Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest Oh My

Image of some popular social media logos

Image of some popular social media logos

“Did you forget your password? Click here to reset.” How many times have you seen this message under the log in field on a webpage? I know for me it has been once too many. With so many social sites these days, we really need to pick which ones work best for us. Better yet, which ones work with us. I know some people love Twitter. Others vote for Facebook. The internet has long been a social media wormhole. In the beginning, it may have direct email was the first “social media.”

Is One Social Media Site Enough These Days?

We need to chose our social media experience wisely and not get spread so thin that we are like butter on warm toast that can not be seen at all. You should first ask yourself “what is it I am I trying to get out of this interaction?” Am I a consumer or a product? Am I a user or a provider? This question can change the way you view social sites and in turn can change the way that people and these sites view you. For me, as a landscape and portrait photographer, I find that one of the best ways to get the most eyes on my photos and website is through the use of multiple sites throughout the day. I find that Twitter is a late night experience, while Facebook is more active in late afternoon and evening. That leaves the morning hours empty, and in that space, I feel that Pinterest fills bill! If you have not made your way over to the site yet, you should give it a look. Over 70 million people use Pinterest and that number is growing.

On Pinterest, you are able to select what you see and how you view it. It is a place to “pin” your favorite pictures of things you may want to order in the future. It is also a place to get ideas for a craft or DIY project. You can set up different boards by name or in categories. You can then get out on the web and add pins to your boards, saving them for later or to share with your Pinterest following, which makes it social. You can use the search field on Pinterest to search for things also. Then, once found you may “re-pin” them to one of your own boards. That is Pinterests way of being social. For me, I use it to share wedding dress styles or portrait poses. I added camera gear to one of my boards and later went back to fantasize about adding it to my camera bag someday. I also add my fine art landscape work directly from my print site. I might share a wedding or family photo from a portrait session and have that photo link back to my site to help drive traffic or a new client to my store-front.

Remember that you can pin anything and everything that can be found on the web. From a home for sale, to a baby teething-ring. Dream cars or photos of cats – we can always use a few more cat photos in our life, right?!
One cool feature that I appeciate is being able to chose a style or color that you love too! If you’re thinking of landscaping your yard, you can load up some photos of backyard patios or decks. Most of the pictures have links to the websites that they originated from, so you can click and learn more.

What Will Pinterest Do For My Portrait Business?

Now, you might say, “Well, how does this help me in a small, local business? First off, there is a few ways to pin some thing. You have the option to share from your website. You can paste a url into the field option. Then, you will be asked to select the picture on that page that you wish to share. Finally, you will have a space to add information about this item or page. When you share a pin that is from your site or your town you have a few options and you should use them all. You should talk about your services and location. If you’re having a sale, post the new prices and maybe the date that the sale ends. The more information you can add, the better chance you have of coming up in a search. There is no need for #hashtags. You will want to post content that has keywords and phrases that will have your type of business showing up in a search. I am sure there are sites that will give tips and tricks to getting found better, as well if you do a little digging. I know for this small-town-New Hampshire-photographer, it has been a great place to view projects and vacation destinations all over the world. I have enjoyed sharing my work at Pinterest and also viewing other photographers work. It has been nice to add one more cog in the wheel of my presence in the World-Wide-Web!

Thank you for stopping by! I love your comments, so please give me feedback if you are inspired to do so. Also, if you want to subscribe to my blog to receive email updates when I post a new entry, please leave a comment below and check the second option to be notified via email.

Happy Pinning! Joe

On Facebook need a bit of help navigating your business page? This artical my help understand it a bit more.
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“Did you forget your password? Click here to reset.” How many times have you seen this message under the log in field on a webpage? I know for me it has been once too many. With so many social sites these days, we really need to pick which ones work best for us. Better yet,…


  1. Love Pinterest! It’s a great way for customers to find and interact with artists, or get inspiration for an upcoming project. I’ve also read over and over again that Google+ is really the way to go when trying to improve your SEO and reach more potential clients, so I try to remember every time I post to one platform, to post to ALL of them together. It’s like a full time job these days! 🙂

  2. Social media is a blessing and curse at the same time. I know I’m in touch with so many friends with being out of touch with those who live next door. Thanks for sharing all the information.

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