Lets  face it, the wedding day is the biggest single event in a young couples life. After that, becoming a homeowner or a parent is the next big step. So why not get some help with this biggest of days? Help is available in the form of a wedding planner. They have been part of many family celebrations. Even a new planner has helped plan many more weddings then any newly engaged couple.  The knowledge they bring to a wedding day is truly a hands-on experience, giving you every option, every opportunity, to create the best of wedding timeline and a smooth transition from ceremony to reception, to the end of the nights send-off of the newly wed couple.

Here are just a few of the items that some may not consider when planning their own wedding:
In what order does the couple book vendors? (Many do not understand that a big popular wedding venue will be booked maybe two or three years ahead of time.) How close are venues to hotels or airports? How many people can a venue accommodate? What is your style? Do you have even one? Maybe you do, but you may not know for sure what your style is called. Your wedding planner can help you select the style that is truly you. They will help guild you into the perfect colors or what is hot and what is not in your style at any giving time of year. They will be able to help you with your budget, which could make or break a wedding day. Maybe you had another number in your mind of what a wedding in 2016 will cost. Once you have this number you are more able to select from vendor lists. Going into this blind could really turn on you. Do you know how much the average venue gets per plate/guest? Do you know who should come to the wedding? How many people can  be afforded to have come to the big day? Your planner will know. They will help select the best venue for your budget. They can guide the selection of vendors. Maybe you always wanted a live band to play are your wedding. Maybe, once you find out most bands run three to four times the price of a good deejay, you will want to use the difference in price to select a better photographer. Planners have relationships with local deejay’s, photographers and florists. They will let the chef know if your running late with photos or parent dances. They can let the DJ know when it is time to toss the bouquet.  Do you think most brides know they use a second bouquet as the tossing bouquet? So they can keep the bouquet they walked down the aisle with.   Many venues have a wedding coordinator in house to help with your wedding.They will know the limo drivers and the bakers to send couples to for the best match. Again, budget is a big factor.

So, to break it down for you: Your planner is your financial planner, your timeline coordinator (and they will keep you up to date of the planning and booking progress), the style, taste and overall vibe that you desire, help you pull together the scattered elements to create a unified look and feel for the wedding. Wedding planners are also the peacemakers, being the voice for the couple and negotiating with vendors, or with your mother-in-law. They also handle any last minute emergencies, and return rental equipment and making sure the space is left clean so you get your deposit back. Basically, they are the guiding force of a wedding and without them, your focus can not be where it belongs and that is on the love and being present during your wedding, so you have an amazing time. After all, your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Do you want to look back on it as relaxing, loving and peaceful? Or do you want to look back on it as stressful, disorganized and overwhelming?

We hope this article helped in your decision making-process of having a wedding planner or not. We wish you the best, more memorable day of your life!
~Joe Martin



collage image of detail photos from weddings.
All the details will be taken care of with the right wedding planner.

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