This year, I have been a second shooter for a few photographers. When you have two photographers, you get all the extra shots you might miss with only one.  This slide show is from a wedding that I photographed with another New Hampshire wedding photographer, called Exposes the Moment.  All the photos in this slide show I shot and edited to create a storyboard of the day. The first part of the day I was with the groomsmen, and that is why there are not many photos from the bride getting ready. I was able to take a few photos of her when I photographed the rings. If you notice, near the start at about the 21 second mark, there is a photo of the bride putting on her lipstick, with her dads reflection in the background.

There is 141 one photos in this video, even though I took many more I used what I felt the was a good amount to show a story of the day. One of my favorite photos in this slide show is near the end at the 3:31 time stamp, during the father daughter dance. The time of the wedding when the bride dances with her daddy. As she danced I noticed that her niece (the flower girl) was sitting in her own fathers lap and had her head resting on his shoulder. He is in the military and will be heading over seas again soon. She was sad to be reminded of his departing. Even with all the great shots form the wedding like the chair lift or on top of Pats Peak even the sunset photo with the bride and groom, this is the one I just loved capturing. The two fathers and daughters in a special  moment.  I have added that photo lower in the post.

Congratulations to the bride and groom, with many more years to come. This is the same type of slide show that is offered with my “Platinum wedding package and that  is included as a add on in my social media package.

Please contact me today to save the date for your 2015 wedding. PLease comment below if you like my work or share this post with a soon to be bride in the New Hampshire area. Thanks so much


Father daughter dance at a southern NH wedding.
Father daughter dance at a southern NH wedding.



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  1. The brides mother (whom I work with) shared this video with me. It brought me to tears and goose bumps up my arm, as you did capture the moment in such a beautiful poignant way. I had many favorites as well, one was the back of the brides head as her soon to be husband turns to look at his gorgeous bride, something you’d see in a fairy tale. Well done! Congratulations to the Bride & Groom and their families.

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