a great day and always fun to […]

Ben & Mae ~ Lake Winnipesaukee Wedding ~ Laconia NH

Ben & Mae were married this summer at a beautiful home on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, New Hampshire. Family and friends gathered around the boat dock to witness the joining of these two families in marriage.  The forcast was predicting rain showers for the day and in fact, there were a few sprinkles in the morning. As the […]

New Hampshire Wedding Photo Slide Show | Berlin New Hampshire Wedding

As part of my wedding packages, I have a social media add on.  It is one of the best features is the photo slideshow that I put together after the wedding. It contains 100-150 of what I feel are the best story-telling images. I make sure to add photos from the days timeline from the […]

Portrait Photographer Casting Call ~ Looking for Some Characters

Many of you might have seen my self-portrait project that I created over the last few months.  I am not putting out a casting call to create some more portraits along the same theme.  I am looking for subjects that are able to evoke emotion. People that are willing to sit and connect with me and the […]

Photographer Creates Emotional Self Portraits

    When the mood strikes me I take some time to create self portraits. The great thing about having some strobes is that I can shoot even in the dead of night. This past yea,r I have set up my lights and backdrops a few times and created this emotional series of self portraits. With just […]

New Hampshire Newborn Photographers ~ Introducing Annamay!

My wife, Dayna and I had another Newborn Sparkle Session today with this little lady, Annamay! She was such a sweet baby. One thing we have learned is that newborn photography takes great patience. Newborns need to eat often. Annamay was having a hard time staying asleep, so we started and stopped a dozen times […]

How This New Hampshire Photographer Killed the Snow~Killing The Snow Funk~

  What can we do? You can not stop the snow. You can try and keep the shades closed, but at some point you have to go out. You can push it around the yard and toss sand on it, but there really is not much that you can do about the snow. So, this […]

I Ain’t Got Time For That. One New Hampshire Photographers View on the New domain Extensions

  Even in the small, rural state of New Hampshire we have access to all of the great technology that is available to the rest of the world.  We, as people, have to always be paying attention to an ever changing world even at the  speed that it changes.  Early in 2014, the authorities at ICANN started […]

Wedding at Stone Mountain Arts Center | Joe Martin Photography

Photography in this video was provided by New Hampshire wedding photographer Joe Martin. This Maine wedding was held at The Stone Mountain Arts Center in  Brownfield, Maine I have added an Animoto video to the “Featured Items” of my top wedding packages. It is a great service and will really help in the sharing of photos of my […]

Looking for a Wedding Cake in North Conway New Hampshire?

Photograph Of North Conway NH I was out in North Conway to do some shopping and a little networking for my photography. I was looking to find the owners of the White Mountain Cupcakery. I was hoping to talk to them about their wedding cakes and see if I could offer some ideas or offer to […]

Amazning Landscape Time Lapse Videos: Must See

A 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park captured by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. This project was filmed over the course of 10 months. We spent a combined 45 days in the park capturing the images in this video. To view the entire story, please visit: Find us on Facebook at   Stunning […]

Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest Oh My

“Did you forget your password? Click here to reset.” How many times have you seen this message under the log in field on a webpage? I know for me it has been once too many. With so many social sites these days, we really need to pick which ones work best for us. Better yet, […]

What People are saying about Joe Martin Photography ~ By New Hampshire Photographer Joe Martin

Sharing testimonials is an important aspect of any business. Here is what my clients are saying about our experience together after a portrait shoot or wedding. It is always great to hear from them after the shoot to know that they had fun and enjoyed the photos. Here are just a few of the most […]

What is a Photographer to Blog about?

  Sure, I could blog about camera gear or my last family photo shoot. I want to offer more then pretty pictures or one family’s story. Plus there will always be that type of blog here and there. I want to be a bit different. I don’t want to give you what ever other photographer […]