Getting Ready for a Portrait Session

Senior Portrait in New Hampshire


Senior Portrait in New Hampshire
Senior Portrait in New Hampshire



Getting ready for a portrait session here in New Hampshire is not just something that I, the photographer, needs to do. Preparing for a photo shoot is something that everyone involved needs to take part in. As I am cleaning my lenses, charging my batteries and making sure my memory cards are empty and ready to capture you or your family in a special way, there are some things you might want to think about before you come to a session.

1: Get some rest. The night before a portrait session you really should try to go to bed a little earlier then you do most nights; just one or two hours would be great. We don’t want you looking tired or weary the day of the shoot. Being the star of the show is hard work. It is more then standing and smiling. There are posing suggestions, and in many cases some short walks to get to the beautiful places which will add to the beauty of the photos we will make together.

2: Eat well. Not only on the day of the shoot but the day(s) before as well. We don’t want anyone getting weak or dizzy halfway into our portrait session. As I said before, we may being doing some small walks to get to a location. We will be in the sun most days for an hour or more, with the added fact that you’re playing to the camera. When you show up with a full nights rest and high energy from eating well nothing can go wrong. Well at least on your end. This will help with your skin color and ability to stay to course until we have completed our time together.

3: Your hair and make up. If you’re a woman, something that may be good to know is that your makeup does not have to be overdone. You should come to your shoot with your normal makeup on. Maybe just a bit more then you would put on if you were going out with friends to a dance or dinner party. Bring a small touch up kit with you if you’re able, for small touch ups. If you’re someone that does not wear makeup then go ahead and skip it today as well. After all, you want to look like you in your photos. For your hair, leave it down to start and if you’re looking to get a few head shots with it up or back, we will do that after we take care of the larger part of your photos. For the guys, if you’re looking to have a hair cut before your portraits, try to do so at least a week prior to the session. It will give time to give it that more natural look and maybe make up a little for that cut that might have been a bit short.

4: Your clothing for the day. I will talk to you before the shoot about what outfits you’re thinking of bringing and what look we are going for. You will want to bring two or three different outfits. Clean goes without saying. Make sure you’re comfortable. When I say that not only do I mean comfortable clothes that fit you well, but also what you like to wear. Sure we want to dress nicer then if we were just hanging out at home or working on the garden. You should be confident in your outfits, not looking stiff in a turtle neck if that is something you would never wear. I understand that some families want to have matching shirts on for some shots, but that trend is changing and changing fast. Just remember, two or three outfit changes for each member. That can be as easy as a shirt change. You don’t need to change pants and shoes too. Ladies might want to start off in a dress or skirt. That way pants or shorts can be added with out having to change your full wardrobe. You will also want to bring a light jacket. After all, I book most of my portrait shoots in New Hampshire or Maine and you know the weather could change at anytime.

5: The last tip I have for getting ready for a portrait experience is to start looking around for ideas. As a photographer it is my job to capture you in your best looks and in a way that tells a story about you as a person. You should have a part in all of this. At some point maybe closer to the date of the session you might jump on Google or Pinterest and search using the terms that fit your session description. Such as “senior portrait ideas” or “family photo ideas” with small children or what ever it is we are doing together that day.

My final thought on getting ready before the shoot, is to make sure you have used the restroom since we will be out in nature. You should bring some water with you also. For families with little ones, making sure their faces are clean when we meet up just saves time on every one so we are not running back to the car to grab a baby wipe to clean up.

Last thing I will say is this is a fun time for us all. We will walk and talk, joke and truly get to know each other. Most little ones are happy to stand and look at the man with the camera for a bit. Please don’t worry about your children at this time. We need your focus as much as, if not more than, the little ones. In a portrait of a family we always try to get all eyes on the camera, but in the event that we don’t get all of you looking for every shot, it will look so much better with the adults or older children looking great, with eyes on me. If the four, five or six year old has a photo or two that they are looking away in it is not only cute but it is to be expected; after all we are creating a memory and for sure if your little one has issues with being still for a long time, we want to capture that also. We just need mom and dad to keep a eye on me. I have four kids and can work my magic to keep most everyone happy for the short time we are together. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me via the contact link at the top of any page or by following this email link.

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Family portrait at a New Hampshire Covered Bridge
Family portrait at a New Hampshire Covered Bridge



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      Getting ready for a portrait session here in New Hampshire is not just something that I, the photographer, needs to do. Preparing for a photo shoot is something that everyone involved needs to take part in. As I am cleaning my lenses, charging my batteries and making sure my memory cards are…